Best Cat Movies Of All Time

from Stephen King’s horrors to animated classics, our felines have a wide selection of films that they can choose from for huge screens. There have been many great (and not-so-great) films over the years, but which are your favorites?

From the ocean of poor quality, We’ve put together a collection of our top films featuring cats as the main character or as a major component of the plot. We’re always open to suggestions if you think we’ve left on one of your favorites please leave us a note below!

A Whisker Away

Genre Animation (Anime)

If you’re looking for anime that features cats as their central protagonist, you’ll be hard-pressed to find one that is as touching as A Whisker Away.

The story revolves around a girl who is eager to please called Miyo, In an effort to gain the affection and admiration of her classmate Kento she turns into a kitten and starts spending increasing time with her lover.

As the distinction between cat and human starts becoming blurred, the second part of the film really is a standout and showcases some amazing Ghibli magic (although this isn’t an official Ghibli title, obviously.) With some great themes and a cute cat in its title, A Whisker Away is certainly a good cat film.

Homeward Bound

Genre family, adventure, and Drama

Remake from the film 1963 The Incredible Journey, Homeward Bound is the story of two cats and two dogs who are separated from their family members. Desiring to return home, they set off on a grueling journey through the Sierra Nevada mountains to find their family member.

The storyline of the film is quite simple however the emergence of a bond between these three throughout time is one of the reasons the film works in the way it has. This is one of the family movies that has stood through the ages and is enhanced by excellent voice acting that bring the animals to life.

Pet Sematary (1989)

Genre Horror

Then it isn’t a “Best Of” list without some gritty Stephen King horror, would it? The basic plot is grieving Father who finds the burial site behind his house that holds the ability to raise the dead.

Like the other King film, the story is extremely simple, but the real impact is in taking that simple idea and turning the idea into a terrifying one. The film also includes really creepy visual effects for great effect, however, despite recent attempts to clone it, this original film stands out as the only one to truly draw the attention of viewers.

Oliver and Company

Genre Animation

A charming animated short, Oliver and Company is the dog and cat variant of Oliver’s Twist. The characters are distinct and fascinating, while the lost kitten Oliver stands out in this tale that is primarily about dogs and criminality set in New York City. The film was released in 1989 (what is a year to be an animator! ) The film combines its well-worn and tried tale with some vibrant songs and gorgeous animation. It’s among those films that everyone thinks “Oh I remember that!” when they hear the name and yet it’s an undiscovered masterpiece in the field of animation. This film expresses animation films so well and weaves them into a modern interpretation of a timeless classic.

Cats (1998)

Genre: Music

Not to be confused with the frightful remake that was released in 2019. Cats is a joyful musical that doesn’t attempt to be anything more than what it is: it’s a stage musical about “Jellicle” cats joining for an exclusive ball. It’s a fun musical that takes the usual elements of movies of the same genre but stands out due to filming only in the air rather than using various sets.

The result is a product that captures the pleasure and excitement of watching live music but also the ease of watching from the comfort of your living room.


Genre Documentary

In Istanbul, there are over 100,000 cats that are seen roaming around the streets of Istanbul. In an attempt to bring that amazing fact to life in its most raw form, a fly-on-the-wall documentary Kedi follows seven of these adorable cats in their daily lives.

It’s a heartwarming and touching documentary that has excellent camera work as well as an enchanting sound at its heart. With just a bit less than 80 minutes, it is shorter than it should be, however, it certainly will make the most of its time with its captivating tale.


Genre Animation (CGI)

Surprisingly, the terrifying animated series, reminiscent of Tim Burton, is filled with all the elements that create a nightmare for children. From a cat that talks to an eye-popping button Mother, Coraline certainly has many oddities. However, the film is packed with a powerful theme which makes these strange elements seem relevant and vital to the story.

Although the narrative has already been told in various styles, Coraline is one of those creative and cleverly written titles that will stay in your mind for years to come.

The Cat of Paris

Genre Animation

Cat In Paris Cat In Paris is an extremely enjoyable and well-written film. It initially seems like a humorous spoof of the thriller genre, the story of a cat who lives an alternate life as a cat burglar’s aid However, as the film begins to settle into a steady rhythm and opens up, it does so in the most appropriate way.

This French animation is set in the middle of Paris and, despite being simple, has great characters and vivid colors in the animation. It’s a fantastic family film and is definitely among the best cat-centric films there.

Puss in Boots

Genre Animation (CGI)

A spin-off of the hugely popular DreamWorks Disney-Satire movie Shrek 2. Puss In Boots contains all the elements to make an unforgiving catastrophe. However, Puss In Boots is far from being. Instead, what we’ve got is an extremely enjoyable film which is enjoyable regardless of whether you’ve seen Shrek as well or not.

Serving as the source for the Zorro-like swashbuckling feline, Puss In Boots hands the reins to Antonio Banderas and lets him play around with the character. There’s a lot of fun as well as a basic (albeit repetitive) story to the core and a lot of fun throughout.

The Aristocats

Genre: Animation (Hand-Drawn)

Funny, charming, and well-composed, The Aristocats is another great instance of Disney at its finest. The music is great (Ev’rybody Would Like To Be A Cat is a fantastic song) while the easy but powerful story opens the way for some unforgettable characters to emerge.

The film was released in the year 1970. The Aristocats is one of the movies that seem to be buried in the same way as Lady as well as The Tramp but this cat-centric story is as entertaining as the movie.

Alice In Wonderland (1951)

Genre: Animation (Hand-Drawn)

Based on the novel by Lewis Carroll that has the same title, Alice In Wonderland acts as a surreal plunge into a world in which everything is not as it appears and everything turns upside down. In the middle of that story and that follows Alice throughout her journey is the iconic smiley Cheshire Cat, brought to life by the voice of Sterling Holloway.

There’s a distinct appeal to this film that is which isn’t present in the dark remakes, and a lot of it is due to its main group of characters. Although they’re not as central to the plot as the other titles in this list The Cheshire Cat in this film is certainly worthy of a mention and has an irresistible charm that is hard to forget.


Genre: Animation (Hand-Drawn)

The film is described as an noir thriller, Felidae is a story about a cat who is investigating the brutality of a series of murders. There are definitely echoes of Watership Down here but Felidae goes one step further, including some sexually explicit, crude as well as violent sequences. All of it is however done in a way that is offensive and the appeal of this film lies in how it’s integrated in the main plot.

To go into detail is a disservice to this one, but suffice it to say that this German animation is dark, haunting, and memorable; definitely worth a look in case you haven’t yet.

the Secret Life Of Pets

Genre Animation (CGI)

In reality, many of The Secret Life Of Pets’ most memorable gags are introduced within the first 30 minutes and then lead to an incredibly formulaic and straightforward second part. But it’s an enjoyable experience and it is a huge hit with children.

The story unfolds across many floors in a Manhattan apartment and follows Max’s happy, healthy life turned upside-down after his owner arrives home with another dog, named Duke. Despite their initial resentment towards one another they are required to work together in order to put an end to a white rabbit named Snowball creating an army of forgotten and lost pets to fight New York.

It’s charming and cute, but it’s definitely not as strong as the other selections listed on this list.

Kiki’s Delivery Service

Genre Animation (Anime)

Studio Ghibli films are capable that blending memorable characters with beautiful animation to create something unique. Kiki’s Delivery Service is certainly one of the most famous Ghibli films. It’s a visual delight and, in addition to the fantastic use of color is a distinct absence of antagonistic elements.

Although it could be something negative Kiki’s Delivery Service instead paints this film in a far more positive and optimistic way, with important themes of self-confidence and optimism for the future. It’s simple, yet very enjoyable and accompanied by felines that are equally unforgettable.

A Streetcat Named Bob

Genre Drama Family, Drama

A Streetcat Named Bob is the film adaptation of the bestseller named the same. The real story is about one cat who transforms his life as an addict and is just as heartwarming and touching as one would imagine. It’s a jolly tale at its core, but it is backed with raw, unfiltered emotion, making this one of the best rags-to-riches stories.

The acting is excellent throughout, and although it’s not likely to be a winner It’s enough to merit being labeled one of the top cat films ever made. It’s an absolute must-see for cat lovers everywhere. So there you have it our top 10 list of our top 10 Best Cat Movies Of All Time. Are you happy with us? Are there any notable missing items? Please let us know via the comments below. And if we didn’t include your favorite song We’ll make sure to include it on the list!


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