Best Fantasy Anime Of All Time

There are plenty of television shows available and, in the current golden time of streaming TV, there are more options than ever before. been better. How do you discern the most popular ones and discover what’s the “Best of” for any subject? This is why we’re here to celebrate and shine the spotlight on the newest most memorable and memorable shows from the past.

In this ongoing set of articles that showcase the top anime, our focus this time is on fantasy. From thrilling action to cinematically enthralling settings There’s plenty of fantasy anime that will satisfy your appetite.

Of of course, if you think we’ve missed one of your favorite spots please let us know in the comments section below and we’ll make sure they’re included!

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood stands out as one of the top shonen series of today. While the original version from 2003 provided fans with some fun, however, this remake was designed to provide its fans with a solid and canonized end. In that regard, its aspects of fantasy aren’t to be overlooked.

The anime offers a variety that is magic-based, all with their own strengths and weaknesses. The characters use their magic to solve grueling puzzles and fight off various enemies. The visual effects of this show are amazing and stand up well.

It will be thrilling to watch our main characters Edward and Alphonse battle a variety of enemies who are trying to destroy them. Additionally, viewers will love watching Edward and Alphonse throughout the vast universe. People they encounter vary from normal to savage. If you’re looking for a fantastic shonen series with elements of fantasy I suggest you check the series Fullmetal The Alchemist Brotherhood.

Violet Evergarden

Violet Evergarden is one of the best anime produced by Netflix’s in-house department. The show has many emotional scenes, relatable characters, and a well-written storyline. The visuals are amazing and will make you wonder whether the animators employed realistic footage, and then layered it over the animation.

From the thrilling journey of Violet to the way the world appears on the screen, You’ll be having difficulty following the character due to how stunning this production looks. The story takes place in a future world where humans and robots are in a relationship and live together. The central figure is our protagonist, female Violet Evergarden, who loses her place in the army because of losing her arms and requiring robotic arms.

While their Major is lying dying on her lap, whispering “I I Love You” to Violet, Violet sets out on an adventure of discovery to find out what her Major meant by the words. In the meantime, she finds herself at a school where she can be an Auto Memoir Doll, a robot that writes letters to humans for their own benefit to discover their feelings. Violet Evergarden set the standard for high-quality anime on Netflix and remains one of the best gems from Netflix.

If you’re looking for an animated fantasy show with deep storytelling and high-quality production take a look at this show.

Made In Abyss

Don’t let the anime’s adorable appearance make you believe it’s a cutesy show. Behind its cute exterior is a story about survival, death, and hardships. The adventures the character Reg, as well as Riko, begin will keep you entertained and amaze you at each stage of their journey.

While exploring the depths of the abyss they’ll encounter a variety of individuals as well as creatures. While some living creatures want to offer our young characters help and others prefer to place more stress upon their backs. However, viewers should expect the show to not hold off on its blood and violence.

Although the abyss gives Reg and Riko plenty of beauty to see and admire It is also a chance to test Riko’s expert cave-raiding skills as well as Reg’s incredibly robotic capabilities and body. But, Made In Abyss isn’t always the cruelest show on earth. There are moments of joy throughout the show, to give viewers a break from the ferocity of the show.

If you’re in search of an anime that is based on fantasy and has an excellent balance of pain and happiness, Made In Abyss has you covered.

Howl’s Moving Castle

The story of Howl’s Moving Castle is set in a world that is full of human and anthropomorphic life. The center of the world is a huge metal aircraft that is floating in the sky. It is home to an amazing wizard named Howl who is renowned for his beautiful females and viewers who are amazed by his magic abilities.

In a nearby town, We follow the story of our protagonist, Sophie who is trying for a purpose in life, besides becoming a maker of hats. However, Sophie gets involved in an organized crime scheme but is freed by Howl. Although brief, their encounter sparks controversy due to a renowned being known as”the Witch of the Waste. This witch puts a curse on Sophie and transforms her into a senile woman.

To be normalized, Sophie must travel with Howl to a place that will provide her with endless happiness and insane. The film takes viewers to a variety of locations and settings. Each location becomes more bizarre and strange than the previous one. Even though they only have a brief interaction the film does an excellent job of exploring Sophie and Howl’s friendship.

If you’re in search of an amazing film filled with romance as well as magic and adventure then look at The Howl’s Moving Castle.

KonoSuba God’s Blessings on The World! Wonderful World!

It is certainly among the top-watched isekai series, Konosuba: God’s Blessing On This Wonderful World (Konosuba) is as entertaining as the title of the show. The anime features people who are funny and likable.

The humor of this show is an endless sea, and you’ll be in constant laughter at its body-smiling humor and funny jokes. Although its humor is a bit somewhat subjective people who love fantasies filled with funny characters will feel right in love with Konosuba.

Apart from its comedy, each character is unique in the group. For instance, Kazuma will meet a young mage named Megumin who believes she’s the most skilled magician of all time, but is, at best, a novice. He’ll meet a princess called Darkness and she’s more raunchy and crude than you’d think.

It’s clear that there’s a lot of entertainment to be had with this eccentric cast since their antics can bring back memories of American sitcoms and comedic cartoons. Thus, Konosuba will surely appeal to those looking for a fantasy show that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

The Rising of the Shield Hero

The Rising of the Shield Hero is among the anime which has caused controversy on the internet. Despite being the subject of some criticism the show is filled with enjoyable characters, thrilling action, and a stunning world filled with captivating scenery.

Our story centers around Naofumi an otaku-style warrior who is ridiculed by the people of his kingdom and the other heroes for his inexperience and pathetic personality. Naofumi begins an adventure with his trainer companion Malty however, she lies to accuse him of something that results in her being betrayed.

Discriminated against and resentful, Naofumi embarks on a new venture to prove the strength he has and repair his image. Naofumi is forced to endure some difficult circumstances at it on his own, which will result in him purchasing a human-like slave called Raphtalia to join him. To ensure the safety of the people of the kingdom and their own, Naofumi and Raphtalia aim to fight for the future of their kingdom. Naofumi and Raphtalia’s bond is the defining factor of the story. The fans will be thrilled to see the development of their relationship during the course of this series. The shady situations they’re involved in keep you in the loop, with a particular focus on the show’s variety of fantastical and physical battles.

No game No Life

Looking for an anime that focuses on the best gaming duo? take a look at The No Game No Life. The protagonists of this series Sora Shiro and Shiro are extremely intelligent and clever individuals. While traveling through Disboard’s virtual realm Disboard they’ll meet others who love games just as much as they do.

Games like Sora and Shiro are playing fall somewhere between the realms of realism and fantasy. From traditional games of cards to a bigger-scale version of the game of chess, there’s plenty of action that viewers can get involved in the show.No Game No Live also includes comedy. There’s a variety of humor, from funny face reactions to expertly-timed, situational comedy.

Those who do not like ecchi or the sexually explicit content in anime might enjoy No Game No Life. Sora isn’t the most courteous lady around and frequently is a bully to Stephanie into engaging in sexually explicit things for the sake of his entertainment. If you’re able to overlook the show’s attempt at a sensual comedy that’s a good thing. You’re in for an enjoyable experience in the virtual world.

Little Witch Academia

Little Witch Academia is an enjoyable and charming anime about magic. Atsuko Kagari (Akko) is an awe-inspiring witch who sets off on adventures of awe-inspiring beauty with her pals Susie as well as Lotte despite her lack of confidence. As fun and adventure are waiting for you, you’ll be warm by the show’s cozy environment.

However, the magical elements of the show are one of the main reasons for its popularity. The magic Akko utilizes within Little Witch Academia ranges in subtlety. Expect her to perform spells that transform her into various forms and to fly across the sky on the motorbike. Despite the predictable use of magic Akko as well as her friends engage in some funny plans and hilarious mischief.

These scenes will bring laughter from anyone even if they find magic worlds and witches boring. However, Little Witch Academia tackles more serious issues like despair and loss. This show has the ability to effectively convey these issues through the characters’ interactions and reactions. But, viewers can also expect characters to unite and develop strategies that will leave them feeling more confident in themselves.

The Ancient Magus’ Bride was an instant success when it premiered in the latter part of 2017. The show centers around the bond between the slave and her enchanting master. The relationship between the apprentice and bride grows into something romantic and beautiful at the end of the show.

The trip to the destination is authentic and well-paced. Fans will be delighted to see the characters Chise and Eins engage with one another. Even though Eins is a less privileged person, Eins always gives Chise the respect that a woman of her class like her deserves. This will make fans awed and admire his character. The universe of this anime is a spectacle to see.

The world is alive with life. From the lush forest to the enchanting wildlife the Ancient Magus’ Bride offers viewers a wonderful, magical experience worthy of praise. Although these animals take the backseat to grow Chise and Ein’s love story there are many subplots within this series that’ll make you smile. Chise will be caught on the run with a myriad of amazing creatures and beings.

If you’re in search of a show that will deliver with its romance and fantasy elements, then check out The Ancient Magus’s Bride.

Here and There There and Here

A lot of the anime that came out at the beginning of the 2000s was designed at playing with viewers’ minds. Shows such as Monster, Death Note, and Code Geass were excellent shows that kept viewers hooked by their clever characters and the various adventures they took. Then and Then, Here And There is another show from the time that will have you reflecting on the shows you saw.

From its melancholy soundtrack to its diverse characters, this show is a classic gem that has been lost to time. In contrast to most fantasy-themed anime, the protagonist of this series, Shu, feels more like a victim rather than the hero of the myth. Although he wants to fill the world by bringing hope to the world he’s going to end up ruining the brave face the show portrays.

But it’s the bravery of Shu in this bleak fantasy world that entices viewers to return to the anime. The world of fantasy isn’t shining or vibrant. It’s a deserted, bleak wasteland that is full of blood-red skies, and completely engulfed by war. People blame Shu for the destruction of their world, however. The reason is that he didn’t take care to secure the most important factor to save it.


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