Best Horror Anime of All Time

There are many TV shows on the market and in the time of streaming TV, the options have never been better. How do you sort through the clutter and locate what’s the “Best of” for any selected topic? This is why we’re here to celebrate and shine the spotlight on the newest most memorable and memorable shows from the past.

In this ongoing set of posts that highlight the top anime, our focus this time is turned to the horror genre. From psychological thrillers to gruesome images, there’s an excellent selection to satisfy your curiosity.

Of of course, if we’ve left out one of your favorite spots please feel free to leave a comment in the comments section below, and we’ll make sure to get them added!


Midori-Ko is an incredibly violent film that takes an abstract way of telling stories. It’s an anime that isn’t the most well-written plot because everything happens to viewers in the span of a second. The characters offer nothing worth mentioning and also are prone to the same flaws that plague the story.

The main reasons people are drawn to this film are the grotesque images, bizarre aesthetics, as well as its chilling ambiance. The film is like traveling on an endless train that has no stop in sight. It starts out as a movie about a woman engineer who is seeking to design an edible plant-like meal to alleviate the hunger in her home, but winds as a maze of mind-numbing concepts and scenarios.

A nonsensical plot aside, this show is filled with horrifying and bizarre images that’ll keep you awake. The design concepts for the mutant humans and other creatures featured in the show are creative and unique. You’ll wonder what the artist thought of when coming to these ideas. If you’re in search of an eerie anime with frightening imagery and energy look no further than Midori-Ko.

Higurashi: Crying

Looking for an amazing mystery-based anime that has a nightmarish visual and thrilling tension? Look at Higurashi’s The Cry of the Night (Higurashi). This anime has an incredible quantity of suspense and thrills all around the corner.

While the show provides bright and cheerful scenes, they do not compare to the more bleak moments. There is no safe place from danger in the world today. There is a good chance that characters old and young to be badly killed and wounded in this story. This series is a bizarre yet effective method of storytelling.

The first season is presented as a question arc that presents a variety of mysteries that viewers must solve themselves, without any explanation. The second season is an answer arc in which viewers are provided with answers to the overall mystery of the show as well as suspects. While it can sound a bit off-putting in the written word, however, it’s a great story through the medium of anime. From its unique approach to storytelling to its bizarre and spooky images, Higurashi is a worthwhile scary classic.

Made In Abyss

Made In Abyss follows the subversion trend that is evident in shows like Kaiba or Puella Magi Madoka Magica. It uses its adorable style of art to draw viewers into the dark deep darkness and despair. In the same way, Made In Abyss delivers an exceptional story about two kids who travel through an unimaginable abyss.

As they travel the two will meet numerous enemies and friends ranging from common humans to beasts and creatures that are anthropomorphic. While doing so the two characters are enduring many heartwarming and painful adventures throughout their journey. Each one gets healthier and more dangerous as they travel.

It’s these experiences that are what make Made In Abyss a worthwhile series to enjoy for the majority of its viewers. If you’ve got the energy and desire to watch it then you’re in for an unforgettable experience with this show.

Castlevania (Netflix)

Animation-based games that are adapted for animation are not novel ideas. In the past, from Street Fighter to Halo, several gaming companies have made the decision to broaden their offerings in various forms of media. While some do not succeed, some are successful. Fortunately, Netflix’s animated version of Castlevania is a home run.

This adaptation of the well-loved Konami original is well-written and includes amazing vampire vs. humans action games. The show continues to improve while you watch it, with many even describing its third season as one of the best.

The story revolves around an angry Dracula who unleashes hoards of demons on the city of Wallachia. It’s the job of the series the antagonist Belmont to stop these creatures. Although the first few episodes don’t have anything to be proud of The series will end up regaining its ground in the subsequent seasons.

If you’re in search of an anime that has strong characters and an amazing world, you might want to think about exploring the Netflix Castlevania series.

Devilman Crybaby

Devilman Crybaby is a relic from the past that earned an impressive following after its release in early 2018. Due to the reputation of Netflix for anime over the years, many people thought it was going to be an unintentional dumpster fire. After giving the reimagining a shot, the fans discovered that it was a gruesome gem worth watching.

Similar to other mature-themed shows, Devilman Crybaby features complex characters, a captivating storyline, and brutal scenery and action. This isn’t a show for the faint-hearted since it isn’t afraid of the endless amount of nakedness and blood.

Although it may seem a bit confusing, Devilman Crybaby delivers its powerful dialog, character reactions, and heartbreaking scenes. Despite the fact that its protagonist has abilities that are beyond his comprehension, you’ll witness his struggle to reconcile his new lifestyle with his normal life.

Many view him more as the definition of a “devil” rather than a “hero,” and this message is repeated throughout the series. If you’re in search of a brutal yet meaningful show which follows a persona-pleasing character who’s struggling with his luck, go to Devilman Crybaby.

Hellsing The Ultimate

Hellsing Ultimate is a bloody vampire series that has enough action to please the most ardent fans. The story has a fun story, well-designed characters as well as a dark and mysterious setting. The story centers around the vampire with a gun who is under the direction of Integra Hellsing from the Hellsing organization.

On the way, Alucard recruits an officer named Seras to join him on his quest. Their quest will lead them through a maze of psychotic priests and deadly zombies and other supernatural evils. However, Alucard and Seras will take on anyone who stands within the Hellsing group’s path.

The show is filled with tension and bloodshed to keep viewers in suspense. Its Japanese and American versions of the show are equally fantastic. If you’re looking for a great vampire series with enough terrifying battles and backstories to keep you entertained look no further than Hellsing Ultimate.

Hell Girl

The horror film Hell Girl delivers creepy imagery and a captivating story as well as a glimpse into humanity’s dark side. Like many short stories, Hell Girl includes many strange situations that our protagonist has to confront while maintaining an interesting mix of both horror and mystery elements.

The story is centered around the story of Ai Enma and her companions. They are employed by the prestigious Hell Correspondence website. The website gets occasional requests from people to transfer their enemy’s souls into hell. For payment, the people have to pay for their entry to heaven. Thus, Hell Girl examines Ai and her pals’ lives, while they take a variety of victims to hell.

Hell Girl explores different killers’ mental models and their views of death and murder. Hell Girl is one of those shows that put an interesting perspective on the concept of the afterlife. Its final scene is bizarre, so viewers might be interested in paying at the storyline that takes place during that period. The show is filled with disturbing images as well as a dark and disturbing atmosphere. It’s certain to leave an impression on the viewers.

Yamishibai: Japanese Ghost Stories

There have been numerous horror anthology films that manage to make a good success for the majority of audiences. From found footage films such as V/H/S to highly acclaimed horror films such as Trick ‘r Treat there’s a lot of potential in the world of anime for similar films.

Then, you can enter Yamishibai: Japanese Ghost Stories an anime that follows a mysterious mask-wearing storyteller, who comes out at dusk, telling children a variety of short horror stories that focus on Japanese urban myths. Each story is just as captivating as the last one, and some of them will leave viewers wondering about the events that took place.

Visually, the show offers something distinct from other gruesome works. The characters in this series look like cutouts of paper that are like those you’d see in a paper stage show. This design style makes Yamishbai to be distinguished. The characters have real-life and frightening facial expressions, as well as reactions to the scary incidents that happen.

Each episode shouldn’t take long as viewers can get from their fifth and sixth seasons in just 3 hours, if not more. If you’re looking for a reliable small-sized horror show that has a couple of captivating and interesting short stories, then check out Yamishibai.


While some horror films depict their characters as terrifying dangers, Shiki does that and more. The show is well-written with a creepy atmosphere and a sweet story. The scenes of this show are disturbing and create an indelible impression.

The story revolves around the remote village where the family of a new arrival decides to live. Once they have moved into the village, bizarre happenings begin to happen, leading to the disappearance of several people as well as terrifying deaths. The doctor in the village of Ozaki believes the new inhabitants are behind these events.

With the assistance of a young man called Natsuno, Ozaki plans to discover the truth about his home and bring the people responsible to justice. The anime has a good variety of twists and turns that keep viewers interested. Although its gothic style might turn off some, however, it is a great way to in bringing the character to life.

If you’re searching for an edgy vampire show that will challenge your expectations, then Shiki is worth watching.

Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust

From a morally affecting vampire show to one that’s stunningly stunning we’re with Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust. The series follows the half-human, vampire-human hybrid bounty hunter D in his mission to save a wealthy woman’s daughter back from the danger of some vampires.

In spite of bounty hunters who get out of his way, D will not rest until he gets his prize. D is a respected and reputable character. From his gentle mannerisms to his fighting style, he’s like an experienced warrior that is determined to finish his task. The other characters of this series are similarly praised.

From their weaponry to their personality Every character plays an important role in this exciting adventure. Visually, the anime’s artwork and animation are a reflection of its dark, gloomy locations effectively. The music amplifies the dramatic, chilling romantic scenes in this show too.

People who enjoy deep narratives, creepy worlds, and vampires, will appreciate the content Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust offers.

So, there we have it, our picks for the best horror anime through the years!

Do you have a view of our selections? Do you like them? Do you see any notable errors? Tell us about it by leaving a comment below!


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