Best Kwon Na-Ra K-dramas To Watch

Best Kwon Na-Ra K-dramas

Kwon Na-ra is an accomplished actress whose rise to fame began when she was a part of the group of girls singing Hello Venus which debuted in 2012. If you’re watching the reality series The Young actors’ Retreat, you will be able to see that she has a lovely personality and loves to laugh she is fun to connect with.

This is among the reasons why she’s successful in sharing the film with some of the top actors from South Korea. Here are a few of her K-dramas you need to check out.

Suspicious Character (2017)

Kwon Na-ra is the character of Cha Yoo Jung, who is a prosecutor, and also her ex-girlfriend Noh Ji Wook, (played by Ji Chang-Wook .)Her relationship with Ji Wook fell apart when she was discovered to be kissing her former childhood friend Ji Eun Hyuk. She is determined to correct her mistakes and gain Ji-Wook’s love back.

Her character is harsh, bitter, and cynical at the beginning but is likable when she understands her feelings for Eun-hyuk.

Your Honor(2018)

In this drama, Na-ra plays Joo-Eun’s character. She is an anchorwoman who has achieved success and is confident, and proud of her work She is elegant and believes in the impartiality of her work. She is not afraid of the attention cameras to give her, and she is able to assert herself and is never afraid to stand her ground.

She is the love interest of Han Soo-ho, the judge (played by Yoon Shi-Yoon), and is vital in guiding him down the right track to become a fair and ethical judgment.

Doctor Prisoner (2019)

Na-ra portrays the role of Han So-geum who works as a psychiatric nurse. She is employed in the Taegang hospital. She also volunteers in the jail where her father was abducted in order to discover the reason for his disappearance. She is charming and proficient in martial arts.

Her character is essential to the plot’s development since she offers insight into prisoners like Na Yi-Jae (played by Namkoong Min) and aids to thwart his plot.

Itaewon Class (2020)

In this cult drama, Na-ra portrays the character of Oh Soo-ah, who was born in an orphanage. She achieved success when she was given an opportunity to study at the Jangga Group. Then, she is hired as the executive in the role of strategic planner within the company.

She is passionate and a fervent strategic planner. However, she is troubled by her romantic attachment to Park Sae-role, who plays the lead character (played in the role of Park Seo-Joon.) The company she is loyal to hinders their romance. Then, she leaves her job and turns into an informant of the criminal acts perpetrated by the Jangga group.

Royal Secret Agent (2020)

It is a drama set in the past Kwon Na-ra is Hong-Da’s role a character with a complicated past and multiple identities. Her father was a prince, who was wrongly accused of being a traitor. She is killed. Her father’s death is thought of as suicide.

The loyal friend of her father and the minister of the royal secretary Jang as played by Ahn Nae-sang assumes the responsibility of raising her and changing his name from Lee Yeong -sin to Hong Da-in.

She is a shrewd police officer who was involved in the first encounter with Sung Yi-gym disguised as a prostitute. She joins the secret police inspectors’ royal group with the intention of monitoring Yi-gym as well as uncovering the truth behind her father’s murder and betrayal.

Bulgasal: Immortal Souls (2021)

In this fantasy-based thriller, Kwon Na-ra is the lead role of Min Sang Un/ Kim Hwa Yeon. She is a woman whose previous life was immortal. She experiences a devastating incident that transforms her into an animal who is able to go through the cycle of reincarnation and death for 600 years. When she reincarnates she is able to recall all the lives that she has lived before.

She seems to be an innocent and tranquil human, however, she has a complicated history. She was forced into changing her identity and even her name in order to hide and plot retribution for the terrible incidents that she experienced in the past when her family members were murdered.

She is sought-after by Dan Hwal played by Lee Jin Wook who is determined to retaliate against her for stealing his soul and turning him into an unfathomable bulges. Here we go our top Kwon Na Ra k-dramas of all time!


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