Best Male Manga Authors of All Time

If it wasn’t for Manga without Manga, there isn’t any anime that people could watch. While there are some original series but the ones that are popular are usually derived from comics.

Manga is a distinct kind of comic. With distinctive art styles and captivating page-turning dynamics, manga plays an important role in the world of anime.

We’ve read, and examined several amazing mangas to offer you our top picks of the top manga writers. From their stunning designs to the stories they’ve written, we’ve found the top manga writers who merit everybody’s attention.

As always, we’d appreciate your feedback on our choices in the comment section below. If there’s someone we’ve missed We’ll do to make every effort to include them here whenever we can.

Junji Ito

Naoki Urasawa

Junji Ito is among The most popular Horror manga creators and authors. From his creepy images to his terrifying take on everyday daily life Ito is a manga reader with endless nightmares. The most striking aspect of his work is his ability to turn ordinary routines into something terrifying.

Others believe that Ito is a body-smashing comic book writer who tackles bodies and terror and is a top manga writer. Some of the best works by Ito comprise Tomie, Gyo, and Uzumaki. The three films have epic narratives and mind-numbing images that will make you shiver. It has won a few accolades throughout his career.

In the year 2019, Ito was awarded the first Eisner Award for his adaptation of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. He would win two additional Eisner Awards two years afterward for his creations Remina in the Blind Spot and Venus from The Blind Spot. With a few animated adaptations of his greatest stories coming up, Ito has a solid decade to go.

Naoki Urasawa

Naoki Urasawa

Naoki Urasawa is among the manga writers with vibrant stories. It’s difficult to put down a novel from Naoki Urasawa’s work as his stories are a page-turner with chapters that end on a breathtaking cliffhanger. His style of art is distinctive among manga writers of today as his characters have more realistic characteristics and his landscapes often appear cinematic.

While some of Urasawa’s work hasn’t been adapted into anime, there are some that have been adapted to the level of the name. One of those works is the crime thriller by Monster. It’s not just that Monster includes a charming protagonist, Tenma, and many others, but they also consider Tenma’s antagonist Johan Liebert as one of the best-written antagonists of the genre for his devious determination and sharp mind.

Urasawa has won numerous awards throughout his life. He has won his Shogakukan Manga Prize three times, and by 2021, his work had more than 140 million copies of his work in circulation all over the world.

Eiichiro Oda

Eiichiro Oda is among Shonen Jump’s most loved manga authors and creators. While he’s not created many of the works as did other authors, his legendary shonen One Piece has attained a fan base that is a cult in the world of anime and fandom. It’s not just that One Piece is the best-selling manga ever and it’s not as spectacular or enchanting without the involvement of Oda.

Oda’s style of writing is an amazing combination of humorous and emotional elements. A lot of people enjoy his writing because of his inventive employ of literary methods such as foreshadowing and symbolism. A tiny detail from an old story can become an important element in a new story sequence. This is the use of planning and foreshadowing that has helped Oda become a well-known and well-loved writer.

Oda’s not a stranger to winning his many awards. In addition to his millions of books, the work of Oda has been sold. Oda has set the record of two Guinness World Records in 2015 and 2022 in the category of “most copies printed for this same book series by one author.” In addition, One Piece helped him achieve his Grand Prize at the 41st Japan Cartoonists Association Awards in 2012.

Masashi Kishimoto

Along with his fellow ninja, Eiichiro Oda Masashi Kishimoto was responsible for the creation of another Shonen Jump’s most viewed series, the all-time classic Naruto. Although Naruto’s adventure is ending, Masashi Kishimoto has decided to carry on the knucklehead’s legacy by focusing on the son of Naruto, Boruto Uzumaki.

While many are skeptical regarding Boruto, Naruto left a significant impression on the general fandom. This anime had fantastic fight scenes with memorable characters and emotional scenes which brought tears to the eyes of many. While One Piece has Naruto beat in terms of sales, Naruto grabbed a tighter grip on the fandom of anime across the world since its debut on television shows such as Toonami.

The original series comprised 772 volumes and 700 chapters. It was a model for other series that followed while drawing inspiration from previous works. It provides a new perspective on ninjas and presents the fans with a mystical world of ninjutsu as well as violence.

Akira Toriyama

Prior to Eiichiro Oda, and Masashi Kishimoto before them, there was Akira Toriyama, the creator of classics such as Dr. Slump and Dragon Ball. With its humorous humor, epic battles, and iconic characters and battles, Dragon Ball got many viewers to look into manga and anime.

His style has this simple but iconic style that reflects his style of writing extensively. Although Toriyama is able to write dramatic sequences, people love watching Toriyama put his characters into ordinary scenarios that feel relatable, and genuine. Additionally, Toriyama has introduced many shonen characters that later shows like Naruto or My Hero Academia would emulate in their storytelling.

It’s no doubt that Toriyama has inspired and inspired many writers to create works that were similar to his original and lovable worlds. Apart from manga Toriyama designed characters for some of the top JRPGs, such as Dragon Quest and Chrono Trigger.

Osamu Tezuka

Osamu Tezuka is a key character in the manga and anime industry. Many have cited Tezuka as the Japanese equivalent of Walt Disney and the “Father of Manga” in the manga industry. Tezuka has a wide range of works, including Astro Boy all the way to Black Jack.

His cartoons are aimed at both adults and children alike. They brought him awards prior to and following his death in 1989. His death impacted many cartoonists and artists. This is so much that the construction of a museum in Takarazuka commemorates his work.

Tezuka was a master of many trades. He was an avid fan of all kinds of media both inside and outside his native country. He attributes Disney as one of the major influences on his character and designs. Tezuka’s stories dealt with themes of robots, humanity, and immortality.

Kentarou Miura

Each year that passes by new innocent lives are lost. Although he died at 54 years old, Kentarou Miura made a significant mark on the world of entertainment. He is most well-known for his work on the highly popular dark fantasy manga Berserk.

The manga explores a variety of heavy themes that deal with death, betrayal, and trauma. Some argue that the antagonist in the series Griffith is among those villains with the least heart in the entire anime. Miura has pointed to many famous artists such as Buronson as well as Tetsuo Hara as well as Go Nagai as major influences in his work.

Miura is one of the talented artists who knew how to make the most of the blank space that he received. His characters and designs for the environment appear stunning and almost realistic. His designs inspired a number of successful video game titles such as Dark Souls and Elden Ring. Similar to Tezuka his legacy, Miura’s will continue to be remembered for all time.

Hirohiko Araki

It’s not possible to discredit the popularity of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. This is a series that has great tension, memorable characters, and thrilling action. If it wasn’t for the creator of the series Hirohiko Araki’s brilliant writing the show could not be as adored as it is nowadays.

Every arc of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure features new heroes to cheer on, as well as new villains to hate. Araki’s world and character designs are stunning and impressive. Although his characters might not be realistically proportioned, however, they can scream the power and delight of his characters.

Araki is a master at drawing elegant attire in his characters. His sense of fashion was so sharp that it enabled him to collaborate with famous brands such as Gucci as well as Balenciaga. His work can be seen in the same museum which is home to Mona Lisa. Mona Lisa.

With his impressive history as well as his mature narratives and distinct style of painting, Araki consistently shocks and is a source of inspiration for many authors, artists, and creatives.

Yoshihiro Togashi

Yoshihiro Togashi is one of the adored manga creators with many awards and support. He’s renowned for creating a variety of highly-written manga. Their most cherished of his work are Hunter X Hunter and Yu Yu Hakusho. He is currently working on Hunter X Hunter’s newest story arc that involves the beloved protagonist, Kurapika.

Togashi is an amazing writer who knows how to create a stunningly beautiful and complex world. His stories are often filled with detail and are a prelude to future events. Although his stories begin innocent and exciting he ensures that his characters experience a lot of trauma that will propel them to higher levels.

The most glaring weakness of Togashi is his poor working ethic. But, it’s crucial to know that Togashi is suffering from severe back pain, regardless of what people be saying about him. While he’s not in the best of health, Togashi strives to give the best in the work he does. From what he’s done to date for Hunter X Hunter so far his fans will be in for a great delight.

Takehiko Inoue

Takehiko Inoue is among the most gifted manga creators and artists in the world today. His portrayals of people as well as his ability to convey the emotions of people through art are the reasons why people consider Inoue in high esteem. Many critics believe it would be difficult for animators art into animation because of Inoue’s realistic style of art.

Inoue’s stories typically contain mature themes that represent the struggles of humanity’s external and internal conflicts. Many believe that Inoue surpasses himself with every new story. His tales are full of depth and mystery enough to make people want to return to every new project he takes on.

Inoue has won numerous honors over the years. He was awarded an annual 40th Shogakukan Prize in 1995 in recognition of his contribution to Slam Dunk and the Grand Prize of the 6th Osamu Tezuka Culture Awards in 2002 for his work on Vagabond. Take a look at his work in case you’re looking for captivating tales and illustrations.


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