Best Medical Anime of All Time

There are many television shows available and, in the golden time of streaming TV, there is a variety of choices that have never been so extensive. How do you make it through the noise and locate what’s the “Best of” for any subject? We’re here to help you celebrate and highlight some of the most recent amazing, stunning and memorable shows over the decades.

In the ongoing collection of stories about the top anime, our focus this time is on shows that have medical elements. From funny slice-of-life comedy to bizarre and adventurous stories There’s a great selection to stimulate your interest.

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Dokkiri Doctor

Snow White With The Red Hair

Dokkiri Doctor is one of the comedy shows with a slice of life that doesn’t have a revolutionary concept or any other complexities. It’s as absurd and wacky as its promo art. Although it doesn’t have any educational value it’s an enjoyable experience.

Our main character, Haruka, is an overweight doctor who seems to be able to snare women. In the course of time, he becomes the medical director of a well-known elementary school. He also encounters his first lover, Koizumi, who wishes to be his nurse assistant.

Given the fact that this is an anime from the late 90s and fans can anticipate the typical humor of Dokkiri Doctor. The show is full of humor and slapstick that keep the audience entertained. The show provides a cozy setting and is perfect to watch with your spouse or family members.

Parallel World Pharmacy

Parallel World Pharmacy

There is a handful of Isekai shows feature our main characters taking things from their own world to a completely new world. Parallel World Pharmacy is one of these shows. Although most similar shows tend to focus on displaying medical information in a humorous manner, Parallel World Pharmacy presents the information with a mature stance.

Our story follows Kanji who dedicated his life to medical school to pay tribute to his sister’s legacy. However, Kanji dies due to being too busy but is given another chance to live in a completely different universe. Kanji wakes up in the corpse of an infant called Falma who is the son of a prestigious medical doctor family from the Sain Fleuve Empire.

In this new body, Kanji is granted the ability of Falma to make and eliminate substances. Kanji also discovers that the world has adopted old-fashioned medical practices and that those who are noble are the sole people who have access to the world’s medicines. Combining his knowledge of pharmaceuticals and his divine abilities and his divine powers, he hopes to offer the drug to all.

Kanji as well as a few other characters are likable which makes them enjoyable to follow. This anime portrays its noble characters in a realistic way to keep viewers absorbed in the story. There are hints of political intrigue in this series that play an important role in its themes of medicine. Isekai and fans of educational anime will be entertained by the humor of this series.


Parallel World Pharmacy

In the field of animation, there are numerous shows that deal with conflict that resembles war. There are even different variations of wars that are realistic, such as World War II. The 2010’s Junod is a unique twist on World War II with its Isekai story structure.

The show follows two students from a homeschool who are named Mii and Yuko who are transported 70 years back into the past only to find themselves in Europe. They meet and join an internationally renowned doctor named Dr. Junod on his trip to Ethiopia. In Ethiopia Doctor. Junod witnesses the horrors of war and offers aid to people suffering from it.

His kindness doesn’t stop at the end of the day since Dr. Junod travels to multiple locations to assist its prisoners with their problems. As the story continues, Mii and Yuko reflect on their lives and struggles. Similar to Mii and Yuko this show provides some amazing insights into the war-like conflicts and the negative effects it has on all those affected. Many will think Mii and Yuuko’s participation a bit odd and others believe they are an alternative to the viewer.

In any case, viewers will come out of this show having gained something important.

Black Jack (1993)

Parallel World Pharmacy

Black Jack is one of Osamu Tezuka’s most acclaimed works. Although this series of medical fiction has seen many interpretations Many think that it is the original 1993 OVA series is a must-see. This version is more mature and darker compared to the other versions and depicts its protagonist in a more mysterious manner.

The story is about Hazama who is popularly known as “Black Jack” as well as his assistant, Pinko who saves numerous people from their dreadful fates. He’s been blessed with abilities to save everyone from death even those with an incurable illness that is unstoppable. While people aren’t fond of him due to the inflated fees he charges, however, they must acknowledge the lengths he goes to make sure that his patients are completely healed.

This series provides a dramatic and dark glimpse into the medical underground as Hazama takes on the world to protect the lives of his patients. Because of his fame, Hazama will meet many people who are attempting to make him go through a rough time. Every episode brings a new issue for Hazama to solve with, whether it’s environmental issues or issues with human mental health.

Cells At Work!

Cells At Work!

Cells At Work is an important medical show with a high educational value. This anime focuses on two blood cells that must make sure that their human hosts remain healthy and safe. The two cells face challenges such as fighting off dangerous allergies, addressing a variety of demands of the cells’ residents, and ensuring peace.

But, these two cells carry out their tasks with great quality. Even though they’ll be at the forefront of their host’s various issues, every cell on earth plays an essential role to play. Based on the way the show’s first episode unfolds, viewers will be amazed by the amount of studies Cells At Work creator Akane Shimizu conducted to create this series.

Akane has managed to come up with an educational and innovative piece of artwork. A few viewers left the show with a new understanding of the body of a human. The show will help everyone understand how important it is to maintain appropriate hygiene in order to avoid the health issues that it brings. If you’ve been in search of an enjoyable anime show that includes good medical knowledge take a look at Cells At Work.


Welcome to Irabu’s Office

Best Medical Anime of All Time

Welcome, To Irabu’s office is one of the anime that people either hate or admire. With its outrageous humor, smart use of live-action sequences as well as a bizarre storyline it’s one show that isn’t going to satisfy every fan of anime. The story is about the mysterious doctor Ichirou Irabu. Ichirou Irabu.

His everyday life consists of visiting patients who suffer from mental illness. Although Irabu’s nurse has a fascination with seducing Irabu himself is an unpredictable character due to his personality traits that are three distinct. As he treats his patients in a variety of bizarre ways, Irabu’s aim is to get something out of every patient he sees. So, Irabu will learn that the thread that connects their lives to one another is obvious, but not apparent when they try to deal with their suffering.

This is a hilarious animated series that’s written exceptionally well. While the show introduces characters in every episode, each one will make each patient, which includes Irabu along with his nursing assistant memorable. This is a psychologically-driven show that shows what could happen if people let their emotions and distress go unnoticed. It’s not going to strike fans like a truck, however, if you’re attentive you may find some interesting things about the show.




Himeyuri is a dramatic movie full of depressing images and a compelling story. The film’s 30 minutes of anime revolves around a group made up of high school nurses that are called Himeyuri. They were active during the Battle of Okinawa in World War II. In actual life, many nurses from high schools suffered fatal losses during WWII and the filmmakers were determined to share their stories with young children.

The film explores the horrible effects of war and helps to understand the effects of war on everyone, not just those who are fighting in it. Although other films like Grave of the Fireflies offer similar themes, however, the sense of fear and despair is stronger in Himeyuri. The plot of this anime is rich enough in shocking moments and real-life depictions to be an emotional, yet powerful documentation piece.

The artwork and characters do not leave much to be wanted. The characters aren’t given any kind of development, and the art appears dull when compared to other noteworthy works that explore warlike situations. Its voice-over is superb as you’ll feel anxiety as you hear the narration of the horrible happenings that transpire in this piece. If you’re in search of an excellent documentary about the battle between medicine and war, look no further than Himeyuri.

The novel Franz Kafka’s A Country Doctor

The novel Franz Kafka's A Country Doctor

The novel by Franz Kafka A Country Doctor is an animated adaptation of the German novelist’s most loved work. The story centers around an unhappy country doctor who tries to get to the hospital where his patient is on time. But, some bizarre jokes are played out with the physician and odd horses that take him to the bedside of the patient.

The doctor isn’t able to come up with an answer for the boy because he is surrounded by personal tragedies and problems. This causes him to be embarrassed by the villager’s fellow citizens. It’s a bizarre animation that’s packed with lots of metaphorical and symbolic images. The animation of this anime plays into its bizarre nature by using strange camera angles and strange body proportions for the characters.

Many who have read Kafka’s first work have described it as an odd work. While this show is a tangled and mind-numbing version of his tale, it does provide an element of eerie and terror that adds worth. If you’re looking for an eerie experience with a haunting ambiance look no further than this anime version of Kafka’s A Country Doctor.

Snow White With The Red Hair

Snow White With The Red Hair

From a complex story to one that is more coherent We arrive at Snow White With The Red Hair. This anime has a vibrant narrative, captivating characters, and a stunning fantasy setting. The story follows a girl called Shirayuki who catches all attention due to her distinctive red hair.

But, it causes a fight with a prince called Raji which causes Shirayuki to flee her country. Shirayuki is introduced to the young man Zen and assists him in recovering from the injuries he sustained. In order to pay off a debt Shirayuki is planning to go back to the home of Zen and become a court herbalist.

However, it’s not simple because Raji is not going to stop until she gets married. In a way, this show is an antithesis to the story of the damsel in distress thematically found in a variety of fiction. The story uses common conventions such as the poison apple of Snow White and Rapunzel’s long hair for creating a completely different effect.

It’s surprising how it works in the narrative’s favor, and gives an exciting spin on stories that you’ve seen and are fond of. This series builds on Shirayuki and Zen’s bond well and a lot of fans are thrilled to see the two characters interact. If you’re looking for a romantic tv show that gives a new twist on traditional folk tales, you should check out Snow White With The Red Hair.

A Drugstore In Another World: The Slow Life of an e-Cheat Pharmacist


The anime is as innocent and delightful as its long title. It has amusing characters, a sweet narrative, and plenty of funny gags and jokes that’ll delight any funny bone. A Drugstore In Another World doesn’t offer the most unique plot known to man.

The story revolves around a previous slave, Reji who wakes up in a different world. He discovers that he has acquired superhuman knowledge of pharmaceuticals. This led him to start the drugstore with his two friends Noera as well as Mina.

The story follows the quest of a man to meet the needs of every customer. It is evident that the show lacks originality and imagination. The show is praised for sticking to its principles as it does not get bogged down in any extraordinary or terrifying. The characters have enough banter and humor to keep viewers entertained.

The animation and art of the show are stunning in spite of its bland basis. Viewers will be able not be impressed by the exquisite details that were put into the production’s setting and character designs. If you’re in search of a fun show that blends both fantasy and pharmacy well look no further than Drugstore In Another World.


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