Best Panda Movies Of All Time

Panda films aren’t easy to find. However, the ones available are generally of good quality and are well worth watching.

We’ve searched through the dense bamboo to compile our favorite films with pandas as the main persona – or as a key part of the story. We’re always open to suggestions if you think we’ve left some of your favorite films please leave us a message below!

Kung-Fu Panda

Genre Animation (CGI)

In 2008. DreamWorks launched an unimaginable animated franchise featuring the character Jack Black was born to take on. With a blend of humor and comedy, quick-paced action, and an unforgettable group of characters, Kung-Fu Panda is an amazing film from start to end. It also stands up to the test of time all these years more than a decade later.

The Chinese setting is superbly recorded and the voice actor is impressive too. But, Jack Black stands out and is able to bring Po his life to life in the most impressive way. It’s difficult for anyone to envision another character able to pull off an enthralling and captivating panda as well as he did. Due to that, Kung-Fu Panda is easily one of the most memorable panda movies ever created.

Kung-Fu Panda 2

Genre Animation (CGI)

The first film set the scene and laid the foundations for the rest of our characters to grow on, Kung-Fu Panda 2 takes the same ideas and takes it. It has a darker narrative and a more powerful antagonist this time around this sequel Kung-Fu Panda is let down just a little bit due to its predictable plot.

Everything else is being expanded and improved upon, such as Po who is given a more fleshed-out character arc this time. It allows him to go beyond the zany Jack Back persona into something much more real and believable.

As with other DreamWorks Animation sequels to films, Kung-Fu Panda 2 builds upon the work of previous sequels to create something more intimate and dark. The result is that this sequel is a lot more than the previous one and has all the elements that made the original an enormous success.

Kung-Fu Panda 3

Genre: Animation (CGI)

While this film may not be as wonderful and adorable as the other two Kung-Fu Panda movies, the third (and final?) film in the series introduces new characters and fresh obstacles for Po to confront. With their past of Po revealed in more vivid detail this time around, due to the Panda the place he goes to The main plotline is buried in the trap of formulaic concepts.

Although it’s predictable and has a boring main antagonist, Kung-Fu Panda 3 is enjoyable nevertheless.

Much of the pleasure is due to the superb pace and the humor makes the movie always fun and entertaining. The animation has been better than the two previous films, and it all comes together to make a great film fitting that Kung-Fu Panda name

Wild About Pandas

Genre: Documentary

Wild About Pandas is a BBC-produced documentary that explores two perspectives. The first one follows two giant pandas Tian Tian along with Yang Guang, as they arrive at Edinburgh Zoo ready to be relocated. The second view takes viewers away from China and shows what giant pandas do to be cared for in their homes. This is in line with the story that pandas are released into the wild.

With narration by David Tennant and a pacey 60-minute run-time, Wild About Pandas is an engaging and informative documentary film. The dual perspective is executed well, and there’s an excellent footage shot.

Amazing Panda Adventure

Genre Drama

A remake of the Chinese movie “Adventure of A Panda”, Amazing Panda Adventure notably eliminates the actual animals in the original to create an animated version. It’s important to remember that the film is intended for children, so be prepared for some silly dialogue throughout. However, despite this, and a few repeated ideas, the film is still an enjoyable family film.

It’s important to note that it’s not particularly old however it is specifically designed for children. In this regard, Amazing Panda Adventure isn’t very impressive, but it’s enjoyable enough adventure children will love.


Genre Documentary

Absolutely enjoyable and irresistibly heartwarming, Pandas is a short documentary that’s 40 minutes. It’s also one that packs a quantity of punch in that little duration. Written by Kristen Bell, the film is about a scientist who develops bonds with a cuddly and cute Panda named Qian Qian

There are discussions on the protection of pandas and plenty of Panda images throughout the film, it’s a film that is deliberately geared towards children rather than adults. This isn’t bad, however, and this, in conjunction with beautiful visuals and stunning opening shots of China creates an enjoyable documentary film.

Trail of the Panda

Genre Drama

It would not be an animal-themed film checklist without the Disney name popping into the mix! Trail of the Panda is an emotionally uplifting, but straightforward film that takes a familiar idea and adds a touch of panda in the mix.

The story unfolds in China when a 10-year-old orphan who is mute named Lu saves a lost panda cub who has been separated from its mom. From there, the two create a bond that is unbreakable while hiding from the attention of a couple of trappers.

This is standard Disney territory, and Trail of the Panda unashamedly recognizes it. The thing that is particularly impressive here is the way that real pandas are seamlessly integrated into the story. There are some fantastic individual scenes here, and the third act certainly has a powerful emotional impact. Although it’s not perfect, it’s a very enjoyable panda film that is worth watching.

So there we have it, our list of the Best Panda Movies Of All Time. Do you agree? Are there any noticeable omissions? Do let us know in the comments below and if we missed one of your favorites, we’ll be sure to add it to the list!


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