The Best Parody Anime of All Time

There are plenty of television shows available and in the day of streaming TV, there are more options than ever before. been more plentiful. How do you discern the noise and locate that “Best of” for any selected topic? We’re here to celebrate and highlight some of the newest most memorable and unforgettable shows that have been shown over the years.

In this ongoing set of posts that highlight the most entertaining anime, our focus this time is on parodies. From hilarious references to continuous slapstick, these comedy series pull out all the tricks to make a laugh of you.

Of course, if you think we’ve missed some of your top picks you can leave a comment below and we’ll have them included!


No-Rin is an uplifting and funny anime that has an intimate environment. It’s an exact parody of idol culture in many ways. The show features the most loved idol, who leaves her fame and wealth to pursue her love of farming. It’s an absurd premise that will make you giggle and laugh all the time.

Although our heroine is in a new environment, which is quite from her former life the show provides amazing educational worth. The show can help people understand farming and also shows the characters involved in various farm-related jobs, from the care of animals to planting crops.

In addition to its educational value, No-Rin is a great relationship between its main character Ringo as well as its female lead Kousaka. While the two hit difficulties in the course of their journey, viewers will love following Kousaka and Ringo’s journey as the show continues. This is a fantastic series that beautifully tells the story of what it means to follow your passion and is recommended to all, regardless of the agriculture-related themes.

One Punch Man

When My Hero Academia feels like an allusion to superheroes One Punch Man aims to mock the entire genre of superheroes. The show follows the adventures that of a superpowered hero called Saitama, who can take on any opponent he comes across with a single punch.

Saitama has undergone a rigorous training program to develop this ability but isn’t a fan of it. Saitama doesn’t find combating and beating people enjoyable or thrilling. But, Saitama is presented with an opportunity that will change his life after encountering a cyborg called Genos who informs him of Hero Association. Hero Association.

As he learns that he could gain followers and be able to meet stronger heroes, Saitama travels with Genos to the organization to try and regain his fighting spirit. The show has an uninvolved character but its battle scenes are a snarky argument.

The animation and visuals put into these physical interactions are stunning and breathtaking. You’ll be lost in the world of One Punch Man and the characters. Saitama’s heroes and villains he encounters have distinctive designs and fighting skills. Every fight or scene never appears boring or boring in this series, regardless of the parodic nature of the plot.

If you’re seeking an extreme adrenaline rush with stunning fight scenes and a cast of wonderful people, one Punch Man is worth watching.

Mr. Osomatsu

“Mr. Osomatsu is a bizarre parody show that pulls out everything it can to bring you to laughter. If you’re a lover of popular shonen anime such as One Piece or adore smash-hits like Attack On Titan, chances are the Osomatsu brothers have come up with an opportunity to make fun of these positive works.

Although this show provides the possibility of a story in a way it is also a show that will be loved by many who watch it for its never-ending sketches, jokes, and parodies. The story is about six identical siblings that are named Osomatsu and Karamatsu. Choromatsu, Ichimatsu, Juushimatsu, and Todomatsu. Although they have different traits and personalities they share the same level of laziness and lack of desire to find work.

If they are offered opportunities, they’re often disqualified due to their eccentric personality. In spite of their poor living situation, the brothers are eager to engage in various activities, including taking girls out to play games with one another. Though they’ll do everything to boost the status of their friends, the brothers are bound to encounter a variety of challenges due to being Sextuplets.

As I said earlier, this is a wild rollercoaster worth binge-watching just for the fun. If you’re seeking a basic comedy show with no depth I’d suggest trying Osomatsu. Osomatsu a shot.


Are you looking for an anime with a samurai theme that will deliver epic fight scenes and endless laughter, Gintama has it covered. Gintama is an anime that knows how to blend comedy and action with ease. You’ll be laughing out loud at the many funny moments while being captivated by the show’s serious story episodes.

The comedy you can expect in this show is hilarious and slapstick, as well as parodies of well-loved shonen series such as Dragon Ball and Naruto. Even though the characters all have an innate sense of humor, however, you’ll be able to peek into their more serious and darker ways as the show progresses.

Although the show is a total of 100 episodes, you’re sure to leave this show with a feeling of satisfaction. The story centers around how Gintoki the samurai who is reckless manages the Yorozuya. This is a place in which Gintoki takes on a variety of quests to earn money. On his journey, Gintoki will meet many of his acquaintances and meet a variety of enemies, from aliens to criminals.

Hetalia Axis Powers

Hetalia Axis Powers (Hetalia) is a comedy show about the world of politics and the world’s nations. It is a show for people who don’t wish to sit down and read a history book or watch an educational documentaries. The world’s nations are represented as beautiful anime guys who love to play around and have fun.

For example, Hetalia takes the controversial and gruesome aspects of the past and replaces them with humorous and lighthearted comedy sketches that are true to the original content it’s parodying. The way that it portrays these tragic historical moments isn’t at all brutal or inhumane.

It’s a simple way to laugh at the world’s leaders and demonstrate the mundane aspects of life in a world where everyone is able to get together. If you’re in search of an incredible comedy that tackles the history of the world and controversial incidents from the past, you should check out the show Hetalia Axis Powers.

Pop Team Epic

Pop Team Epic is a comical anime with hilarious jokes, parodies, and much more. There’s not much plot in the show, however, viewers can anticipate following the hilarious comedy of its main characters Popuko as well as Pipimi. Despite its cartoonish style, the show isn’t suitable intended for kids.

The characters in this show take on a myriad of bizarre and mature lands through their gags and jokes. From humorous jokes about assault and harassment to parodies of the most beloved anime, this show has the feel of an anime-based version of memes from pop culture.

Although Popuko and Pipimi sport similar attires they have distinct personalities. For instance, Popuko is more volatile, whereas Pipimi is calmer. It’s their clashing characters and personalities which make Pop Team Epic a funny show to take in.

The characters in this show take on a myriad of bizarre and mature areas by bringing humor and gags. From the humor of assault and harassment to parodies of the most beloved anime genres, this series has the feel of an anime-based version of memes from pop culture.

Although Popuko and Pipimi wear similar clothes they have distinct personalities. For instance, Popuko’s more volatile, whereas Pipimi is calmer. It’s their clashing personality traits that make Pop Team Epic a funny show to take in.

Lucky Star

Lucky Star is Kyoto Animation’s response to parody. As with the other anime that are listed, this one does not have any complicated themes or storylines. This show just follows the everyday routines that its main character Konata and her friends engage in. Be it playing games on the computer or going to slumber parties they are able to enjoy themselves.

The reality is that Lucky Star features an episodic story structure. Each episode presents a different task or challenge that our characters must tackle. The relationships with Konata and her pals are hilarious and entertaining to follow. Konata and Kagami’s relationship is the most enjoyable show on the market, however.

This is due to Konata’s being a more laid-back and lazy person, whereas Kagami is more of a hardworking character. Fans will be entertained by their battles on the screen. However, the comedy in the show ranges from funny humor to funny facial expressions.

There are times that Konata will make fun of Kyoto Animation’s previous work, like The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. If you’re looking for a series with an episodic format and an ambiance that is relaxing, you should go to Lucky Star.

There’s been a myriad of magical girl-centric shows that were designed to alter the opinions of fan

An anty and stocking with Garterbelt

s regarding the sub-genre. Beginning with Madoka Magica and Yuki the Yuna Hero and more, many have gone into dissecting the formula shows like Sailor Moon and Cardcaptor Sakura which were popular throughout the 90s.

However, Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt is a hilarious take on fairytale girls. From its hilarious comedy to the cartoonish artwork This show is a never-ending adrenaline rush that will get your blood pumping. The show doesn’t keep its cartoon-like style for long. There are times when the show gives its cast members more anime-like characters. However, those moments are only a part of the times when the show is looking to be dirty.

However, the show spends time developing its characters and world. There are a few episodes focused on creating characters that are older women. The girls also acquire unique weapons that are suited to their individual personalities and roles. The enemies they face range between high and low in terms of the perspective of power.


From the beginning, Slayers is a parody of the action, fantasy, and action genres. The anime captured the hearts of a lot of fans in the early days. The show is known for its vulgar comedy, amiable characters, and a story that is utterly unending. It is a show that viewers are drawn to because of the characters’ interactions rather than the storyline.

The story is about Lina an eminent sorcerer who travels across the globe and steals valuables from thieves. One day, she’s confronted by bandits that she took from But before she is able to crush them, a mighty swordsman known as Gourry is on the scene. As if she’s a damsel’s trouble, Gourry confronts the assailants to save her.

He takes them down and leads Lina into Atlas City. Not knowing it, Lina finds an insanely strong item within her collection of stolen items. With two men who are mysteriously seeking the prized item, Lina and Gourry must stop these criminals from gaining access to the awe-inspiring object.

As we’ve said before, this show is more focused on its comedy than it is aiming to entertain viewers with an original plot. In the same way that most fantasy heroes find themselves into some funny antics from time to time, Lina and Gourry’s lives are hilarious to watch. Instead of trying to save their home, they’d rather find a treasure that will make them the richest couple ever. It’s the emphasis placed on comedy that makes Slayers above other fantastical works.

Carnival Phantasm

Carnival Phantasm is a cross-over parodic series with hilarious proportions. It follows characters in the Melty Blood, Fate, and Tsukihime series as they take part in a variety of actions that are bizarre and hilarious.

This show is targeted at fans of the show’s characters, however, those who have not watched them all will enjoy this show. This show provides Type-Moon fans with many Easter eggs humor, jokes, and tributes to all the work involved.

Fans will enjoy watching their favorite characters from these shows interact with one another. While they’re engaged in a variety of fun activities, viewers will see that the characters’ souls are still intact. Every character is a delight in this show, and they are sure to make you laugh.

If you’re a lover of cross-overs and game shows and are looking for something to make your day more enjoyable, think about watching this show.

So, there we have it, our picks for the best parody anime through the years!


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