Best Snake Movies Of All Time

Like snakes, snakes are among the most terrorized creatures in the living world. This is a great time for frighteningly chilling horror selections, However, they go beyond the usual film genres that one would think of.

We’ve searched throughout the archive to put together our top 10 favorite films that feature snakes as the main character or as a crucial element to the plot. We’re always open to suggestions if you think we’ve left some of your favorite films please leave us a message below!

The Yin-Yang Master: Dream of Eternity

Genre: Fantasy

The most recent Chinese epic begins with an amazing fight sequence that combines elements from Doctor Strange with grandiose magic as a sinister serpent starts to stir, threatening to kill the guardians who are sent to protect their territory.

In the world of fantasy demons and humans share the same space. In the true spirit of fantasy, our protagonist Qingming just happens to be half-demon and half-human. He is a traveler to The Imperial City but in doing this, he meets hot guardian Boya who hates demons but is the very enthralled appearance of Qingming.

Murder in the palace prompts them to work together to determine who the culprit is, triggering an epic race to end the evil serpent before it’s too far.

The script is well written and full of stunning set pieces, Dream of Eternity is a decent movie that is certainly worth a look.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Genre: Family, Drama, Fantasy

Although you could argue that each Harry Potter film could make this list, the third film from the collection has the distinction of being the film that taps into its mythology of snakes and themes the most.

The Slytherin house being the center of attention and a sinister plot lurking within the shadows of Hogwarts, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets sees our wizard returning to his school of magic and is being caught up in another plot to kill him and bring Voldemort back from the dead.

Chamber of Secrets is arguably one of the most unremarkable Potter films, but it is still one of the most terrifying because of its depiction of snakes.


Genre: Horror/Comedy

The latter half of the 90s produced many hilarious extravagant, outrageously crafted creature features. 1997’s Anaconda was among these films. The plot is based on a film crew that decides to make a documentary. The crew is led by an anthropologist Steve Cale and working alongside director Terri Flores, the two encounter the wrath of Paul Sarone, who just happens to be the snake hunter.

After gaining command of his boat He takes his crew on a wild adventure to find the huge snake. With funny CGI with practical effect, Anaconda appears more as a horror/comedy than a frightening film but it’s certainly one of the best snake films available.

Snakes In A Plane

Genre: Horror/Comedy

Snakes On A Plane is hilarious, yet incredibly memorable, primarily due to Samuel L. Jackson’s wailing cry of despair in aftermath of snakes being released onto (yep you’re right) an airplane. Particularly, Jackson plays FBI agent Neville Flynn who finds himself in a plane filled with dangerous snakes.

Released with the intention of killing an innocent person, a battle for survival begins as Neville joins forces with passengers to stop the threat.

It’s better not to approach this film with expectations, and instead take the concept with some salt. If you’re capable of doing this, the film will offer some decent humor and some good moments worth waiting for.

Fangs (1974)

Genre Horror

In contrast to Anaconda’s inconsistent realistic and CGI effects the snakes featured in Fangs were 100% real. The film will definitely frighten many people suffering from Ophidiophobia. The film is a play on this idea in its main plot.

Fang is a story about an old cranky man called Snakey Bender, who gathers snakes to sell them to an academic institution. However, a local preacher makes everyone hate him which prompts old Snakey to take revenge by killing his adversaries with various deadly snakes.

There’s nothing difficult or original about this photo but it’s the classic snake romp.

Venom (1981)

Genre: Horror/Thriller

Venom is One of these films that sound absurd in its premise, but is a success by executing it well.

The plot here revolves around an international group of terrorists who try to kidnap the child of a wealthy couple. However, their plan goes unfinished when a dangerous Black Mamba stalks several hostages and terrorists who find themselves in the London house together.

A tense evening inevitably ensues as the deadly snake creeps around the house picking off the different characters one by one. Venom is a typical slasher/creature-feature flick but despite its simplicity, actually does a pretty good job with its run-time.


Genre Horror

Sssssssssssssssssss to be as fun as it is revealed to be. On paper, the concept is hilarious, but the film adopts a surprisingly serious tone throughout. It assists in enhancing a lot of the tension in this film.

Our protagonist is David an undergraduate student seeking the perfect job. He’s enlisted from Dr. Stoner as a lab assistant in his research, while the snakes he studies are his subjects. However, it turns out that Dr. Stoner has secretly concocted an ingredient that could turn anyone into the form of a King Cobra snake…and David is scheduled to be the test subject.

There’s a love story in the film, and it’s interesting with Stoner’s daughter Kristina however in the majority of cases, this film is an intense dark drama that has striking effects, given the date, it was made.

Conan The Barbarian

Genre: Action/Adventure

Conan the Barbarian is an absolute classic and contains a wealth of fascinating mythology about snakes at its heart. This film is also the one that launched Arnold Schwarzenegger into the limelight of Hollywood.

The story centers around Conan who has his entire village being attacked by the devilish ruler of a snake cult known as Thulsa Doom. After being enslaved by Conan the barbarian develops into a formidable warrior and gladiator. Then he is liberated.

Determined to take revenge on their parents of his, he teams together with a diverse group to save her from the cult of snakes and end Doom when it’s for him to do so.

The film takes on all the typical characteristics of fantasy for this genre, yet it weaves the story into an exciting adventure story that is a pleasure from beginning to end.

Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark

Genre: Action/Adventure

While the film only has only a tiny portion of snakes, it’s an essential one, as Indie is scared of snakes. Raiders of the Lost Ark is perhaps the most memorable Indiana Jones movie too, and the story here is set deep into the heart of 1936.

Exploring the wilds the opening scene of Lost Ark is one of the most thrilling scenes from any mainstream film. Following an exciting chase sequence, Jones catches wind of an ancient biblical artifact dubbed The Ark of the Covenant. The Ark of the Covenant is a surefire way to send Indie on a wild ride around the globe, across the globe from Nepal to Egypt in search of the valuable item. The only problem is that there is a group made up of Nazis who are also on the hunt.

The script is well written, the pace is enthralling and unquestionably timeless, Raiders of the Lost Ark is the ultimate adventure film.

The Sorcerer And The White Snake

Genre: Fantasy

Another Chinese film, The Sorcerer And The White Snake is an action-packed flick that is full of amazing imagery good cinematography, and an engaging story. In the midst of it, the movie is about a sorcerer named Abbott Fahai, who finds himself fighting an array of demon-possessed temptresses.

In a desperate attempt to save the soul of a man from a long-dead creature, Abbott soon learns that the snake has taken up the body of a woman. The result is a desperate battle to stop this snake from creating destruction.

Although it’s not a complete snake-themed film like the other films on this list, The Sorcerer And The White Snake remains an extremely enjoyable action adventure featuring a variety of intriguing snake mythology in its midst.

The Jungle Book (1967)

Genre: Animation (Hand-Drawn)

The Jungle Book is a Disney classic, and follows the man-cub Mowgli who is born by wolves, but realizes the wolves aren’t welcoming him anymore after terrifying tigers Shere Khan denotes that he is to be a menace to the animals he manages. Led by panther Bagheera and the wild Baloo, a bear Baloo, Mowgli sets out on a quest to discover and discover his home in the vast world of animals.

One of those animals is a snake that’s deceitful named Kaa that is difficult to forget the famous scene that shows Mowgli being entrapped by Kaa, a flimsy serpent. Although Kaa is just a minor character in this film, however, he’s a remarkable part of the story.

So there we have it, our list celebrating the best Snake Movies of all time. Do you agree? Are there any noticeable omissions? Do let us know in the comments below and if we missed one of your favorites, we’ll be sure to add it to the list!


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