The Best Studio Ghibli Anime Movies

There are plenty of television shows available and in the day of streaming TV, there are more options than ever before. been better. How do you distinguish the clutter and locate what’s the “Best of” for any subject? We’re here to celebrate and spotlight some of the most recent most memorable and memorable shows that have been shown over the years.

In the ongoing collection of stories about the top anime, our focus this time is on Studio Ghibli. From heart-warming stories that include Spirited Away to emotionally-driven narratives such as Grave of the Fireflies, Studio Ghibli has had a huge impact on many anime fans’ lives.

Of course, if we’ve left out some of your top picks please let us know in the comments section below and we’ll make sure they’re added!

Grave of the Fireflies

Grave of the Fireflies is an emotional and heartbreaking film that has a touch of history. The movie highlights the challenges caused by war and how it affects everyone affected. From its somber setting to its harrowing portrayal of war, a lot of viewers will shed many tears when watching this anime.

The story is set towards the end of World War II when Japan is in the midst of widespread chaos caused by American bombings, which resulted in the murder of innocents along with the destruction of several cities. In the middle of all this are the protagonists Seita as well as his younger sister Setsuko two young girls that have lost their lives due to the conflict.

The children have lost their parents, and homes as well as hope to have a better life. They are now homeless and orphaned. Seita and Setsuko are forced to wander the countryside and meet new people they hope will offer some assistance. However, they will be able to see that war affects people and the hope for a bright future is an empty fairy tale.

As we’ve said before the film is brutal and does not have the kind of happy-go-lucky vibe found in many Studio Ghibli films. If you’re going into this film expecting nothing less than the worst for its characters You’re going to have a satisfying but painful experience.

Princess Mononoke

Princess Mononoke is an action-packed film about fantasy and is considered by many as Studio Ghibli’s best film. With its environmentalist-focused message and its charming character, the film is sure to be a hit with people who love it. The story takes place in an enthralling battle between a demonic boar and an isolated village known as Emishi.

At the heart of all this is prince Ashitaka who is prepared to do anything to protect his people. As the demon boar slowly fades away, it encases an evil curse on the arm of Ashitaka and grants him the power of demons. The exchange causes Ashitaka to go west in search of a cure. Once Ashitaka is at Tatara the place, he is trapped in the middle of confusion.

Tatara’s Lady Eboshi and Princess San are fighting about something significant. The former is pushing for deforestation, while both the forest spirits that are sacred to her oppose her plans. To establish peace between the natural world and humanity Ashitaka fights the hidden spirit within him, as diverse groups engage in a tense struggle to survive.

The Princess Mononoke is a movie that contains profound messages about life and the need to be grateful for everything. Its action scenes are entertaining and animated to perfection. The characters are awe-inspiring with their features and designs that help to make them make an impact. If you’re in search of an amazing film that can make you feel more connected to the beautiful world, you should check out Princess Mononoke.

Spirited Away

When people are thinking about Studio Ghibli, Spirited Away is the film that will end up being mentioned automatically. While it’s not the studio’s more recent work, this film was a hit with many audiences when it was released in 2022. With its stunning visuals, vibrant environment, and distinctive characters, Spirited Away is one of the films that you would suggest to those who aren’t fans of anime.

The story revolves around Chihiro, a stubborn 10-year-old Chihiro who is traveling with her parents to their new residence. While on their way they stumble upon an amusement park that is abandoned, which leads Chihiro to explore the. Within, Chihiro and her family are transported to fantasies, while her parents transform into pigs following a meal. food.

Chihiro finds out that she’s entered the realm of spirit and must find the strength to work and live among the other spirit-filled characters. With the aid of a boy called Haku, Chihiro must locate an escape route to return to her normal world, and also figure out the best way to bring her parents to normal. This is a fantastic film that is full of adventure and a sense of mystery.

Every aspect of Spirited Away feels fantastical, appealing, and captivating. When Chihiro meets a variety of adorable creatures in her travels as she encounters brutal creatures and cruel people that want to torture her. If you’ve not yet seen this film take a moment and watch it. You will not be dissatisfied.

The Tales of Princess Kaguya

The Tales of Princess Kaguya follow the story of a bamboo cutter, Okina who is a fan of cutting off the hollow plant each day. A few days later, Okina discovers the baby in the glowing shoot and takes her home without hesitation. He believes that she’s a princess brought to Earth to be a blessing from the heavens.

Together with Ouna, his wife Ouna, Okina raises and observes the child grow to grow into an active young lady who is named Kaguya. Kaguya loves her life living in the village and is fond of playing with other children of the village and outings. The situation takes a drastic turn when Okina discovers a huge fortune of gold and treasures hidden within the woods.

With the newfound wealth, Okina forces his daughter to be a princess by letting her go of their traditional life for something that is more stylish and rich. Then, forced into a shady income by her father who adopted her, Kaguya undergoes a philosophical trip to uncover her real purpose and the reason for her.

The Studio Ghibli film features a visually distinct watercolor art style that makes it stand out from the other films. Kaguya’s character responds to her parents’ selfishness in real ways that can make fans feel her pain. This film will resonate with those who grew up in strict families and had to make choices that appealed to their parents as well as their other relatives.

If you’re in search of an entertaining film that explores relatable themes and features a charming female lead, you should take a look at The Tales Princess Kaguya.

Kiki’s Delivery Service

A princess transforms into a witch, we are able to enjoy Kiki’s Delivery Service. The anime will be a hit with those who love fantasy and magic, as well as romance. The female lead Kiki is a delightful bundle of happiness that will make you smile throughout the entire duration.

From its come-of-age-themed story to its relaxing setting Kiki’s Delivery Service is a splendid animation that anyone can enjoy. The story follows an aspiring witch of 13 years known as Kiki. Kiki is forced to live on her own in a town far away for a whole year in order to become an actual witch, but she finds herself with her cat, black Jiji.

The town of Koriko is a struggle for Kiki. In Koriko Town, Kiki struggles to adjust and wanders around in the streets, but has no place to rest. But a generous soul known as Osono provides Kiki the opportunity to stay in his house in exchange in exchange for Kiki taking deliveries to her small bakery. After numerous delivery, Kiki opens her own courier service, hoping to become independent and grasp the importance of accountability.

My Neighbor Totoro

In addition to Spirited Away, My Neighbor Totoro is among their most famous pieces. Online or in retail stores it’s not uncommon to see the gigantic grey furball every time you browse for the content that is Ghibli-themed. With relatable characters and an amazing world My Neighbor Totoro is a dazzling treasure.

The story takes place in the late 1800s and tells the story of a father and twin daughters Satsuki and Mei who move toward a rural area. A day later, Mei meets a small rabbit-like creature in her backyard and chases it away into the forest. She comes across Totoro who is a huge forest spirit that she accosts.

Satsuki is aware of her sister’s disappearance and decides to go into the same woods. Then, Satsuki meets Totoro, and the two girls’ enchanting adventure with him and the amazing woodland creatures begins. The film is an animation of the imagination of a child. The designs of the creatures are distinct and unique.

From the gigantic Catbus to the small woodland animals This world is an imaginary playground that any human would like to explore. Satsuki and Mei do not take a backseat when it comes to Totoro and his mystical companions. Every single person adds a certain amount of charm to the world. It’s the adventure that these girls take that is what makes My Neighbor Totoro a classic Studio Ghibli film for a lot of fans.

Howl’s Moving Castle

From one wonderful world to another, we land in Howl’s Moving Castle. This film has more romance than the previous film, yet offers a world that is fun like it. The plot centers around a hatmaker called Sophie who is in search of a goal she can strive towards.

Unfortunately, Sophie gets into a brief fight with robbers and then slams into her death. Fortunately, a handsome wizard named Howl is able to save her. Being able to see Howl save Sophie angers a witch nearby who imposes a curse on Sophie because of jealousy. Sophie is accompanied by Howl to his famous flying castle to find a cure. The adventures Sophie undertakes are exciting. From fire demons that are magical to roaming scarecrows, Sophie encounters a variety of bizarre but friendly creatures while on Howl’s gigantic mechanical machine. The film is a great way to build on the romance between her and Howl. The audience doesn’t have to be concerned about speeding their love story to the floor. A captivating story about love and magic awaits within Howl’s Moving Castle.


Ponyo is a charming animation that can soothe the nerves of anyone. This is the perfect series that you can watch together with kids because of the adorable character’s designs as well as the friendship that grows between its characters.

This animated series follows a goldfish as she escapes home when it floats on the jellyfish’s back. She encounters Sousuke the five-year-old child living with his family on the shoreline. Goldfish heals Sousuke’s finger and gives the fish its name Ponyo. In the absence of Sousuke Ponyo’s true name is Brunhilde.

When her father Fujimoto is caught, Ponyo rejects her birth name and plans to transform into a human. By taking blood from Sousuke it is possible to gain legs and arms and then escape onto the surface. However, many consequences arise because of Ponyo’s choice. To protect her human rights to save humanity, Sosuke is put through a test that has been around for centuries.

The anime is as imaginative and impressive as the movie My Neighbor Totoro. The characters in this series have amazing personalities and are able to communicate with one another. The cutesy style of this anime will delight many of its fans. If you’re hoping to get caught up in an animated series that resembles the Disney classic The Little Mermaid look into Ponyo.

Porco Rosso

Porco Rosso is one of the Studio Ghibli films. It’s not discussed enough, as do their other works and that’s a shame. It’s a hilarious adventure that is epic in scope. As it swoops around in directions, it hits an impressive landing.

Our story is about Marco who is transformed into an anthropomorphic animal after being struck by an unidentified curse. He spends his time hunting sky pirates, securing their bounty, and spending time with beautiful music artist Gina who lives at Hotel Adriano. On one of his flights, Porco Rosso (Marco’s new pseudonym) is shot dead by a youthful American captain Donald.

Donald propagates false rumors of the murder of Porco to make a name for himself. In his ignorance, Porco is in good health and fled from the scene to get a loan to fix his fighter aircraft. With the assistance of a young head engineer Porco is required to challenge Donald to restore his confidence and respectability. The show is a fantastic combination of romance, comedy, and slice-of-life elements.

Throughout the film, details about Porco’s previous life begin to become apparent, making things more fascinating. The film spends time revealing details about the life of Porco to the viewers. Donald is an unlikable villain, with a charming character. His battle with Porco is entertaining to watch and creates an enjoyable time. You should check out this series in case you love the action of planes and hilarious characters.

Castle In The Sky

Are you looking for other airship or aircraft-themed Studio Ghibli anime? Castle In The Sky has the perfect solution for you. The show follows Sheeta who is abducted by agents of the government who want her amulet. She is stranded on an airship just moments after. But her worries come to an end when pirates take over the vessel.

Sheeta is able to profit from the situation’s dire consequences and escapes away from the thugs. She’ll cross paths with Pazu who wants to go to the legendary flying castle Laputa. The government agents are looking for Laputa as well. Thus, the story centers on Sheeta and Pazu’s search to locate Laputa prior to the time that government officials can.

Like all films about a buddy-fantasy duo, the anime spends time expanding Sheeta and Pazu’s love for one another. The mishaps they are involved in as they search to find Laputa are both magical and a bit amusing. Although the funny moments may disrupt the excitement of their journey it doesn’t diminish the overall quality.



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