The Best Supernatural Anime of All Time

There are many TV shows on the market and, in this golden day of streaming TV, the options have never been better. How do you filter through the clutter and locate what’s the “Best of” for any subject? We’re here to celebrate and spotlight some of the most recent best and most memorable shows that have been shown over the years.

In this ongoing set of stories that highlight the top anime, our focus this time is on the supernatural. From mental games for the mind to wacky adventures, it’s the perfect choice to whet your appetite.

Of course, if you think we’ve missed some of your top picks you can leave a comment in the comments section below and we’ll make sure they’re added!

In into Forest of Fireflies’ Light

Into the Forest of Fireflies Light is about a girl of six years old named Hotaru who is lost in a haunted forest on her own. While she’s terrified when she comes across the mysterious Gin who gives the assistance. Despite rushing into Hotaru’s armpits, Hotaru fends her off. However, Gin suffers from a horrible curse.

If he’s ever the attention of a human and is touched, he’ll disappear. In spite of Gin’s circumstances, Hotaru decides to keep Gin close to him. The lines drawn by Hotaru and Gin slowly become less obvious as time goes by and their feelings for each other grow.

It’s a stunning film that does an amazing job of exploring Gin and Hotaru’s romantic relationship. For better or worse it will be interesting to watch Gin and Hotaru develop healthy feelings for each one other. There are times that cause you to cry, and some which will leave you smiling.

Your Name

If you’re someone who prefers living life on your own You may end up having to talk to someone every once in a while. Your Name is a wonderful film that builds on this idea by incorporating an engaging story that is visually captivating about the romance of two people who live far away.

Our story is centered around two characters, Mitsuha and Taki that have different backgrounds in life. In Freaky Friday style each character ends up in the body of another and has to fulfill that person’s many obligations.

While they work out how to get things back to normal leave with a new love for one another. You’ll be amazed at how the characters deal with the challenges they set for their beloved counterparts. Although it’s a film about love, this show is able to throw a few surprises at its viewers.

Death Note

Death Note is one of the most intriguing crimes and mystery-themed anime available. The plot is well-written and filled with endless mind twists and games that will make you awestruck. In the middle of the story lies Light Yagami, a boy who is determined to cleanse his home of criminals and criminals.

In order to accomplish this, Light utilizes a supernatural notebook dubbed The Death Note to murder his victims. After creating an alias for himself and being hailed as a hero Light believes you can’t touch him. Then he receives an alarming call from a young detective called L Lawliet.

Each episode is more thrilling than the one before due to the two main characters. The viewers will be amazed to see Light and L fight in a variety of thought-provoking situations. If you haven’t seen Death Note yet, do yourself a favor and check out this show.

Spirited Away

Like Death Note, Spirited Away has earned a deserved reputation. The film is in line with a new and classic work by Studio Ghibli. The film is filled with captivating characters, enchanting creatures, stunning imagery, and a vivid world.

Our story is about Chihiro who finds herself within The Spirit World after she and their family find the abandoned park. Chihiro’s parents transform into pigs when they indulge in some enchanting animal food and leave Chihiro to survive in this bizarre setting.

With assistance from Haku, Chihiro must find an avenue for her family and friends to return home after exploring this amazing land. For the first time, viewers will find the Spirit World fascinating thanks to its many creatures, as well as its eerie humanoid creatures. While some creatures are designed to make Chihiro’s existence a discomfort, others will greet Chihiro’s life with wide arms.

Soul Eater

Soul Eater holds a special place in a lot of Shonen Jump fans’ hearts. The show is an edgy and dark universe filled with humans and demon creatures. Similar to the other Shonen Jump properties, our protagonist is equipped with supernatural weapons to defeat these terrifying, alien adversaries.

The humor of this show is in the same category as other anime, too. From funny slapstick to clever facial expressions, the characters don’t always seem serious and well-mannered. However, the audience shouldn’t judge any of its characters on the chin, because they show capabilities that keep them interested.

The animation of Soul Eater is fluid, and sleek, however. Soul Eater’s cartoon-like style lends the show its distinctive appeal and charm. The designs of the monsters follow an identical design pattern and are in keeping with the fun but the impressive style of its characters.

Anyone looking for a good supernatural anime incorporating Shonen Jump elements should take a look at Soul Eater a shot.

Mob Psycho 100

Mob Psycho 100 is the supernatural counterpart to One Punch Man. Both series were developed with the help of the exact same manga writer and illustrator, but Mob Psycho 100 features the same funny antics and characters as the other popular manga.

In lieu of being a superhero who can take on any enemy in one blow, Mob Psycho 100 centers around Mob who is a boy with the ability to esper and a vast amount of potential. The mob is a quirky character but is aware of the consequences which could be incurred should he let his power unleash. He’s a ticking bomb that can explode at any time.

In the meantime, Mob only uses his abilities to impress his former crush Tsubomi. Tsubomi isn’t a fan of Mob’s abilities and finds them less thrilling, which makes Mob feel sad and lonely. To take control of Mob’s abilities Mob seeks assistance from Arataka who is eventually using Mob’s abilities to earn money.

The show follows Mob’s day-to-day life of removing evil spirits. The spirits he encounters are stunningly designed and offer Mob endless battles that amaze viewers. The student-mentor relationship Mob and Arataka have created makes Mob Psycho 100 a show worth watching.

Fate Zero

Fate Zero is among the most beloved versions of The Fate series. Contrary to the other Fate initiatives, Fate Zero offers a more somber, home-like atmosphere like the Ufotable Garden of Sinner films. The series’s more streamlined plot and focus on dialogue and preparation make Fate Zero a worthwhile supernatural series.

The story takes place in the middle of the Fourth Holy Grail War, where the affluent Einzbern family waits in the wings. They are confident of their victory since they have a vessel that contains the Holy Grail. They employ a man called Kiritsugu, to be a part of the war, and they have him tied to an agreement to marry their sole daughter Irisviel.

This gruesome survival game places Kiritsugu in conflict with six other players Each with an ancient acquaintance and driven by a distinct ideal. With the aid of his friend, Saber, Kiritsugu will fight to the death to ensure victory.

Fate Zero is a mature work that is filled with stunning scenes of action and emotional moments. The series is able to make every scene just as jaw-dropping and thrilling as the preceding ones. The tactics and fights on display are top-quality. Our viewers will love watching our characters devise strategies to conquer tough battles.

To Your Eternity

When you consider that this novel was written by Yoshitoki Ooma, the very same person who wrote A Silent Voice, fans were sure to get an enjoyable experience. With its engaging story, dramatic tension, and unique main character To Your Eternity became instantly a favorite for those who are people who appreciate her style.

To Your Eternity follows it The orb can transform into entities and change form. which reflect its reflections. The creature was brought on Earth to be watched and eventually takes on the shape of a wolf as the creature walks by. In the end, it will meet an uninvolved boy and become friends with him. The boy is looking for an adventure like none other and leaves their home in search of paradise, but then succumbs to the ravages of death.

The show focuses on Fushi’s (later called Fushi) interactions with a variety of species and the concept of what is it like being human. Fushi’s interactions with life around them are genuine and emotional. While it’s an alien form, this creature is increasingly human in the story progresses. Fushi’s quest for discovery makes this a stunning work to be experienced.

Serial Experiments are a part of the

From a normal story with an animal to a place that’ll make your brain go into pain, we’ve arrived at Serial Experiments Lain. The show is sure to leave viewers confused and puzzled, however, and with good reason. The story is extremely complicated and written well.

The story explores important themes and discusses the importance of having self-esteem and excellent communication abilities. The show effectively conveys these concepts through its slow pace and rhythmic storylines. It’s an anime that doesn’t have any spectacular action scenes, nor does it attempt to emulate these shows.

Characters that appear in Serial Experiments Lain are wonderfully created and well-written. Its protagonist Lain encounters many surreal circumstances in her cyber world. Lain will be confronted with situations that cause her to question her existence, the nature of her being, and the way she perceives events. There are twists and turns at every turn, Serial Experiments Lain will keep the attention of critical fans.


Are you a nature fanatic? Do you admire those who love nature and all it has to offer humans? Mushishi could be the perfect anime for you. It’s an anime that has an enchanting, yet peaceful atmosphere. It explores the reasons for the importance of protecting and respecting the natural world.

The main character in this series, Ginko, has a serene manner of conduct and visits various locations to spread the word about goodwill. Ginko’s adventures are never boring. He’ll encounter many bizarre creatures, and experience supernatural events that are just as odd. Everything around us looks beautiful and impressive.

Try Mushishi If you’re a fan of nature but prefer something more tranquil and less action-oriented than the other shows mentioned above.

So, there we have it, our picks for the best supernatural anime throughout the years!

Do you have a view of our selections? Do you think we’re right? Do you think there are any noteworthy omissions? Tell us about it via the comment section below!


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