Between Us Episode 1 Preview: Release Date, Time, & Where To Watch

Between Us: The Series (Hemp Rope) Episode 1

Thai BLs are at an unprecedented rise in recent years however it’s the romance between couples that keeps the fans on their toes. After having starred in not the same show but several, Thai actors, Boun and Prem have been one of the most beloved couples in the Lankans. In the past 3 years, Boun together with Prem has performed in nine different shows including two projects in the pipeline titled”Between Us The Series’ and My Broccoli.

The public was first introduced to Boun and Prem’s team as they performed Win as well as Team during the 2019 Thai BL” Until We Meet Again’. Because both of them played the roles of most cherished companions in the main protagonists in The show’s show, their story of love was often cut short and snagged away. In the wake of Boun and Prem having a chemistry that is palpable with each other as Win and Team became a hit, fans asked producers to create an additional series that follows the story of Win-Team’s journey from being a couple to becoming a couple. The show takes place prior to the scenes in Until We Meet Again, the latest BL drama Between Us takes a look at the way a tattooed bad guy like Win became enamored of the adorable but dapper Team and provides an even more serious view of their romance.

The spin-off show will feature Win and Team in full attention with their story Dean and Pharm being played out as background characters, which is not like the show’s original in 2019. The popular spin-off show will focus not just on the romance and relationships of Win as well as Team but also on how they find their own love story which is distinct from the one in Dean as well as Pharm.

If you’ve been watching Until We Meet Again, you might be eager to know when the new spin-off is set to premiere. So, stop wondering!

Here’s everything you must be aware of concerning Between Us Episode 1, including the release date, its time, and the location to stream this.

Where Can I Watch Between Us: The Series?

Between Us, The series will be available for viewing in Thailand and around the world through the channel YouTube Studio Wabi Sabi. The episodes will be released in four parts, as per the normal format of The BL show on YouTube. There is no information about the release of episodes on other platforms, but we’ll make sure to update this page when there are any changes.

Between Us: The Series Episode 1 Release Date

The first episode of Between Us will release globally on Sunday, November 1st at 11:45 pm Thailand Time. (12:45 pm ET/PT).

Expect the show to run for one season that will have 16 episodes. Every episode of Between Us will have a time of between 45 and 50 minutes. Additionally, expect episodes to release with subtitles, too.

How Many Episodes Will Between Us: The Series Have?

It’s been announced that Between Us: The Series will comprise 16 seasons, and a new episode airing every Sunday.

The show will include Boun Noppanut Guntachai in the role of Win along with Prem Warut Chawalitrujiwong in the role of Team as the main characters. The cast of the BL series comprises Thai actors such as Sood, O, Samantha, Boston, Art, Tae, Ryu, Fluke, Ohm, Pine are, and Santa.

There is the possibility that other actors who were featured and loved by viewers of the original show could be featured in the spin-off series that is scheduled to premiere in the near future.

Is There A Trailer For Between Us: The Series?

Yes! There is the video trailer of Studio Wabi Sabi’s Between Us: The Series below:


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