Black Butterflies – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

The Real Truth

Episode 6 from Black Butterflies begins with Solange taking an ultrasound scan of her baby and in despair over what this might mean. After what happened to Carrel prior to this time she is concerned that the exact incident will happen again. What’s different this time, however, is that the romance has ended.

Is Albert really a murderer?

Sol is scared of Albert after she killed Hans in the previous episode, and she’s not more content living in the same manner. Naturally, she burns the salon (just as Catherine mentioned in the previous episode) and then takes an autobus to Brussels.

Sol changes her identity for herself, naming her Catherine and interacting with Wim Winkler who is Adrien’s stepfather.

At that moment, Adrien visits Nastya, where he finds out that she was the person who placed the funeral flowers near Albert’s grave. He is invited in and believes it’s an attempt to get him into a booty. The actual reason for his presence is Adrien would like to clarify their connection.

But, she is reading a few chapters from Black Butterflies and immediately lashes out at Adrien. It appears that Albert is actually defying the story and hasn’t provided the full picture of the actual events between them.

What happened to Nastya?

She was just 5 years old when she was killed, and witnessed everything. She saw Solange, not Albert taking the life of Hans and then quickly hiding under the mattress. Unfortunately, she witnessed her mother also die. Albert was the one to save her and even encouraged Catherine to go away. Catherine was about to pull the little girl from underneath the bed, but Albert stopped her and called her an ogre. Albert is an innocent participant in this.

Adrien discovers the same conclusion when he rummages through old newspaper clippings at the library. He discovers a variety of stories about Catherine. One of them happens to be the infamous flashback that we witnessed at the beginning of the course of the season. In the wake of the cries that came from the room, we were misled into thinking that it was Catherine being beaten, but in fact, what happened is quite different. We’ll come back to that within a moment!

But wait, Solange is the killer?

If Adrien is confronted by his mother truth is revealed. It was Solange throughout and not Albert. She’s the one that killed many people in the 70s as Albert was watching from the sidelines and was hesitant to take part. She was the one who urged him to go to bed with her following. This is also the reason Albert likely removed Carrel away to shield his baby from Catherine in order to prevent her from harming him.

Adrien goes back to the mother, who acknowledges that she is in a state of guilt, blinded by guilt, for killing innocent people in the midst of it all.

What’s the reason Adrien is being sought by police?

In the meantime, Mathilde shows up at Albert’s house seeking her friend. Carrel was missing for some time and she wanders into the greenhouse and is able to see the basement. The smell is overwhelming, however, she walks over maggots on the steps, and then finds Carrel at the end of the hallway. “MODY” scrawled up on the wall.

After removing his body and waking up to the fact that the man has died (because Albert obviously never came back to feed him after the death of his father), Mathilde ends up reading the Black Butterflies book.

For Adrien He gets back to writing, determined to get the facts down on paper as fast as he can. But, Julien rings with grave information. The police are following him, and, even though he’s purchased Adrien some money, this won’t suffice to keep the police off for long.

Adrien writes like an insane person and is careful to finish his sentences before the police find him. He doesn’t answer messages from Nora and then finishes forwarding the email to Julien and instructing him to follow the instructions they’ve been told to do.

Can Nora save Roman?

Nora discovers who Catherine really is, and realizes she’s getting into trouble. While she’s outside with Roman and the baby monitor, she broadcasts every detail. Armed with a knife she puts the baby in the back seat and informs Nora she’s the one who initiated this whole process. In the end, Nora was the one who informed the story of Adrien.

Nora is able to save Roman by running back the way she did before and then escaping ahead of Sol in her car. She was planning on taking her to the hospital, but the young Albert shows up in the seat right next to her and convinces her to stop.

While Mathilde is on the other side, Mathilde questions Adrien about what transpired to Carrel. Adrien announces his name as Adrien Desiderio. He uses Albert’s surname instead Winkler and acknowledges his family heritage to the world for the first time in this season.

Do you have any post-credit sequence?

It is one that you must stay for. In this episode, we go back in time to view Adrien’s life before. Wim warns Adrien not to mess with food, and he looks at his father while the milk drops onto the table.

If Wim hits Adrien It’s a step too far, and Sol does not hesitate. She immediately cuts him in the back and kills him, cutting off her belt and slapping herself into the room, making the appearance of self-defense. Little Adrien is allowed to eat breakfast while listening to the noisy horn blasting on the player.

The Episode Review

It’s a wonderful conclusion. The idea of metamorphosis for a butterfly is reiterated in this story, and we witness the cocoon split and release in shocking detail. It is revealed that Albert was the innocent one in all this, and maybe that’s not too shocking, considering that in the first episode we learned that Albert has dedicated his whole time to Solange.

The veil has been fully lifted as Solange uncovers that she is the person responsible for the many murders of the past. She even persuaded Albert to make a fuss to admit the truth about everything. It’s an incredibly shocking revelation that changes everything that’s happened during the course of the story in an entirely new light. But, hey, Albert hood-winkled all of us!

The thriller has been slow at times, however, it’s certainly given the viewers a reason to wait to watch the final episode. At 64 minutes, there’s not an hour wasted since the show reinterprets all we’ve learned up to now and does it with lots of wit and stunningly constructed montages.

An excellent way to close out a fantastic thriller. Black Butterflies is certainly among the darker horses on excellent television this year!


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