Black Butterflies Season 1 Review – A must-watch psychological thriller

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Black Butterflies might be considered a dark horse of the best shows of the year. The show is split into six episodes. this thriller with a psychological twist is expertly written and has a haunting sound and a slick screenplay that keeps you hooked until the very final episode until the shocking finale.

Black Butterflies might be a contender for dark horse competition among the top shows of the year. The show is split into six episodes. this psychological thriller is well written and has a haunting tone and a solid screenplay that keeps you hooked until the very final episode until the shocking finale.

As Adrien begins to research Albert’s past, what seems to be a straightforward romance soon takes turns to become dark and wild, as Albert’s story is exposed in the full splendor of blood. As the chapters go on and Adrien is becoming immersed in his work and Albert’s tale – he begins to realize that the distinction between right and wrong is obscured, and he has to wrestle with his own mental health and moral codes of conduct.

Giving more details about the show would be an injustice however suffice it to say there’s plenty to love and a wonderful finale that truly conveys the essence of the show and takes us back to the beginning’s subtle, yet powerful foreshadowing. It’s possible that this is an example of a show that is entirely different to watch again after having a better understanding of what we know about.

The complex relationships that exist between Albert, as well as Adrien, is the reason why this is so captivating to watch. It also, in several ways, echoes the classic mind-boggling battle which we’ve seen in films like The Silence of the Lambs in the past. This is definitely a series that appears to be a reference to the famous thriller several times, yet it also makes its own mark in the genre of thriller.

While the previous timeline and the relationships between characters are great but there are some aspects of the show that keep it from being an enjoyable watch.

A subplot that runs throughout the film that involves the investigation of a police officer is hidden away in the background and doesn’t stand apart as anything other than an excuse to show off and get busy. Although it could be said to be crucial to how the story is resolved, given the urgency of the scenario it would have been good to have a little more urgency added to the storyline and intersperse it with the main plot a greater amount to build the suspense.

It’s an insignificant issue in a good and well-written thriller. The acting is superb and the theme of metamorphosis and butterflies plays an integral part in the plot too and is a great method of integrating the tone and visuals with the plot. Black Butterflies is well worth watching and is a rock-solid thriller.


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