Black Panther: Wakanda Forever (2022) Ending Explained – Does Shuri step up as the new Black Panther?

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Plot Synopsis

Challa is dead. He was caused by a virus that has gone off-screen. Wakanda is mourning. Others are trying to take over the country’s Vibranium reserves A new threat appears in the shape of Namor.

Alongside Talokan warriors equipped with hypnotic singing abilities similar to Sirens, Namor shows up without notice in Wakanda and seeks assistance from Shuri as well as the queen to protect his kingdom. The truth is that a genius scientist has developed a device that can detect Vibranium and Namor is seeking help from Wakanda to kill them in order to safeguard both worlds. The scientist who created the device is Riri Williams, also known as. Ironheart.

Why does Namor attack Wakanda?

If the queen and Shuri are unable to assist Namor who is unwilling to kill Riri to reach the peacefully, Nakia shows up and helps them both and riles Namor. In the end, Nakia takes on Wakanda and drowns her, flooding the streets, and nearly murdering Riri too. He vows to return to set up the final battle between both sides.

Is Namor defeated?

While Ironheart is cruising around in her brand new armor (which appears to be an original model of Power Rangers I may add) in an attempt to aid Wakanda to overcome those Talokan fighters Shuri – – who’s now brand new Black Panther – squares off against Namor. After using a special vessel to remove the water that was dripping off Namor He’s already weaker as the battle spills across the beach.

Namor knocks out Shuri but she recovers, ignoring the wound and then battling Namor with a final punch that smudges his back. This ends this assault.

In lieu of killing Namor, Shuri thinks back to her dream, in which the Queen was unsure of what kind of leader Shuri is, and she decides to keep Namor’s life. In reality, she signs an agreement to protect the secret of Talokan secure.

Riri Williams is secured and safe and is allowed to return to her home once more and Namor is back to the ocean just as she did previously.

What are the ramifications of the peace deal?

Of course, considering the conflict between the two factions and Nakia’s connections to T’Challa the peace appears fragile and could break at any time. Although she’s been defeated by the new Black Panther, Namor continues to find ways to bring the war to the surface of the world, believing that Shuri can easily be manipulated in the process.

Who is the leader of Wakanda?

While Shuri is the latest Black Panther, the actual title of King of Wakanda shifts to M’Baku who has been predominant in the film. Because anyone of royal blood is able to be a threat to the current ruler and have potential implications for the future of this in particular if T’Challa has an unnamed child who was raised in the shadows.

As if foreseeing this, and not even thinking of opening possibilities of battle At the end of the film, the tribes meet to present Shuri as Wakanda’s Queen, however, M’Baku steps off the plane and announces that he is the new King.


What happens when Wakanda Forever ends? What happens after that post-credit scene?

In the earlier scenes of the film, Shuri does not want to burn her funeral dress, despite having never fully comprehended the loss of T’Challa and being consumed by anger and sorrow. In this scene, she travels to Haiti along with Nakia as a way to say farewell to the man she loves dearly. They’re as well joined by a small boy, who is revealed to be T’Challa’s son during the post-credit sequence.

He and Nakia decided that the boy must grow up in Wakanda to be free of the pressures of the throne. his Wakandan title is Prince T’Challa! It’s not clear if the intention is to hand over Shuri’s torch Shuri over to the next T’Challa or not, but it’s an intriguing possibility.

Shuri walks down to the beach and burns her funeral dress as she reflects back on the many times she spent with T’Challa. She then lets her finally let go of her bottled-up emotions. After having suffered through the pain and loss of a loved one It’s possibly symbolic to witness Shuri finally being given something to be proud of.


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