Blind – K-Drama Episode 11 Recap & Review

The Ultimate Suspicion

Eun-Ki and the killer are closing in on Eun-Ki, who then ominously whistles while grabbing her. Episode 11 of Blind begins. Sung-Joon finds the dolls on the desk of his brother and realizes that Sung Hoon was number 11 at the Children’s Home. This is a shocking revelation that ties him immediately to the events. Sung-Hoon also keeps a few photos in his drawer.

Sung-Joon goes home to confront his mother. She claims that Sung-Hoon and he are her biological children. He then shows the photo of Sung-Hoon in the orphanage. They lied to SungJoon to keep them safe. He pointed out that the world was prejudiced and wouldn’t adopt Sung-Hoon.

They found Hope Welfare Center through chance and adopted Sung-Hoon to ensure that he wouldn’t feel alone. Sung-Joon is devastated and says that he believed he was the one who was adopted and not his brother. This completely alters the dynamic of the series. Hats off to the theorists for correctly predicting it weeks ago!

Sung-Joon discovers that Eun-Ki was taken by the police and joins the police in trying to find him. The CCTV cameras are searched but the car is lost in a remote area. Sung-Joon is content to continue and drives alone to a remote location to find the car. Sung-Joon also appears to be digging. “Where is Eun-Ki?” he asks.

Sung-Joon finds the grave, but it isn’t Eun-Ki. She is still fine and alive. What happened then? She was rescued by Sung-Hoon, who stopped her from being attacked by the killer who was hiding around the corner. Sung-Hoon saved her and took her home. Sung-Hoon also pointed out that he doesn’t trust police officers. It happens.

Sung-Joon says he knows everything. He even knows how Sung Hoon was Number 11 at Hope Welfare Center.

Sung-Hoon is halfway through speaking when she gets a message from Yu-Na with photos of Yu-Na. He tells him it’s all because of him. They race off to save her, realizing she is in danger. They arrive at the attic to find her dead body, and they follow her phone back.

Sung-Joon asks his brother about Number 12, and he reaffirms all he knows. Sung-Hoon claims to know nothing about Number 12. However, he continues to describe how desperate the whole ordeal was and how horrible the treatment was. Children would be left hungry and unable to survive while being put to work at the incineration facility.

Sung-Hoon also mentions how Tae-Ho betrayed them. Sung-Hoon can understand this as he has been beaten more than any of them. He reveals all the terrible details about the orphanage and he gets it down. Yeom doesn’t like what he discovers.

Yu-Na is the key piece of evidence. Yu-Na left a bloody message to the other prisoners while she was in the closet. She wrote “Jo Eun” in the wall. What does this all mean? That’s a secret that will be revealed later since Eun-Ki is the focus of all her attention. Sung-Joon forgives her and allows her to remain in his room. He also tells her to lock the door at all times to stop anyone from entering.

Producer Bae is not kidnapped, although Sung-Joon does release a missing person report. He keeps his identity secret and puts something in a locker. He is accidentally slapped by someone and his hat falls off. It seems that the camera picks it up.

Sung-Joon discovers that there was an advertisement blimp in the sky at the time Man-Chun fell from the roof. Sung-Hoon clearly saw it but rather than giving the evidence to the police, Sung-Hoon took the footage and hid it, pretending to not know. Why would he do this? Are they in collusion? Is the killer actually someone in the police station?

Sung-Joon continues his investigation and tries to find out where his brother is hiding. While out at a restaurant he glances around his apartment, but finds nothing unusual. Sung-Joon’s return to the restaurant, SungJoon inquires about Mr. Baek and wants to know more about the drone. Sung-Hoon explains that it was an advertisement blimp, and he left the footage for Captain Oh. This contradicts what Sung-Joon already knew and puts his brother back in the firing box of possible suspects.

SungJoon also finds clothing and shoes in SungHoon’s car. These clothes and shoes have the same yellow lines that SungJoon remembers seeing when he was drugged. Sung-Joon recognizes that his brother is a key part of the case and follows him.

Sung-Joon watches from a distance as Sung-Hoon meets the killer. He continues to stab Sung-Hoon in the stomach and leaves him bleeding. Sung-Joon quickly runs out to stop the bleeding and the killer walks off.

Episode Review

Blind is a gripping, well-written thriller. This episode shows why. It’s a wonderful way to change the dynamics and contextualize what we’ve seen so far. I want to congratulate all who were able to post this information earlier on forums.

The show keeps the investigation going with many eye-opening and intriguing reveals. Sung-Hoon’s involvement in this plot may suggest that he might not be the killer. Given the connections to Hope Welfare Center, it would appear that he might be working in coordination or even trying to protect their identities.


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