Blind – K-Drama Episode 12 Recap & Review

The Life of another Person

Blind Episode 12 begins with Sung-Joon in the hospital, pacing, and hoping for the best. Sung-Hoon isn’t in a good mood and his parents arrive to learn that the doctors did their best but that there’s no guarantee that Sung-Hoon will wake up again. He is still alive, which is at most something.

Eun-Ki arrives while SungJoon is at his side. He learns that SungHoon was closing in upon the killer and seems to have figured out their identities, thus the meeting. This could be a key clue. Sung-Joon returns to the crime scene to search for clues.

He also discovers a wildlife observation camera, which could be the key to his investigation. The killer does not reveal his face on the camera. However, they seem to be moving around the camera. They appear to be aware of their location.

Sung-Joon realizes that the team must try to find the identity of Numbers 12 and 24 to solve the case. Tae-Ho claims that the deceased was killed but they don’t have a body so it is impossible to confirm. As if that weren’t enough, Mr. Baek is taken to the psychiatric unit after his “psychotic break”. Sung-Joon is unhappy, especially when Yeom speaks to him about it. Yeom, however, deflects all attention and redirects it to SungJoon’s mom, who is now a minister.

Minister Na appears to be well-informed about the actual events at Hope Welfare Center. He shrugs off the protestor outside and turns the other cheek. Sung-Joon doesn’t treat Sung-Joon with the same disrespect and offers his assistance.

This poor mother finds a young man in distress at her home. He is scribbling on the wall. He doesn’t like to be called Jin-Gu, and instead is called “Number 45.” Sung Joon attempts to reach him, but it turns out that he knows who Number 24, is. Jin-gu shouts “I didn’t do it!” but the context is unclear.

Sung-Joon decides that Eun-Ki will be brought in to help her, considering her experience with helping troubled children. She offers Jin-Gu orange juice and she waits patiently as Jin-Gu continues to write down a lot of numbers.

Jung In-Seong, however, finds his birth mom and tells her the truth. He is the one who has the missing poster. Charles is outside, watching her as she becomes overwhelmed by emotion. In-Seong’s mother arrives at the station to share the happy news. It seems that she could have been part of the entire Hope Orphanage situation, especially with the flashbacks.

Everyone gathers to celebrate In-Seong’s return… but there’s more. Sung-Joon sees a mark across In-Seong’s ankle that suggests that he is Number 12. One of the children got their ankles stuck in a trap during the escape attempt. This kid is In-Seong. Sung-Joon asks it and it seems that In-Seong doesn’t know much. This story about amnesia keeps circling him.

With In-Seong being targeted as Number 12, it leaves us with the Number 24. Sung-Joon discovers that Jin-Gu is Lee Hyun-Soo’s brother thanks to Jin-Gu’s confession. They also discover a knife that is bloody under the counter.

Jung-Soo is taken into question and implicated as the murderer. Sung-Joon confesses, but he knows he isn’t the killer and seems to be hiding it. He is protecting his brother.

Sung-Joon takes a photo of the knife and brings it to a workshop. The owner confirms that it is linked to Jung Yoon-Jae by the number on its side. Jung-Soo seems to be protecting the true culprit, as Hyun-Soo appears to have used Yoon-Jae’s identity as a cover. But who could it possibly be?

Sung-Joon spends the night poring over the evidence and begins to write down the names of the children at Hope Orphanage Center. He is determined to discover who the true culprit is. He realizes Yu-Na’s last message may be the key clue. She could have been writing down the name and address of the killer but never finished it.

Sung-Joon calls Eun-Ki to ask for his help. Eun-Ki suddenly realizes that the message was not a name, but something entirely different. Could it have been related to In-Seong?

Jung Yoon-Jae turns out to be In-Seong. In-Seong was the one who attacked Sung-Hoon in the woods. The episode ends with In-Seong confirming his murderous intentions by appearing to Sung-Hoon at the hospital. He had snuck into the hospital to confirm that he was the Joker killer.

Episode Review

It would seem that In-Seong was the mastermind behind this. This may be obvious considering he has been hiding from plain sight since the beginning. It’s quite a shocker. Now it seems that everything is moving towards the end-game. The preview for next week will turn from mystery to thriller.

Blind is one of the most exciting thrillers of this year. It’s unfortunate that it’s not available on Netflix.

Whatever the case, In-Seong’s revelation that In-Jae was actually Yoon-Jae at the end is a wonderful way to tie the past and present together. This week’s double bill has been a solid watch and sets the stage for what should be a dramatic finale to this show. Next week, roll on!


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