Blind – K-Drama Episode 13 Recap & Review

The People Who Disappeared

Episode 13 of Blind begins with Sung-Joon realizing Jung In-Seong (Yoon Jae) is our murderer in disguise. Sung-Hoon is powerless to stop him when he arrives at the hospital room. Crazy Dog also appears and demands to know the location of Number 13. Sung-Hoon takes off his oxygen mask and presses for more information. He realizes that he has just passed Yoon-Jae, and he sprints down the stairs to locate him. He comes up short.

Sung-Joon arrives to meet In-Seong’s mother, but she’s already back at home cooking. Yoon-Jae has taken over his life and this isn’t her son. Flashbacks further show Yoon-Jae threatening to kill In-Seong’s mother if he escapes, as vengeance for his abandonment and abandonment of him at the Hope Welfare Center.

What actually happened? In-Seong was left on the bench while his mother went to the “toilet”, but she decided to return. It’s too late, as the Hope Welfare group grabs him and sends him to an unimaginable fate. Yoon-Jae now has vengeance plans and is determined to kill everyone who wronged the children. He doesn’t kill In Seong’s mother for now.

Sung-Joon, back at the hospital asks Sung Hoon what’s happening and brings up the black bag in his car. Sung-Hoon was determined to find the killer and kept it quiet, saying that it was Mr. Baek that killed Jung Man-Chun those episodes ago. He used the fact that Mr. Baek was also looking for the culprit to his advantage. The black clothes in his trunk disguised him from being noticed and he was secretly following the suspect. Sung-Joon confirms that Yoon-Jae was the suspect who stabbed him.

This escalates the investigation and the police try to find In-Seong again. Crazy Dog is also out on the hunt and, upon learning about Yoon-Jae’s identity, decides to set up a trap to help him. Jo Eun-Ki is the first person he calls. He takes a photo of her and confirms that her mother is being held captive. She is forced to go alone and makes sure that the cops don’t follow her. His chef partner picks her up and takes her to the airport.

Yoon-Jae also had Producer Bae put in a barrel and held hostage. Sung-Joon reviews the list and starts to see how everything is connected. It seems like everyone is being held together for some reason.

Sung-Hoon, Sung-Joon, and Eun-Ki check Eun-Ki’s location and locate the sketchpad at Number 45. All numbers 2, 4, and 0 are circled. Sung-Hoon sees the vacation home location and races up to find it. There are explosives outside, and there is a drum with a gift in it. It holds a corpse instead.

Yoon-Jae is watching on a nearby camera and recalls Yoon Jae’s words about “that home” and realizes that they are in the wrong place. This isn’t the correct address. It’s actually another way to gameplay. Sung-Hoon believes that the true hostages are held at Hope Welfare Center.

Yeom KiNam is also there and he’s outsmarted too by Yoon-Jae who has him in jail along with the other victims as well as Crazy Dog. Yoon-Jae set a trap for him and had his leg caught in bear traps. Yoon-Jae gathered all of them together to play his game. Yoon Jae wants to kill one of these guys in 10 minutes. He’ll explode the bomb if everyone is alive by then. Eun-Ki urges them to not fall for it, pointing out that Eun-Ki is a serial killer who can’t be trusted.

Minister Na thinks they should immediately sacrifice one of their own. In-Seong’s mum is willing to help, Yoon Jae is okay with it, and Crazy Dog decides to kill her. Do you remember the Shaman? She’s the same woman who saw the children and did nothing in flashbacks. As Crazy Dog is recognized, all the intricate connections between these characters begin to emerge.

Producer Bae was going to tell a story on Hope Welfare Center, but Minister Na convinced him to stop. Baek was aware of the missing children but, as he was making a good profit, decided not to speak out and pretend ignorance. Baek uses the Shaman to protect himself like a coward, despite being rebuked by his group. Crazy Dog is immediately criticized by him, calling him a larger scumbag.

It is sad that he took in over 20 children for his horrible Welfare Center. But there’s more. Eun-Ki turns out to be Crazy Dog’s child. Eun-Ki is stunned, and Yoon-Jae comes knocking at the door, taunting them and breaking the news about Crazy Dog’s rape of her mother.

Sung-Joon calls Eun-Ki and brings him to Hope Welfare, where he finds them all locked up. Yoon-Jae arrives to see everyone in their cells after his explosives failed to explode. Sung-Joon stands before him… and Sung-Joon suddenly appears next to him, with a gun pointed at the head.

Episode Review

The climax of this thriller is well-planned. It has been a quiet year. This episode is a masterful transition from mystery to thriller territory. Yoon-Jae’s motives are based on his conviction that he has done the right thing by punishing those who committed the horrible acts at Hope Welfare Center.

This gives the killer motivation and makes it believable. It’s unclear who will win the finale, but it leaves the door open to the next season. Yoon-Jae might have another secret in his bag. Sung-Joon or Sung-Hoon will be convicted? We will have to wait and watch!


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