Blind – K-Drama Episode 14 Recap & Review

In Search of Lost Time

Sung-Joon holds Yoon-Jae hostage at gunpoint in Episode 14. Sung-Hoon tries to help him, but he is silent as Sung-Joon places handcuffs on Yoon-Jae and makes the man go away.

The news spreads throughout the country, and those who knew about the murders at Hope Welfare Center are concerned and trying to understand what it means. Minister Na and Yeom are two of those involved. Yeom decided to wrap up the case in a week, claiming that they were random killings by a psychopath. Sung-Joon refuses to do it properly.

Sung-Joon arrives to interview Yoon-Jae. He’s apparently been living as In Seong for a while. He’s also a master manipulator and knows exactly how to get under Sung Joon’s skin. He calls up his brother, but he tries to deflect by pointing out that although he is the killer, the evidence they have may not be sufficient to convict him.

Sung-Joon sets out to find the CCTV video recordings, in the hope that they may hold the key. Yeom has destroyed the hard drive on the laptop that was used as evidence.

In the next interview, Yoon-Jae is questioned by Sung-Hoon. He is a bit upset, especially since Sung-Hoon says he wants him to help. He says that if there is evidence, it will be used to execute him. Yoon-Jae whispers into Sung-Hoon’s ears, convincing him that he also wanted those people to die after what happened at Hope Welfare Center.

In-Seong’s mother arrives with food and offers him kindness. Yoon-Jae is puzzled as to why she does this, but she soon reveals the story of her son. In-Seong attempted to escape but was caught in a trap. The infection got worse because the Center did not offer any help. Yoon-Jae decided that he would “put him out of his misery.” In-Seong’s mother walks out and grabs her chest.

Sung-Joon is back to interview Yoon Jae. He points out that Sung Hoon has always called him smart. Sung-Joon questions Man-Chun about how he got involved in this… but it turns out it was deliberately done so that he could have a trial by jury without raising suspicions. Yoon-Jae was the one who saw Man-Chun in that car on that night. Ji-Eun reluctantly entered a car with the murderer.

It was Yoon-Jae who stormed behind Mr. Choi’s taxi. He initially wanted to follow Mr. Choi and take him out. He ended up choosing Hye-Jin as his target and switched to him. What makes Yoon-Jae so special? He keeps a record of all his victims and uses them as trophies. However, he doesn’t always go for the perpetrators. He takes what is most important to him and makes them feel the same way he does.

Funny enough, Yoon Jae also went after Sung Joon, since it was revealed that he was the one who pushed Sung Joon at the playground. Yoon-Jae encouraged Sung-Joon, causing him to change his name to Yoon-Jae.

Sung-Joon is devastated that Yoon-Jae manipulated him in this manner and talks to Sung Hoon about how heartless Yoon-Jae was about it. Sung-Hoon admits that the necklace symbolizes family. He gave it to SungJoon because he considered him his brother. He thought Sung-Joon was stupid, despite his seemingly perfect upbringing. He kept quiet to avoid being a burden on the family.

Yoon-Jae tells everyone that they owe them an apology as he takes Yoon-Jae out. This is a reference to the fact that he is not acting alone. Sung-Hoon arrives at the courthouse and appears to betray Yoon-Jae in order to obtain a conviction. Sung-Hoon enters his office after he is taken from the courthouse.

Yoon-Jae gets riled up by Sung-Joon, who tells him that he doesn’t know all the truth about the necklace. SungJoon pushes him down the stairs and his memory returns. He learns that SungHoon made SungJoon believe he was Yoon-Jae. This was his punishment for his upbringing. Sung-Joon is able to regain consciousness and confront Yoon-Jae immediately. He wants to know what the meaning of this sentence means.

Episode Review

Blind’s penultimate weekends with an interesting twist from Sung-Hoon. We know that he is not happy with his brother. It appears that he was complicit in making Sung-Joon believe he is Yoon-Jae. This has definitely thrown things off their track.

It’s done an excellent job maintaining tension at this point. We’ll be watching to see how it ends next week. This is a shame, as it’s the kind of thriller that people would love to see on Netflix.

Blind was still a dark horse contender for the best show this year, and all the pieces have been perfectly placed for a great ending.


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