Blind – K-Drama Episode 16 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

The Final Judgment

Is Sung-Hoon responsible for killing his father?

The 16th episode of Blind opens this season with Sung-Joon racing to look for his brother. In response to an open-ended call from Sung Hoon, Sung Joon is shocked to discover that his father was a part of what transpired at the Hope Orphanage. His mother was the main ringleader of the whole thing and decided that all should remain silent after a meeting with Chief and Director Yeom.

Na Kuk-Hee, his mother, has convinced producer Bae to cut off the show. Sung-Hoon, however, brings up the family’s vacation home and how his father was a recipient of sexual favors from YoonJung, therefore, he’s not a saint in this instance. Sung-Hoon insists that he seek forgiveness, but instead, he grinds his teeth and informs his son that he has no intention of doing it.

Sung-Joon appears at the right time. He holds an assault rifle and shoots Sung-Hoon in the arm. He tries to appear to be committing suicide attempt to defend them all but Sung-Joon isn’t willing to. In reality, he takes his father with a round and then arrests him on suspicion of attempted murder. In the case of Sung-Hoon holds his brother, who confesses that he has never considered Sung-Joon a family member and only saw him as an instrument to carry out his revenge scheme.

How will Chief Yeom as well as Sung-Joon’s mother?

Sung-Joon is furious and begins beating him before finally arresting Sung Hoon. Eun-Ki is outside and she has her show him footage of the meeting in the restaurant. It exposes his parents as complicit in the producer Bae’s death. Eun-Ki is of the opinion that everyone should be aware of the incident, and consequently, it’s aired across the country.

Chief Yeom is also in jail for his role in this. Yeom believes that they don’t have any proof… until Sung-Joon plays the audio recording that incriminates him in full from an earlier conversation he had with a friend, in which he ordered Bae to be executed.

Then, Sung-Joon directs his attention toward his mother, who is trying to bargain with Sung-Joon. She even suggests they join forces to hide the truth. Sung-Joon is fed up. After receiving a slap on the cheek for his infractions the police arrive and Sung-Joon performs the deed of putting Kuk-Hee in handcuffs and putting her in jail.

What did Yu-Na do? Was she an integral part of the plan?

In prison, Sung Hoon is interrogated by Eun-Ki. In this interview, Sung-Hoon admits that Yun-Na and Tae-Ho aren’t part of the plot, with Yu-Na specifically not being destined to get killed. Yoon-Jae is the one who took the blame, and Sung-Hoon wasn’t happy when he discovered the truth. The explanation doesn’t help Eun-Ki, however, she decides to make a point to uncover the horrendous events that took place at Hope Orphanage all those years ago. She first talks to Sung-Joon and he’s not doing well and is clearly struggling.

In prison, Yoon-Jae meets Crazy Dog, who happens to be in the same prison. The two end up fighting using their ships, however, they are Crazy Dog comes out in the top position, stabbing Yoon-Jae numerous times, making a bloody mess. When he starts cutting into Yoon-Jae’s mouth as he did with Ji-Eun, Yoon Jae raises his hand and then stabs Crazy Dog in the neck. Both men bleed and conclude the story.

In this case of Sung-Hoon is attempting suicide in the evening using the scissors he’s stored away. He’s nearly dead due to excess blood loss, however, the fact is that he’s alive. But he’s got marks and cuts all over his body as a result of self-harming which Sung-Joon learns about when he’s admitted to the hospital. Sung-Joon is gritted and advises his brother to remain alive to the very end – it’s the only way he can repent for his transgressions.

What happens during Sung-Hoon’s trial?

Sung-Hoon’s trial is held and he is pleasantly requesting an open jury trial. In the courtroom, Attorney Park defends him and tells a tale about how he was unjustly handled in the past. Yoon-Jung’s remains were discovered too. The killer didn’t kill her at all. This was, however, the reason he decided to take his revenge and kill everyone who was involved in the Hope Welfare Center.

The nurse back steps up and makes an emotional and emotional testimony in the courtroom, pointing out the rape she suffered by her manager (Crazy dog), and then she became pregnant with the baby girl Eun-Ki. She was afraid to make a statement twenty years ago however now that the majority of those arrested have been convicted and convicted, she is now able to speak up.

Sung-Hoon isn’t happy and explains that no child had ever felt like they were part of the Welfare Center and he was dissatisfied as a consequence. He only called for a jury trial as he was looking to get a lower sentence and show Hope to a wider public. He apologizes, but it’s not good. Sung-Hoon was sentenced to life in prison.

What is the best way to end Blind season 1 come to an end?

When Sung-Joon comes to visit Sung-Hoon inside the prison cell, she smiles a bit and hopes that his brother will be free from the past. While he walks along the corridor to his cell we flashback to the past at Hope Welfare Center with Sung-Hoon changing from a child to an adult.

The last scene cuts back to Eun-Ki instructing a group of football players. Then the scene changes in a poignant way so that the kids all are who come from the Hope Welfare Center. Sung-Joon speculates on what might have transpired if the children were back with someone like Eun-Ki to assist them, while we go from black to white.

The Episode Review

A touching and emotional conclusion concludes Blind on a high note, and the show manages to be a master with its suspense and intrigue until the final. It was probably expected that Sung-Hoon would spend his prison time however, watching Crazy Dog and Yoon Jae murder each other is poetry irony as the two are perhaps the most sinister of all the characters on the show.

It’s especially interesting in the approach Blind presents this idea of being traumatized mentally to the level of being a psychopath. It is easy to comprehend the motives of Sung-Hoon and Yoon-Jae. But Eun-Ki herself said there’s absolutely no reason for killing. It is a theme that runs through the entire season, and these final episodes have accomplished a fantastic job of conveying this.

But Sung-Hoon’s parents as well as Chief Yeom do not receive any punishment, or at least not in the show anyway. It would be nice to witness them being tried and perhaps being charged with Sung-Hoon, but it’s an unimportant point.

Blind is one of the most thrilling thrillers of the year. And while certain K-dramas are prone to burnout, however, this one has retained the impression of an action-packed, thrilling mystery that has hints of sadness throughout. The final scenes simply demonstrate the fact that while there’s justice but it also leaves lots of bittersweet memories of how badly the children were treated.

The show’s name “Blind” is evidently synonymous with how we, the viewers, were locked in the shadows for the majority of the show’s running time as well as to the characters of the story, who have an abundance of adults who are blind to the harrowing experiences these children faced at the Hope Welfare Center, and how many people turned away from the horrors that took place at the center. Overall, Blind is easily one of the top shows of this year, and it tops it off with an amazing closing.


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