Blind – K-Drama Episode 3 Recap & Review

The Children Who He Abandoned

Episode 3 from Blind begins with a flashback, revealing the horrific conditions children in the Children Center had to endure. They’re made to do manual labor and are beaten for speaking up or going beyond the lines. Jung Yoon-Jae and Sung-Joon are two of them, identified by their various numbers. It’s difficult to determine which one they are!

“Number 11” is who attempted to escape, and whose tale we watched last week confirms there is a police officer working with Moon-Kang’s care home.

Number 11 is beaten and punished for trying to escape. Eventually, it becomes apparent that he’s who was taken back to the Center yet again. He encourages the kids to stay together, stressing that they shouldn’t be able to believe in anyone and that they’re together.

Presently, Sung-Joon awakens in the hospital to find his family in his midst. They criticize his arrogant attitude and suggest that he ought to stop being a police officer since the fact that he’s always in trouble. With the way Sung-Hoon is close with his family, it’s sad to see him being treated as an outsider in this way.

Eun-Ki is at the hospital in order to meet Sung-Joon. Instead, she’s welcomed by Sung-Hoon. He invites her to the outside and explains his family connections and the way he’s connected to Sung-Joon. He is also encouraging her to hide the savage cut on her neck that Man-Chun cut her in the show’s last episode.

Eun-Ki clearly has PTSD, however, it is evident when she goes into her room of Sung-Jun and sees a knife lying in the corner. It is also difficult to get back home and is being reminded of the terrifying incident with Man-Chun.

However, she does her best to make amends to her mom’s demands and then reminds her who appears teary-eyed and blames herself for what’s occurred and that she was the one who chose to serve as a juror and that’s the reason why this occurred.

After having divulged crucial information about his boss during the previous episode, it’s revealed that Man-Chun’s still alive. His son is able to sneak into the room, and the two embrace warmly. It turns out Man-Chun did actually get his hands on juror’s addresses from the incident in the courtroom while being placed on the court table. It’s a sure thing… or is that right? If there’s an informant in the courtroom with Man-Chun. We’ll see!

In the end, Baek Moon-Kang shows up to meet Station Chief Yeom along with the audio recordings of Yoon-Jae. There is also incriminating information against the Station Chief, too because it is evident that his corrupt practices extend all the way to a teenage girl he was associated with.

The Station Chief arrives at the school looking for his son Min-Ho. He’s lucky to be outside, however, just prior to this the mysterious man who was whistling took him outside. In addition, he also provided the child with drinks and food The same brands that Yeom provided to “Number 11” in the past. It’s evident that everything is connected.

Then we jump into our next “day of the incident”. Another murder has occurred and Hye-jin is the victim, “Coco Mum” as she’s referred to by jurors. She’s running through the woods and is eventually captured to The Joker killer.

We’re now up to the 15th of April 2022 in the timeline and that’s the day that Hye-Jin was abducted. She’s taken to a bizarre area, tied down, and left to her own. Then, when the killer has been able to get her, she’s thrown out in the woods once more.

It seems that this rules out Man-Chun and Sung-Joon as the murderers given that they were both in hospitals all the time. The murders took place around 2 am Man-Chun does have an alibi since that he held Eun-Ki hostage when he committed the murders.

Could it be the result of a copycat murder? It’s what the police in the station believe and Sung-Joon will explain the jurors’ list is connected to this. It’s possible that the murderer is after all the jurors, in keeping with Man-Chun’s vow to pay them all… except for Man-Chun himself, of course.

Sung-Joon appears at the restaurant to talk to the chef who is on duty at the time. He’s very adept with knives (which puts him in the crossfire as a suspect for just a couple of minutes!) However, he also confirms that there are suspicious people. The jurors are definitely unusual which Sung-Joon discovers when he goes about to speak with each juror… even the shaman woman.

Sung-Joon’s hunt eventually leads him back to Eun-Ki who was the only person to locate Hye-Kim’s body. They took a taxi with each other, as we’ve learned but there is additional information from that night that she’d never heard of until now.

The truth is that the motorcyclist struck them in the roadway, prompting their driver to attempt to get ahead of him, and then cut him off. Both women were immediately in a state of anxiety, due to the manner of the driver, and the two women resigned themselves to let Eun Kim out first.

A taxi driver will be the next to be interrogated as he was seen with the black raincoat inside his trunk, but not an umbrella. The dashcam was also ripped out. The owner claims that it’s stolen, but it’s difficult to determine if he’s honest or not. There’s the spider tattoo on his arm, which could prove important in the future, but at the moment, we’re left with a glimmering glimpse of what the next episode might be. Sung-Joon’s not going to get any further.

One person who pries more is Sang-Hoon who has a visit to Man-Chun’s hospital. There’s something wrong with his account. Sung-Hoon believes that this copycat murder story isn’t real and believes that, if the verdict against Man-Chun was incorrect, he’ll seek to overturn the decision and catch the true killer in the red.

Here, Man-Chun reveals the truth. He was able to see the killer the night before… however, they did not have a face. He urges Sung-Hoon to get involved to find out who the killer really is. Could it be Sung-Joon? It’s not likely, especially since that he was hospitalized at the time, however, Sung-Hoon doesn’t believe it. He immediately investigates the car of Sung-Joon and finds an earring that was lying on the ground. The same earring was belonging to Ji-Eun.

For Sung-Joon, we walked him into his home, turning the light switch off and on with a fearsome look while holding a broken nail.

The Episode Review

It’s not easy to determine which one is honest and which is playing a huge game. Sung-Joon and Sung Hoon are very suspicious throughout the entire chapter. It appears that Sung-Hoon is on the “right” side of the law however, he may try to hide his criminal activities too.

In the case of Sung-Joon, there’s more to the story than what’s on the surface. Could he be actually Yoon-Jae? Could Sung-Joon be just the name that was used by his adoptive parents? These are the same parents who do not really show him much affection.

It’s clear that the show is taking the same path but it’s very difficult to determine what’s going on which makes for a captivating mystery.

In any case, Blind has been a truly captivating K-drama thus far, offering plenty of drama, mystery, and suspense throughout the 70-minute-long episodes. Each episode has been capped off with a huge”cliffhanger,” and this one might be the most thrilling of all! Let’s get ready for episode 4!



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