Blockbuster – Season 1 Episode 10 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Sh*t Storm

A news report informs us about the likelihood that the storm waiting to strike our region could strike on the same day. If that happens, it is the best news for Blockbuster because the internet will go down and customers will have to return to DVDs. The store will also host an event.

Lil’Steve, a washed-up actor from an iconic film was invited for autographs and to entertain fans. Connie is anxious because Patrice hasn’t contacted her in the last few days. She is unable to bear the thought of having to lose another person. Pre-sales suggest that the event has completely sold out, giving Timmy the chance to revive the shop. Timmy is still uneasy with Lena however, he decides to speak with Lena. If he attempts to talk speak to her, she experiences an emergency at work and returns.

Hannah and Carlos, both are seeing their results released at the same time. In a conversation, the latter says that Aaron is planning an unexpected proposal for Eliza at the grocery store. However, the chances of getting through are slim to me. Stevie attends the event but isn’t too impressed. He is convinced that the people who support him are trolling and have made to make fun of him.

He is also drunk prior to the event and this is the reason the event is ruined. The audience is not able to experience their contribution and most decide to cancel their reservations. The event ends up being a failure and Timmy is devastated. He is afraid he won’t succeed in making the store successful and is willing to give up.

Carlos receives an answer and it transpires that he was not in the program, but Hannah did. There’s a hint of jealousy in his response and the way he reacts makes it appear later in his actions. They all suddenly notice the lights flashing and when they head outside they notice the approaching storm. Carlos’ jealousy is countered by the acapella group Aaron placed an order for in the store. The group’s leader tells the singer how highly Hannah is talking about her. At first, it appears that it’s just another incident that happens during the course of everyday life. However, it is actually an opportunity to gain from the storm, as huge crowds flock to the store to purchase DVDs.

Timmy isn’t aware of the truth and Timmy drinks with Lena at the bar, who is a comfort to the man and gives him a kiss. Eliza is there just in time for the scene and makes a move away. She is obviously attracted to Timmy and Timmy’s roles are been reversed. Timmy is given a fresh perspective on life, as the shop is filled with shoppers. There is also plenty of tension. Percy is chased by Stevie as a true fan, but he interprets the chase as a symbol of ridicule.

Aaron proposes to Eliza at the same time that Timmy appears through the back of the room. Connie decides to say no and accepts her feelings toward another person. Connie gets a sense of relief when Patrice arrives and every episode with her was one of those instances of confusion.

Timmy and Lena too get into a snag when Timmy accidentally dials Lena Eliza and Lena Eliza disappears. Because the stock of DVDs is not sufficient to keep up with demand, people start to become agitated and angry with one another. And this is the point when everything goes off.

It’s a stampede and the customers swarm around and cause destruction to the store. Timmy is gone for good this time, signaling the end of things and an end to the return to the last Blockbuster in the world.

The Episode Review

Blockbuster’s season one kept its best for the final. Given how frustrating it was to execute and the effort up until the present, the final episode was an enjoyable surprise.

Every episode has to be looked through by itself and “Sh*t Storm” definitely deserves to be praised. It’s not only the plot that was intriguing but the tension in the characters that shined. Eliza and Timmy’s chemistry has been a lifesaver throughout the season and they’ve come closer to being the amazing couple we are accustomed to seeing in sitcoms.

The conclusion leaves much to be left to be and it’s not exactly what we were hoping for. We would like to see it on the screen, but considering the impact, it will impact the viewer this is a defeat for the character who is the good guy. And it always hurts. The raucous royal rumble that we witnessed in the store was the show’s best moment. However, perhaps it’s not enough to save the show.


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