Blockbuster – Season 1 Episode 2 “Blockbuster Daddy” Recap & Review

Blockbuster Daddy

Timmy has taken over as Blockbuster episode 2 begins. He has taken over all corporate responsibilities for Blockbuster and transferred the lease to his name.

Carlos and Eliza are both impressed. They aren’t as impressed by his new nickname “Blockbuster Daddy” as they are with the new work ethic. He seems to have everything under control. However, Percy tells him that he must let someone go from his payroll in order to keep the store open during the month. He has a patch of grey hair growing on his head from anxiety caused by the thought of this decision.

Hannah and Connie are having a great time on a reality TV show when they discover that Harold, the local film critic, has died. Carlos comes in, distraught over his loss. He decides to give Carlos a proper farewell and do something in his honor. Eliza plays Ali’s music at the store. Eliza has yet to get a chance to hear Ali’s music. Ali is currently in a band. Kayla discovers that the song is about Eliza and she wakes up to it. She rants about how she feels about her mother.

Percy and Timmy attempt to decide who they should fire, but can’t agree on a mutually acceptable solution. Percy doesn’t like Kayla’s suggestion, but Timmy does. They interview employees to find out their “dependencies” in the job. Carlos would like to dedicate a rack to Harold, and the group proposes the “Employees Picks” section. Kayla is still struggling to get Eliza to understand the meaning of the song, but it is getting better.

Percy and Timmy first see Connie. The job is not for her emotionally or financially but it gave her a fresh start in life. She doesn’t want to waste the time with Hannah, but it is worth it. Timmy is next, but Carlos is next. His love for movies and knowledge makes him the best candidate. Percy also agrees. Eliza finally reads the lyrics and concludes that the song is about Eliza.

Connie tells her that Ali is safe with Eliza and she tries to comfort her. Eliza says that she hasn’t told Ali about Aaron cheating on her. Percy comes in and Timmy is about to fire Kayla. Percy is keeping her up, even though she is the least interested and least helpful of all. Hanna is sweet, but sometimes makes mistakes due to her lack of movie knowledge.

Kayla agrees to quit her job and confronts Timmy. Eliza is comforted by Connie, who once more assures her that Ali is acting out to deal with the divorce. She might become like Connie’s son, who drove through Wendy’s to get his car. Hannah surprised Carlos by giving him a plaque to honor Harold. Carlos says Harold was his best friend after his family moved to America. He was a lonely man and had no friends. But he developed a strong bond with Harold and the show. The sweet moment between them that may hint at romantic overtures. Kayla was hired by Percy because he wanted to spend more quality time with her. Eliza now realizes that Ali’s outburst is a positive thing for her family’s long-term success. We see two teenagers standing in the parking lot, and all the cars are alarming. Percy and Timmy fearfully say “they’re back” and we go to black.

Episode Review

The storylines of individual episodes sometimes feel like The Office. Do you remember the episode in which Michael had to fire a Halloween employee?

Blockbuster’s second episode attempts to follow the same pattern but with a complete lack of inspiration. This episode takes the trite and delusional style of comedy to its extreme. For example, the moment that the group discovers about the firing is treated with so much derision that it seems almost like the writers are deliberately sabotaging it.

The actors felt like they were wasting their breath trying to convey every emotion in this episode. They only made the situation worse, no matter how hard they tried. It is embarrassing that there are no punchy references in a movie set.

The community had a great time trying out different styles and paying tribute to cinema’s great heroes. Blockbuster lacks charm but has weak one-liners. This episode gives Timmy and Eliza a few moments, but that’s all they have.

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