Blockbuster – Season 1 Episode 4 “The Itsy Bizzies” Recap & Review

The Itsy Bizzies

After Timmy was nominated to receive an Itsy Bizzie Award at Blockbuster’s episode 4, the gang congratulates him. This is a highly coveted title for small business owners in the area. The cash prize will also pay for rent.

There is immediately a split in opinion about how Timmy should present himself for the awards. Connie suggests that Timmy present a more outlandish, extravagant look. Eliza however, asks Timmy for his natural charm and to show the organizers his true self. Eliza almost tells the group about the eviction notice, but the boss is not happy with her. Timmy assures them that he will inform them at their convenience and doesn’t want them to be worried.

Percy apologizes for the notice to Timmy. Percy needs to still run a business and make payments for utilities, even though Timmy is his best friend. Percy apologizes to Timmy, but not before Kayla arrives and disperses. Eliza encourages Timmy not to give up on the opportunity to win the award. He has a great opportunity and deserves to be recognized for his hard work. Connie informs Timmy that the Chamber of Commerce will send a camera crew to interview him and take him to the store.

He has to make a decision and decides to go with Connie. Rene, a local hairdresser, is romantically interested in Timmy. Hannah confronts Carlos about his plans to become an accountant. She believes that Carlos is wasting his talent. Carlos is more concerned with Hannah’s financial situation. For lunch, she literally fills up a peanut-butter pack with water and applies it to the bread in her fridge. Carlos calls her out about this.

She says that it is a childhood behavior. Carlos isn’t convinced that she is saving for the future. Timmy is not convinced. “People don’t want their hearts to be warm, but their minds are blown,” Connie tells Timmy. He tries to put on an act for the cameras. Hannah and Carlos go to a shop to shop, while the former insists that Hannah do something for herself. To Carlos’ delight, she actually had coupons for the whole store.

Timmy throws a party to win over the customers at the store. Connie encourages it, but Eliza is not so enthusiastic. The store is dressed up nicely, and candles are used to add panache. Carlos and Hannah get annoyed by Hannah’s constant complaining about her spending habits, and they have a small argument. Carlos believes Hannah will regret the decisions she made, but she is strong. Timmy’s plan is thwarted when one of the candles sets off a fire inside the store. The fire department must be called in to assist.

Hannah is finally able to see the volatility in life through the fire and feels that it is time for her to let go of some of her thriftiness. To celebrate her realization, she has nachos with shrimp and Carlos at the bar. Carlos admits that accounting is something he dislikes, which Hannah had admitted earlier. He had also resent Hannah for this. Timmy apologizes for not listening to Eliza and being a jerk throughout the night. He decides to sell his car to pay rent. Eliza and Aaron are about to go out for drinks when Eliza calls to discuss moving back in with him. Timmy hears the conversation and offers an excuse. Percy accepts his apology and they go to a bar. Timmy tries to forget her lonely existence.

Episode Review

The sitcom has not offered us any meaningful content so far. The dialogue and story feel stale and uninteresting. The episode’s storyline wasn’t terrible.

The event with its archaic setting and candles looked like it could be a joke. There was, however, a need for everything to be done quickly. The subplots were dealt with a robot-like, commercial empathy that took no heart from them. Percy’s character has been the most disappointing. He has been portrayed by writers as a reckless, cartoonish man-child who lacks compassion and ethics. It almost seems as though they were trying to portray Leon with the same actor, but worse.

Carlos and Hannah have no feeling of warmth or mystery. There is always a distance between them, even in emotionally charged scenes like the one at the bar. The actors might be to blame, but it is the writers who should bear the brunt. Blockbuster is becoming dull, but we keep marching!


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