Blockbuster – Season 1 Episode 5 “King of Queens” Recap & Review

King of Queens

Kayla and Percy persuade Timmy to join the market for dating in order to gain over Eliza in the first episode of the Blockbuster Episode 5. It’s becoming apparent that she’s putting her priorities first familial needs and trying to reunite with Aaron to save Ali’s life. However, Timmy believes he’s not quite ready.

He has set up an online profile, which Kayla can also access. Eliza confesses to Connor that being with Aaron yet again has made her recognize the differences between them. She prefers fine dining, while Aaron prefers the more typical, rough-style dining. She has her sights set on a French establishment downtown that recently opened. Prior to the restaurant being trashed by the locals, she’d like to go on an elegant evening out. Connie promises to help to achieve that goal.

Carlos is annoyed because his ex-girlfriend was married. Hannah arrives to ask and the conversation leads to the discovery of Carlos his personality. He enjoys both males and women but doesn’t know which traits of his personality attracted him. Connie is also a part of the group and they try to figure out the answer.

Connie’s advice for Eliza is to call Aaron using the French section in the background and subconsciously attempt to allow Aaron to choose the French restaurant to eat at. It seems to work and they’ve got an appointment set in the near future for Petite Maman.

Rene arrives at the shop to ask Timmy to go out on a date. Timmy is hesitant and gently declines her invitation. However, when Eliza declares that she will be going out for go out for dinner with Aaron, Timmy says he also has a date and the name is Rene. Percy is able to hype Timmy into the relationship and invites him to play with his dating skills on “low-pressure” targets such as Rene.

In the dining establishment, Aaron and Eliza have an awkward moment. They don’t really get to know one another that very much and aren’t able to communicate. Percy and Kayla are on an appearance at the bar in which Rene and Timmy meet for a date.

The problem is that Kayla requested two other women who were on this app for the bar on the same night. Rene is delighted by Timmy’s trivia expertise during the trivia contest the bar hosts. The conversation is going well until the two other women are at the table. Instead of fighting the three ladies have a common interest and Timmy is at the table in his own way. Kayla and Percy remain behind each other and smile at his inability however, Timmy’s charm prevails over the three ladies and they have fun together.

When he walks into the bar for another drink, he sees Eliza in the bar. Timmy realizes that she is to observe him, and she does admit it later. Carlos realizes that he enjoys narcissists who are too obsessed with their own lives. He is upset and Connie and Hannah attempt to make him feel better. They conclude that Carlos is very guarded and isn’t able to open up with other people. This is the reason he prefers narcissists that aren’t prone to asking numerous personal questions regarding his life.

Carlos takes a vow to be more transparent in his relationships and attempt to progress within his private life. Timmy and Eliza engage in another flirtatious moment before Aaron leads them into the bar. He tells him he’s ready to go back home and Eliza departs, while she watches Timmy along with the other women.

The Episode Review

Blockbuster is a shambles until recently. The characters aren’t relatable and the jokes aren’t funny The setting and stories aren’t logical, and the chemistry that creates these shows is lacking. The episode keeps the idea alive.

If one subplot seems to be being played out in the episode, such as the Timmy and Eliza relationship here The other subplot does not work. It just puts its hand up and ruins the subplot that appears to be successful. Carlos trying to determine the definition of “his kind of” could not be performed any better.

It’s a good idea to make it only a single line of a joke and not a whole segment. In shows that are good, that could have been the scenario. The writers seem to be completely lacking in ideas. And it wouldn’t have been an initial time, in a Blockbuster context. If you go to the edge you will see what you can get from this particular episode. And the problem is it doesn’t feel as if there is enough.


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