Blockbuster – Season 1 Episode 6 “Parental Control” Recap & Review

Parental Control

Episode 6 on Blockbuster starts with Eliza smilingly announcing that she will have the night off from the home chores. She plans to eat lunch while watching the newest popular Korean drama Trout Royale.

Connie shares her opinion about the high quality of the show. However, she claims that Eliza enjoys the break since she’s tired of Aaron. This is exactly what happened to Raul and Raul. As Timmy assists a client and suggests one of his top choices, he realizes that many DVD cases contain incorrect DVDs. They haven’t taken inventory for a while and Timmy says that they are no longer going to hold it back. The inventory night will be tonight.

Eliza protests against the choice because it’s an opportunity to have a night off for her after a long period. However, Timmy insists that everyone should be present in order to complete the job. She reluctantly acquiesces when the group pressures her to stay. Carlos is due to take his accounting exam the following day and requires time to do his homework.

Hannah is happy after having the opportunity to stay with her friends, much like the night of a sleepover. Connie is in the group as well, but she gets quickly tired. She is already past sleep time, but she is determined to push through. Eliza would like everyone to speed up their efforts so that she can return to her home and catch up on some shows prior to when Aaron returns to his home from his retreat.

Timmy receives an emergency call from his mom and is rushed to the elderly home in Eliza’s vehicle. Eliza is furious however she lets him go telling him it’s an alarm that is false. And it is revealed that Eliza is correct. Timmy is not a stranger when it comes to his relationships with his parents and they treat him as the child he is. They fight right in front of Timmy and Timmy walks away because of the fact that he wasted his time in the store. The situation in the store is exactly the same. Carlos receives a message from her parents that wishes him the best in the accounting test. They are putting their hopes on Carlos.

Eliza is becoming increasingly frustrated at Connie her speed, which has decreased. She is planning to make her more lively. Timmy comes back and apologizes. However, while he’s eating pizza, his mom phoned him back and Timmy is required to leave again. Eliza’s patience is at the limit and she offers Connie some energy drink to boost her energy levels. She also admits that she’s not making as much effort as Aaron is trying to get back together. The second time around, Timmy clears the air for his parents and declares that in the future they will only contact Timmy if they are in an emergency.

He shouldn’t be abandoning his staff and his store like this. They are in agreement and apologize. Connie emerges energetic and is seen running through the store as a mafia boss. Hannah and Carlos covertly film the craziness that Carlos later transforms into a short two-minute film. Connie with her newfound confidence, also reveals what Eliza and everyone else think. She’s stuck and is unable to progress as she would like.

Eliza is not happy when she is confronted with this fact. She is angry with Timmy and finally, he admits that he’s set limits in his relationships one time and forever. Both apologize and apply makeup. Hannah is able to make Carlos realize that he’s got an aptitude for filmmaking and should never give up on the goal. Timmy discovers Connie sleeping in her room during break and she tells him that Eliza is dissatisfied with Aaron and believes that it’s not working. Timmy is suddenly filled with hope in his life.

The Episode Review

A little less talky-talky, and maybe a little more stocky? My God. This one line was so disgusting, you’d be enticed to shut off the television in that instant. “Inventory day” is another trick that comes from The Office and likely many other things from other shows that I may never have watched. B

However, Blockbuster has made a total wreck of the world. It even has “borrowed” in other sitcoms. It’s a mystery, at the base of that term, in the way this kind of jokes and plotlines are able to be acknowledged.

Okay, then what was the reason Connie provided with some energy drink? In order to be active and be able to complete her inventory isn’t it? And what will she do? The people who created this series have created fun of themselves in this. It could be too rigid, but it’s an actual situation. For the very last Blockbuster that is in stores across this world, the actual real world of cinema is too comfortable. The series has veered to the point where it’s reached an endpoint.


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