Blockbuster – Season 1 Episode 7“Intimate Angels” Recap & Review

Intimate Angels

At the Hollywood Harold’s estate auction, Timmy grabs valuable memorabilia at the beginning of Blockbuster episode 7. This is the same plate Anthony Hopkins used to serve Ray Liotta his own brains in the film Hannibal.

As the group debates ways Liotta might have lived, Connie walks in late. Connie is known to arrive in a hurry and every one, one at a time laughs at her. Even though the jokes are cruel, Connie bursts into tears when she has just returned from an event. The worst part is this was for her closest friend Helen. Timmy is told Timmy that Percy even though she is his most trusted friend does not respect him. He willfully uses Timmy’s possessions and Timmy’s to gain an advantage.

Although Timmy isn’t averse to this label, he is aware within himself that it’s true. Timmy isn’t willing to take action on it in any way and prefers to defend Percy’s contribution and his presence in the tough moments that Timmy experience. Eliza is embarrassed (like every time) for being a snarky critic of Connie and she apologizes. The old goose reminisces about her great times with her pal and the way they would gather the “Intimate Angels” figurines. She is feeling a burning sensation of loneliness and eventually, she is rejected by all. To make her feel better, Eliza volunteers to watch a Spanish daily soap together with her. But she doesn’t know what she’s in for.

Carlos is the first to attempt and give Timmy the way. When they observe Percy using the microwave to warm up an item from the past to ensure that the microwave in the store doesn’t stink and that he’s eating of the memorabilia platter, Timmy loses it. He’s forced to take action and runs out onto the streets with Carlos. Timmy says what he feels and surprisingly, Percy takes it quite well. He claims he is aware of the way Timmy feels and promises to be more considerate in the future. Eliza is sick of Connie’s soap opera and declares that she wants to get hooked up with another person. Yolanda who is third in Connie’s trifecta of besties is far enough away to not be easily available.

Hannah and Kayla will aid Eliza. In a flash, the girls come in to use the bathroom at Blockbuster. And the males also arrive. There’s a long queue at the entrance to the store which is disturbing for the business. Ladies’ Group interviews potential candidates for Connie’s new companion but initially, they fail. They finally strike gold with the nail polish when they take the statue to Patrice to get some glue following Eliza accidentally knocks it over. It transpires that Patrice is also interested in the figurines and the ladies immediately hit the nail off. Timmy finds out that Percy has blocked all other toilets on campus in order to “Maintenence” The only toilet that is accessible is Blockbusters.

Timmy is spotted approaching Lena the daughter of Carol, and they hit it off. They have a great relationship and it appears that Lena is his love attraction for the remainder of the season. Percy and Timmy are in agreement when Timmy says that he is missing spending the time he used to spend with Timmy. Timmy promises that he will be present and refresh their friendships as in the past. Timmy and Lena drink drinks and when Eliza comes in along with other women to look over Connie and Patrice, Eliza goes out to see them all together. It appears that she’s got feelings for Timmy as well!

The Episode Review

Your best friend could be your bully? Blockbuster has revolutionized the entire film history of high school in which both the victim and victims are adversaries. Nobody can be the best of friends. They don’t realize that they’re toxic to one another.

And the reason the bully is screaming so loudly is that he hasn’t been capable of spending enough time with his victim. If they do get to get together they’ll be best friends once more. It’s just terrible writing again. We meet a brand-new character in the series, Lena, and at least the initial impressions aren’t that terrible.

A side note: Doesn’t the actress in Lena appear similar to Allison Williams from Get Out? In any case, Timmy and Lena seem to have a great relationship, however, most likely the relationship could break Lena’s heart. Timmy and Eliza have it exactly how they were meant to be and the television Gods will stop this from happening.

Connie finally has a new pal in Patrice and isn’t ever again lonely. Hannah and Kayla appear to be the least utilized characters, with no distinct roles to fill. They’re just thrown into any scenario to aid those characters and it’s just sad.


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