Blockbuster – Season 1 Episode 8 “Special Guy Day” Recap & Review

Special Guy Day

Timmy finally declares to the team that they are “in the red” (which basically means that they’ve become profitable). He’s kept the cash in a metallic black container.

When Hannah arrives at Timmy’s office and declares she hasn’t paid her monthly checks, Timmy is forced into calling the bank. Hannah conserves money by not making them cash every week, and now Timmy has to draw cash from the extra money to cover the remaining balance. Erin is the one with whom Aaron has cheated on Eliza is seen walking into the shop completely out of the blue and is able to catch Eliza completely off of her guard.

She quickly makes her way to her breakroom and Connie is there with a sense of concern. Eliza shares how she was frozen despite trying millions of times the things she could have told Erin when she encountered her.

Connie comforts her and states that she is with Eliza. Carlos and Hannah continue to look at a news clip of an imminent solar storm. It could disrupt the internet. Hannah admits that she was not qualified to go to a community college due to her father’s. To be admitted she needs to pass an examination and she is unable to revise the high school syllabus in a single night. Timmy is heading to his bank when he spots Eliza screaming in the room where supplies are kept. Eliza is devastated and in poor health. Timmy isn’t interested in visiting the bank and instead assists his friend.

He brings Eliza into the club and attempts to make her drink so that she forgets. This is the moment he informs Eliza of the story of “Special Guy Day”. Connie and Carlos attempt to assist Hannah to get into college. They give Hannah practice tests and assist her in her studies. The SGD was started by Timmy’s mom and she would bring Timmy to school before school to make him feel better about it. He buys the latest clothes for her, serves her drinks of his choice, and does all sorts of fun things to distract the girl from Erin. Lena is also helping Hannah and it appears that things are going well for Hannah.

When Hannah comes out of the breakroom She confides to Connie and Carlos the fact that she was not doing too well. The reason is that she’s experienced in doing her homework and testing in noisy surroundings. She can’t learn or pass the test in silence. While Timmy is about to go to the banking, Eliza says something that draws him back in. The situation isn’t working with Aaron. Eliza wants to prove to Erin who Eliza is, but when she visits the shop along with Timmy, Erin has already gone. Eliza lies on the floor, sighing in dismay in a state of dismay, and because she’s drunk she is extremely drunk and Timmy helps her.

Hannah is a great performer in changing circumstances. Eliza and Timmy toss the rest of their donuts with a powdered coating to Aaron’s billboard. The night concludes with Eliza declaring her desire of spending time with Timmy but he decides to leave her in the taxi. Instead, he walks into the back of the car to Lena and she is thrilled to meet him.

The Episode Review

Timmy appears to be relaxed with the whole Eliza situation. This gives us the chance to see a different side of him, besides the sad and unhappy. In spite of the warmth that this episode gives you You are left wondering what the story was all about the storyline.

What is the reason that the writers can’t come up with anything rational or plausible to tell the plot? What is the reason why Timmy takes advantage of the last cash reserves his business relies on to pay for alcohol and frozen ice creams for Eliza? And why would the reserves be just a few dollars consumed in a single drink?

It’s not been logical to me and it won’t remain the case also. Thankfully, the Billboard joke was not designed to be similar to The Office again. Connie, Hannah, and Carlos have a lot of potentials to be a perfect match, but not in this case, they are writing with plastic.


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