Blockbuster – Season 1 Episode 9 “Thimble” Recap & Review


Timmy assigns Connie and Hannah Connie and Hannah to make a Thimble promotion device for their store. The second part of the film is now available and Thimble has delivered the movie to the store with promotional sweets to market the product.

Eliza announces that she will be attending an interview as the Director of Communications at Round-the-Clock Car Rental. Timmy is shocked but conceals his sadness and encourages her. The money is tight following Timmy’s Special Guy Day bust and Timmy is shocked to see every candy item from his store removed. Because he is unable to afford his candy items, he makes use of the promotional candy the company has given him to distribute, along with the DVD of the film.

Connie and Hannah begin making the promotional display for Thimble 2. Connie enjoys putting together the display and describes it as the “giant piece of the puzzle”. She’s been working on puzzles for a long period of time and will finish them after the day has ended. Kayla and Percy are fighting ever since the latter declared her desire to be with her own. Carlos has submitted an application for an opportunity to film with the local community college. Timmy and Eliza are in had a pleasant conversation regarding the interview. While he claims they’ll be missing her in the shop, it’s an opportunity she shouldn’t give up.

Eliza is anxious about her interview and she hasn’t told Aaron about the situation. Connie is still working on the problem and discovers a strange person in the store who is looking over her from a distance. When Kayla makes her announcement, Connie and Hannah try to convince Kayla from making the decision. It’s a big move, and something she may not be prepared for. Timmy offers a glowing evaluation of Eliza’s job performance when HR calls Timmy when they’ve just phoned to verify her location of work.

Then, she is greeted with the information that she didn’t receive the job. The reason is that she had resisted the offer after hearing Timmy’s praise for her work.

Timmy is a bit embarrassed that he has changed his mind about Eliza. He is urging her to diversify in her life and goes to the store to convince them to accept her. Carlos is also involved in the argument over Kayla’s choice and it’s discovered that they’re soliciting “pre-deposit charges” from Kayla which isn’t the case with any of the agencies.

It could be a fraud however Kayla isn’t deterred. Andrea who is the proprietor of the shop, tells Timmy that they’ve never provided Eliza with the position. In fact, she pleaded with for them to hire her. She said that she was calling Blockbuster cruel things and declared that she would go to any lengths to get out of this hellhole. This is heartbreaking for Timmy and Timmy returns to Blockbuster for a confrontation with Eliza about it.

The group was correct. Kayla is scammed and Percy suggests that he keep her for the moment. Connie is having a hard time with the problem and is worried that she might not be able complete it. Timmy nearly exposes Eliza’s lies but then something shifts and the tone of his voice changes to suggest that Eliza had no intention of going to her previous job. Eliza appreciates his gesture even though the fact that she slams Blockbuster as well as bashing and offended Timmy’s sentiments.

It appears that she may feel a connection with him. Connie is finally done with the show and it appears to be working for the first time. However, soon the tone and voice shift and it explodes with an abrupt short circuit. Connie is devastated to discover this as she loses her passion for solving puzzles, but the group is able to comfort her.

The Episode Review

“Thimble” is easily the most disappointing episode of the series. There is no way that such a poor storyline was approved deliberately by the producers. They must have sneaked the storyline in while not paying attention. It’s not making any sense.

It’s just bad conceptualization and less effective execution. Connie is losing her way of finding solutions to problems and the Thimble promotional display What is the best way to make them connect in one sentence? This is a huge puzzle. In which universe? And What was the creepy man doing in the background, and freaking them all out?

What’s the significance? Why and can Kayla be able to make an advance deposit for her apartment and despite being portrayed as the smartest actor on television, just how does she not know it isn’t real? Wouldn’t she be able to have looked on the internet and searched?

The most harrowing could be Timmy and Eliza. What kind of idiot is it to mollify and shield someone who declared that dream shop (that you also refer to as home) a “rotting body”? Episode 9 of Blockbuster seems to make sense. This show is best kept in a space where nobody can access the show or even realize it exists.


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