Season 1 Episode 2 “Blood Sacrifice

Blood Sacrifice

Following the second letter, Episode 2 from The Watcher sees the Brannocks truly shocked. They visit Chamberland again and ask him to examine Jasper. He denies their suspicions and instead requests the couple to put their home on the market for bids to determine who will bid. In addition, the man also suggests employing private security. However, it’s too costly. A competent Private Investigator could be the best idea and they believe it’s an excellent idea. Dean talks to Theodora Birch who is a jazz singer turned Private Investigator the following day. She is diagnosed with liver cancer and recounts the tale of how she became obsessed with murders during the time she was in rehabilitation. In reality, that is the reason she was able to escape the alcohol addiction that she suffered from. Dean isn’t willing to say yes, but the costs make her services attractive.

While Nora states that she would like to sell the home, Dean does not support the idea. The kitchen remodel and the basement is set to begin in the near future and due to the dust, their asthma of Carter could begin to relapse. In reference to this, Nora says they should be moved into a motel at the moment. Dean concurs with her. The family is given an apartment in a hotel nearby and Dean returns home to bed so that the workers can enter the following day. After Dean is asleep his doorbell will ring. When he gets up nobody is around and we can only be able to see someone lurking behind him and looking over him. He can hear music emanating from upstairs, just like Ellie had in the last episode.

The cameraman looks around and it’s actually emanating from the speaker inside the walls. If the camera rotates around and we look in the background, watching. Nora receives a call late at night. The person who is on the other side simply breathes and doesn’t say anything. She calls Dean using this number and when they request the receptionist to call the number again we hear it rings from the Brannock home. The Watcher is in their home. Later that day Karen revealed that she had gone through offers made on the property. The other one was a lowball offer that was made by someone who wanted to sell the house. Since it came from an LLC that is not registered, there aren’t names listed on the documents. They suggest Nora sell the property but with a significant discount over what they bought the property for. Nora doesn’t like the idea because that amount of money will be negative for the couple. Karen is also amazed to find out that Nora doesn’t seem to be angry at a stranger who tried to make her leave her house.

Dean is in contact with Theodora She gives him the number of Andrew Pierce, the previous owner of the home, Andrew Pierce. He is an agent for talents and Theodora asks Dean to arrange an appointment. Dean says Nora is just looking to leave the home behind and return in the direction of the city. Theodora However, advises him to be aware of who is behind the house could leave him feeling uneasy for the remainder the rest of his existence. The incident happened to her and the wife of her husband. Dean is contemplating the situation. Nora shares her newfound motivation to be angry about her situation with Dean. She receives support from Dean and the two decide to not sell the house at this time. Duke will be able to watch the house on the night. The couple is happy for him to take on this responsibility.

Dean talks to Andrew. The man appears like he has gone through a lot and tells of his terrible time at the home. In the beginning, he tells Dean to not spend any more time and simply leave the home in the shortest time possible. The wife of Dean, Rosie, was a cellist. When they had Caleb the couple moved to the suburbs in search of some fresh air. The relocation was a major influence on Rose and she discovered her passion for life. Things changed once they got to know Mitch and Mo. Rose began going through the same episodes Dean was through in the home. Andrew was forced to leave Caleb to join the next-door couple.

A few days ago, Caleb said to his father that he had seen an old group of people within Mo and Mitch’s living space dressed in red clothes and walking in circles. They had killed a newly born child and were drinking the blood of the baby. Andrew was then informed of an infant who was three months old and went missing from Stanford which confirmed his hypothesis.

And then the letters started pouring in. The police didn’t believe in them. Mo and Mitch looked at them for hours. The letters became more violent with each passing day and made him angry. Then, one day Rose recounts an event in which Mo emerges from tunnels or some other thing in the home and drinks blood from Caleb’s hand after Mo cuts himself. Then, they left the home. However, shortly after, Rose committed suicide. Dean is unsure whether or not. The tales seem so unbelievable but they’re also crazy enough to be real in this particular situation. Duke and Ellie appear to be in the same room while he’s watching the house. They speculate that it might be Mo and Mitch responsible for all the drama.

In the morning, Pearl observes that there are people working outside and phones Mo who comes over and confronts Dean. Dean is a stern Italian who is very shrewd in speaking to her and declares that he is able to do whatever he wants inside the home. He also makes fun of Mo becoming Melanoma because she gets too many hours of sun, which makes her feel emotional. When he gets to the office, Dean learns that someone was made partner before him. He is furious, but his boss informs him that his attention has been diverted to for the past 3-4 years. He’s been lazy. Dean has heard gunshots in the night but believes they are dreaming. The family is back the next morning and after hearing ambulances roaring outside their home, Nora and Dean go out to look.

Mitchell and Mo Both are dead. Mo killed himself first and later killed his wife. Their son is blamed by Dean as the reason for their feeling uncomfortable. Dean is also mentioned in the note. The family, without Dean, returns to the hotel. At night, the alarm is blaring while Dean examines. When he opens his window, he spots an ebullient Jasper waiting outside and then returning to his home.

The Episode Review

What’s going on with these people What is wrong with them? I’m not sure anyone has seen a stranger group on the screen unless it was sci-fi. The Watcher is a real Crime drama and the real crime in The Watcher is not seeing more of Jennifer Coolidge. The stunning Jennifer Coolidge is perhaps not developing into her typical chirpy, fun persona. She’s unwavering in finding out and moving toward what she would like to achieve. Karen is sure to play a significant role in the process. We don’t know if she’s part of the attempt to remove all the Brannocks from the home.

The unreliable narrator phenomenon has taken over the world for a while. Everybody is under surveillance and in a classic way, we even have a police officer to add spice to the mix. The show is shaping to be a thrilling thriller with a twist about family relationships and the notion of drowning yourself in anxiety. The Watcher is akin to the feeling of all home intrusion films in which you don’t know what and when the burglar will hit. Or if they’ll even strike at all.

Is it possible that Dean is considered an anti-hero in the present? I’m not sure about this but strongly believe that. He’s lining up to cause more harm than good to his family and the fracturing of relationships within the sinking vessel that is his family isn’t an appealing picture. The Watcher is a cult favorite and I don’t know where this frenzied ride leads us.


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