Cabinet Of Curiosities – Season 1 Episode 2 “Graveyard Rats” Recap & Review

Graveyard Rats

Episode 2 in Cabinet of Curiosities switches the tone and time frame to something more Gothic. Grave robbers take the trinkets and other items from the corpse of Catherine Padgett. But, the Steward of the graveyard, Masson, catches them when they are in the act. He warns them that their actions are disrespectful and then fires with a gun to scare them. But… It transpires that Masson really is a graver robber and he’s tricked the victims.

A rodent bites Masson as he searches for a tooth that is golden and a hint of foreshadowing of what’s to come. But, Masson shows up at the shipyard to sell his products… however, it’s not enough to pay for the cost of his services. The shipyard is in short supply and the reason is partly from the rodents, who seem to be stealing corpses from coffins. He’s been unable to meet his goals for quite a while and it’s believed that the Salem rats are responsible.

After having spoken his point, Masson is given a week to fulfill his word. If he doesn’t it’s likely that he’ll end up in the coffins of another motive!

Masson is listening to a couple in the coroner’s office where he goes with them, talking about their loved ones who passed away, and how they’d like him to be dressed in his best and wearing the saber that was given to King George. Of course, this will bring in a handsome sum, and Masson’s eyes instantly shift to dollar signs on hearing this!

Following a terrifying nightmare that involved a rat infestation, Masson shows up at the grave at the right time to witness the body being taken away to the earth’s bowels. He is not one to leave valuable treasures and with his life in danger regardless, Masson crawls through the dirt, listening to the sound of rats.

While he is still going as he goes, an unturned root strikes him in the head. Naturally, Masson decides to pull the root… then the cave-in is massive. It’s good to know that he’s still alive, however, it’s evident that this guy is apprehensive.

Positively affirming himself, Masson realizes the way back to the starting point is blocked, and there is no other choice than to go on. The raccoons start to pounce on the man and begin to bite him, including an unpleasant chunk of flesh taken from his foot. Masson uses his gun to frighten the raccoons… shooting another time and then destroying the entire thing. But that’s not the end of the story. The sound of a dog’s horns can be an even bigger issue.

A huge rat shivers until it is confronted by Masson. After shooting with his weapon at the rat Masson gets bitten and is terrified. He flies in a direction, trying to flee from this apocalyptic beast. This isn’t working and he’s taken down into the depths where skeletons in a heap are. While doing this, Masson finds exactly what was in his quest – treasure. This includes obviously that sword we saw earlier in the show.

The torch is spinning around. Masson also discovers an image of”the “Black Church” hanging on the wall. This is in essence Cthulhu. However, his greed soon is able to take over his life. After removing a necklace around a skeleton’s neck that is on the wall pops back to life, and then says “mine.” Masson manages to escape and starts climbing back up the tunnel from which it was. The raccoon from before is still in the way, however, which prompts Masson to fight the rat with his head. It turns out exactly as planned!

Masson is able to throw a massive boulder at the rodent, which kills it and the skeleton remains behind the rock as well. With a glimmer of bright light ahead, Masson climbs all the way out… or is the guy? The man is shocked to find himself in a coffin that is closed which is a wonderful compensation for the glimpse of him inside the coffin earlier. Then, of course, rats move to him, killing him.

Masson’s remains are discovered by the gravediggers, who see his body moving. The body is stuffed with rats. They crowd around Masson and start coming out of his mouth. Two men scurry away and, as the camera focuses on Masson’s chest, we see the amulet of gold.

The Episode Review

That was an incredibly chilling and disturbing episode! The second episode really raises the intensity and shows the same kind of claustrophobic thrillers similar to The Descent worked so well for the channel. The camera work is superb and serves to highlight that as well as tie to the lighting.

The ideas and set in this episode are perfect and there’s a second theme of greed running through the episode, and also the slight allusion to immigration, particularly when you consider the words of Masson about Salem rats coming in and stealing their treasures.

In any case, this was an excellent episode that sets the stage perfectly for what is sure to be an intriguing season of horror that is yet to be released!



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