Cabinet Of Curiosities – Season 1 Episode 3 “The Autopsy” Recap & Review

The Autopsy

Episode 3 from Cabinet of Curiosities starts by taking us to the mines’ depths. There are screams that echo off the cramped walls as the miners complete their work and are confronted with tragedy. One of the males gets off the elevator and explodes some kind of a strange bomb as the lights fade away into the blackness of the night.

The posters that are missing are everywhere in town, and Carl arrives dressed in an all-white coat and a black hat. Carl is there to look into the situation, and there are reports that there are nine men dead and the “inhumane son of a bitch.” This is obviously who is responsible for the blast.

Nate and Carl engage in a conversation at the police station after which the former confesses that the situation is a nightmare and is a mystery that he’s likely to unravel the mystery of. The town of this is said to have the inclination to release missing persons. The most recent body that they discovered was found with all sharp edges cut off, and even more shockingly, no trace of blood. The scene is a horrific crime scene and one that shakes the city.

It appears that the person responsible for this was a man that mistook an unknown person in town named Joe Allen for someone else, Sykes. Allen seems to possess psychic abilities and can worm himself into the brain of the poor man at the bar. He’s ordered to give over his keys to his car and be taken to home.

As for Sykes He actually took a hike through the woods a time ago, disappeared for a time, returned, and was identified as Joe Allen. Allen was the same Allen who was responsible for launching the explosive.

Nate confesses to experiencing bizarre thoughts since the incident and eventually left Carl on the spot at the coroner’s house with the bodies of the deceased of the mine explosion and settling down to bed. When he finds Carl at home, he starts to think that something’s not right. He feels goosebumps running across his neck and his reflection (basically his unconscious) suggests he get out and leave.

Of course, Carl doesn’t do anything, and continues to investigate and realizes that blood was drained out of several victims. While investigating, however, the lights abruptly stopped working and then came back on. Carl is thinking of an idea and believes that the blood could be in Allen’s stomach. The blood could have been somewhere else or else, isn’t it?

As Carl walks into the room that is cold, Allen inexplicably contorts back to life and begins to crawl across the floor toward him. Carl is stunned and backs up the entire way as Allen grabs the scalpel Carl dropped and tears the stitching across their mouth of his. It is revealed that Allen is in the presence of the spirit of a traveler who lives within his. He informs Carl that he’s hungry and that the sphere actually his vessel. The explosion occurred as an outcome of the need to hide and be able to stay out of the way.

As if he’s noticing the tumor residing in Carl Allen’s body, a tentacled critter emerges from Allen’s mouth and plans to devour Allen. Despite his best efforts, Allen is not able to stop the creature. As he is dragged on the floor, Carl learns he’s going to be infected by this creature that meticulously explains all that’s happening to him, all the way to the terrifying gory specifics.

When the creature is preparing to join Carl, Carl outsmarts the creature by blinding himself, rendering himself deaf, and then cutting his throat. Of course, by doing so, the creature (and in turn Carl) will only have a couple of minutes to live. It is revealed that Carl had his tape recorder on all the time, recounting the events that were happening to Sykes.

When Nate arrives at the autopsy laboratory He finds Carl unconscious on the ground as well as there are the phrases “Play Tape, Burn Me” on his chest.

Episode Review Episode Review

What did we do? It is possible to consider this one of two perspectives. For those who are pessimistic, they would view this as a failed venture The tape was drained and
The alien has successfully shifted into Nate’s body and then has continued the journey. You may be optimistic about this; Nate does burn Carl’s body and then rids the world of the creature.

It’s a wonderful method of completing the story and, in many ways, allows us as viewers to decide on our own conclusion.

The story is a bit long and it sags in the middle, but generally speaking, it’s an extremely compelling storyline, film, and cinematography fantastic. The jump scare at the end when Allen returned to life was a bit shocking and the violence and gore work together to create a very scary episode.


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