Cabinet Of Curiosities – Season 1 Episode 7 “The Viewing” Recap & Review

The Viewing

Episode 7 of Cabinet of Curiosities begins with Lionel Lassiter inviting viewers to attend a screening in The Sandpiper House. The invitation is for four individuals, which include a novelist, a musician an author, a medium, and an astrophysicist. The foursome is picked up by a mysterious driver named Hector who takes them to the mansion.

Who are these people? There’s Targ and Randall and who are nerdy Charlotte is the scientist and the bearded, gruff fellow is Guy Landon, the well-renowned novelist. They’re instructed to stay silent following these brief chats before eventually settling into The Sandpiper House. It’s a gorgeous house and Mr. Lassiter has turned it into a futuristic, surreal paradise.

They are led to a circular space featuring smoky, Aztec architecture, and Doctor Zahra lies on the couch. The group has been provided with their preferred drinks exactly the way they prefer and are waiting for the arrival of Lassiter.

He arrives and charms every guest by deciding to gather skilled individuals for a common experience. He hopes to get the best from every one of them. After showcasing his unique music, he tries to determine what people want. Randall states that he’s got an unending empty space inside him that he cannot escape from. “Everyone has a black hole inside them.” Randall states, however, Lassiter interrupts him and says that he’s killed the energy.

Doctor Zahra actually has a dark side too, and we find out that she used to be a part of Gaddafi. She then shows the whole pile of cocaine with “fairy dust” on top. A few of the group are content to participate and some are not than. However, Lassiter is quick to say that he has hand-picked all of the people who will participate in the “wondrous moment” to bring out the best in every one of them. It is essential that they are in sync to be able to perform the task, and that means having a dose of drugs and getting up. Lassiter assures that it will be worth the effort.

In all, they’re perfectly high, Lassiter displays them as his most impressive accomplishment – something that he’s spent a lot of time to attain. “It’s time.” He says smiling. Then they’re taken through a corridor to an unidentified rock. Lassiter isn’t sure about it, however, it’s been thoroughly tested. It’s not listed in the periodic table. and it isn’t responsive to X-rays and it can even absorb the smoke that emanates from Randall’s joint.

The rock has a hypnotic impact on everyone in the members of the group, captivating them as if they are looking out and studying all individuals. The sound of a high-pitched ringing is heard when the rock opens up and then falls to pieces. There is an odd alien with tentacles appears.

With the entire group captivated by the creature’s telepathic touch, it telepathically pricks every one of them, melting Tarp as well as blowing Guy’s head. As for Zahra’s She reaches out to the creature. In doing so, her skin melts away. Charlotte and Randall leave the room. Lassiter lies on the floor. Hector violates his vow to not use violence and pulls his gold AK from the wall.

As Hector walks into the room the creature has taken over Lassiter changing into what seems like what appears to be the Nemesis monster of Resident Evil. It is agitated and shouts to Hector for assistance. He launches a barrage of bullets in its chest.

While they are there, Randall and Charlotte drive away, like an eagle leaving the property. When they are done go, the creature is released to the outside world, via the sewer line no less along with the assurance of delicious humans to eat in the near future.

The Episode Review

The effects of this episode are incredible. The way bodies melt and disintegrate and transform into horrifying bones, is extremely emotional and extremely powerful in conjuring up a whole lot of terror.

The majority of this episode explores peer pressure and the bringing together of scientists to debate the bigger issue. It’s a fascinating concept and at one point, I believed that this episode was going to follow the path of Dracula with Lassiter as the representative of the legendary vampire.

Whatever the case the final third of the episode will make the slow burn an all the more worthwhile experience and has a distinct 80’s creepy vibe that is evident in much of the. It doesn’t matter if it’s the electronic synth soundtrack or the distinct lighting and cinematography it’s a truly elegant episode that almost begs for a sequel to see the next chapter!


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