We Came As Romans – Darkbloom | Album Review

Track Listing

Black Hole
One More Day
The Anchor
Holding The Embers
Promise You

In their heart, the darkness is present, but the sounds that this spearheading act makes are loud and in your face. “We Came As Romans, deliberately putting vigor and spirit into the record, all in the face of their fears and the world which is fading away.

The stress of escaping has taken its toll and the band’s faith is undergoing a blow with a hammer blow, to be precise and they’re feeling its consequences head-on. With Darkbloom the band has let their inner muse drift through the air and has given their all even though it’s not always beautiful.

The powerful instrumentals are the mainstay of the output of the band and don’t look outdated in any way. The band has a modern sound with Darkbloom. the guitar lines and breakdowns get interesting, effectively infusing the music.

We Came As Romans realize they’ve done Metalcore proud with this release, and know they can relax knowing the music they’ve composed will be heard by those that choose to listen.

The album opens with ‘Darkbloom’. It’s a masterclass of anticipation, and the guitar and vocals blend to make a roar. The lyrics tell of the world’s unraveling and how humanity might be dying away. It’s clever songwriting.

“Golden,” for instance, starts with stomping instrumental and emotive vocals. The vocals are crisp and the story goes moving forward, with the chorus being the most uplifting on the album. “Holding The Embers” starts with clean vocals that speak of broken desires. The chorus, too, is powerful.

We Came As Romans strive to be free from the chains of suffering, and although their lyrics are more lyrical than the majority, they convey an awful lot. This is another excellent metal album that is worth listening to.



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