Will there be a Slumberland 2? Here’s what we know about a sequel

Francis Lawrence’s newest movie Slumberland will be streaming through Netflix right now and is worth watching If you’re looking for an exciting fantasy film to watch with your loved ones. If you’ve watched and loved Slumberland and enjoyed it, you might be looking for another sequel. Slumberland 2 However, will there be a Slumberland 2?… read more »

Will there be an Enchanted 3? Here’s what we know about another sequel

3. Enchanted 15 years after the original movie was released, Disney+ released the official sequel to Enchanted -the movie Disenchanted. While the 2007 film was a wacky version of fairy tales, which turned the standard tropes upside down The 2022 sequel is more focused on the mother-daughter bond that exists between Giselle as well as… read more »

Will there be The Wonder 2? Here’s what we know about a seque

The Wonder Director Sebastian Lelio’s latest movie The Wonder, which is inspired by Emma Donoghue’s novel of the same title is now available for viewing on Netflix. Florence Pugh and Tom Burke are the actors in this period drama, but the main star of this film is Kila Lord Cassidy, who plays Anna the young… read more »

Rocky IV (1985) Ending Explained – Does Rocky defeat Drago?

Rocky IV Plot Synopsis Ivan Drago, a ruthless boxer who has backing from the Soviet Union, wants to show that there is no American boxer who can beat him in the boxing ring. True patriot Apollo Creed steps up, and the match is scheduled. The match is won by Drago and concludes with Creed being… read more »

Best Anime Fight Scenes of All Time

There are many television shows available and, in the time of the booming streaming of TV, the options have never been greater. How do you sort through the clutter and discover the “Best of” for any selected topic? We’re here to celebrate and shine the spotlight on some of the most recent best, most stunning,… read more »