‘Song Of Silver, Flame Like Night’ by Amélie Wen Zhao – Book Review

People with Power Protect Without There exist Young Adult novels released every day, and sometimes the genre is overwhelmed by tired cliches and repeated tropes. The Chosen One Who doesn’t realize that they are special? The forbidden love triangle or romantic love interest? The enchanting McGuffin with the secret key? A threat that no hero… read more »

Top 20 Books To Read In November 2022

The Lost Metal – Brandon Sanderson (Mistborn #7) The prodigal child of fantasy is back. Brandon Sanderson is back with an entirely new storyline within his Mistborn world, with the promise of the world to an explosive conclusion. For many years the frontier policeman who later became a senator from the big city Waxillium Ladrian… read more »

The Stars Undying’ by Emery Robin – Book Review

Space Opera Complex and Politically Charged The Stars Undying is an intriguing and complex novel that combines science fiction with Ancient mythology to create a richly detailed world. This story has many parallels to Julius Caesar and Cleopatra. The plot alternates between two perspectives. The first is from Princes Altagracia who has lost everything. After… read more »