The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil In Me (PS5) Game Review

A spectacularly excellent (but bumpy) final The Dark Pictures Anthology has been an interesting ride through the years. Supermassive has been unable to maintain the lofty heights that were seen in Until Dawn, the previous games have been a mix of the best (Man of Medan) and the bad (Little Hope), and the unexpectedly amazing… read more »

8 Games Like Resident Evil

8 More Horrific Titles Await You! The Resident Evil series gave rise to a variety of spooky titles following the initial game’s release. The series had shrewd tank controls that slowed players’ movement and increased their terror. The series experienced its fair share of downs and highs in some games but was able to rise… read more »

8 Games Like Dance Dance Revolution

Keep your dancing routine in 8 More Titles! Dance Dance Revolution may not be as well-known in the same way as some other rhythm games. It nevertheless made significant waves in children’s lives with its rhythm-based game and famous music tracks. The game continues to delight players from arcades to families with its addictive and… read more »

8 Games Like Pac-Man

Munch Through 8 Other Games! Pac-Man is a well-known game character and a franchise. With its basic gameplay and the child-friendly designs of its characters, the franchise is one that anyone can appreciate. Pac-Man is akin to Mario in that he has explored a variety of situations in games. But, some prefer to go back… read more »

Best Anime Based On Video Games

There are plenty of TV shows on the market and, especially in the current time of era of streaming TV, there are more choices than ever before. been so extensive. How do you filter through the clutter and locate what’s the “Best of” for any selected topic? We’re here to celebrate and spotlight some of… read more »