10 Most Courageous Action Scenes

What’s the common thread among the most popular and most popular films? In addition to that, they all have action scenes that can send chills down your spine. These are the unique sequences that blend emotion, aggression, and actions in the highest ratios. Through the years the action scenes have taken on an entirely new… read more »

Movies And TV Shows Coming To Sky/Now TV In November 2022

2nd November Dating Death: The Rodney Alcala Story A man by the name of Rodney Alcala appeared on the well-known US program The Dating Game. He was picked from a pool of potential Bachelors selected by the show’s participant Cheryl Bradshaw but when she sensed something wasn’t right in the man, she decided not to… read more »

Movies And TV Shows Coming To Disney+ UK In November 2022

If you’re in search of some magic in November, Disney+ has you covered. Disenchanted, the long-awaited sequel of fairy story comedy Enchantedis available on the streaming service. So will Willow, the upcoming series sequel to Ron Howard’s iconic fantasy film. The new film “See How They Run”s available for streaming this month and if you’re… read more »

Movies And TV Shows Coming To Netflix UK In November 2022

As the colder nights creep in, there are plenty of new shows and movies to catch on Netflix If you’re planning to stay in your home instead of exploring the outdoors. The highlights of the movie include Enola Holmes 2, My Father’s Dragon as well as The Wonder. If you’re in search of an upcoming… read more »

Best Cat Movies Of All Time

from Stephen King’s horrors to animated classics, our felines have a wide selection of films that they can choose from for huge screens. There have been many great (and not-so-great) films over the years, but which are your favorites? From the ocean of poor quality, We’ve put together a collection of our top films featuring… read more »

Best Panda Movies Of All Time

Panda films aren’t easy to find. However, the ones available are generally of good quality and are well worth watching. We’ve searched through the dense bamboo to compile our favorite films with pandas as the main persona – or as a key part of the story. We’re always open to suggestions if you think we’ve… read more »

Best Snake Movies Of All Time

Like snakes, snakes are among the most terrorized creatures in the living world. This is a great time for frighteningly chilling horror selections, However, they go beyond the usual film genres that one would think of. We’ve searched throughout the archive to put together our top 10 favorite films that feature snakes as the main… read more »