10 Must-Watch Musicals

Musicals are a unique genre in which the elements that determine the fate of a movie are multiplied. Therefore, making a musical an enormous task. However, despite being difficult We have been blessed with a steady flow of incredible musicals from the beginning of the cinema. We’ve gone through hundreds of music-infused movies to compile… read more »

Chiefland – Clarity | Album Review 19/10/2022 by Mark McConville

Track Listing ClaritySuperglue Your Escape Pretty Good Run It’s all about evolution. It’s all about evolving. German band Chiefland definitely do this with their album Clarity. Pop punk influences soaring and the rock swaggers are well-integrated while blending with the sorrow that reveals its heart. The music doesn’t stop in any way, even though, the… read more »

Ocean Alley – Low Altitude Living | Album Review

Track Listing Home Double Vision Touch Back Down Perfume Drinks and Cigars Simple Pleasures Parking Fines Changes Deepest Darkness West Coast Snake Eyes Lapwing Ocean Alley depicts through their music a purity that covers everything that is worth conserving. They take their smooth guitar work to new heights as well and let it sway the… read more »

We Came As Romans – Darkbloom | Album Review

Track Listing Darkbloom Plagued Black Hole Daggers Golden One More Day Doublespeak The Anchor Holding The Embers Promise You In their heart, the darkness is present, but the sounds that this spearheading act makes are loud and in your face. “We Came As Romans, deliberately putting vigor and spirit into the record, all in the… read more »

The Veer Union – I Will Make It Out | Album Review

Track Listing I Will Make It Out Fade Into The Future From The Fire In You I Will Make It Out (Acoustic) Infusing new life into metal music requires a lot of courage and talent, and there are many metal bands trying to be the first to do so as a role example for young… read more »