Chainsaw Man – Season 1 Episode 2 “Arrival In Tokyo” Recap & Review

Arrival In Tokyo

The second episode of Chainsaw Man begins with Denji and the female Devil Hunter talking in her automobile. Denji’s female Devil Hunter sets her rules for Denji and is beginning to feel she’s a little frightening.

Denji confirms that the Pochita’s gone and is unhappy with how the woman treats him as an animal. They make their way to a resting place and the woman tells them that she’ll take care of his food because he’s cash-less. After she gives Denji some clothes, Denji starts to take the woman.

As the two are waiting for their udon to arrive, Denji starts to feel somewhat dizzy due to the blood loss he suffered during the previous fight. Denji describes his situation to the woman in more detail. The woman informs Denji that she senses the fact that Pochita is alive within him due to her wonderful smelling ability. Denji is relieved but faints once more.

He awakes and lets his lady feed him, despite not being capable of eating himself. The woman is identified in the form of Maxima as Denji is asking her what kind of men she prefers. Maxima responds by saying”Denji “Denji” type as the two make plans to go for a trip to the Tokyo headquarters of Devil Hunters.

Maxima tells Denji she knows that Tokyo has more than 1000 Devil Hunters and civilians. She claims the point that Public Safety has the best benefits and offers a lot of days of vacation paid for. The only thing Denji has in mind is getting to be with Maxima.

In Makima’s office, Makima presents Denji with his new uniform and introduces him to his new coworker Aki Hayakawa. Denji follows Hayakawa’s example however he’s annoyed that Makima hasn’t joined him. To soothe him, Makima tells Denji that when he’s done a fantastic job, maybe they’ll collaborate. Hayakawa will take Denji to an alley nearby and beats him. Hayakawa says to Denji that he must stop. He is worried that Denji is going to die just like his colleagues because Denji lacks the motivation to do the job.

Denji reacts to the incident and overpowers Hayakawa by throwing him into his family’s jewelry. Denji says to Hayakawa that as the two are living fun and more fulfilling life under Makima’s guidance He doesn’t care that his job will kill him. After Denji beats, Hayakawa and the two go to Makima and Denji declares his displeasure with Hayakawa.

Maxima disregards their relationship and creates Denji an official part of Hayakawa’s team. Even though Hayakawa isn’t a fan of his idea of a team, Makima states that the team is an experiment and differs from the standard way of doing things.

Maxima explains the hybrid devil and human Denji characteristics to Hayakawa. She informs Denji Hayakawa and Hayakawa that in the event that Denji attempts to quit or become insubordinate, Denji will be disposed of as any other devil. Hayakawa and Denji travel to Hayakawa’s house and he reaffirms that he’s got permission to take him to the grave if he decides to escape. Hayakawa affirms that Makima isn’t a criminal because she saved her life.

In Hayakawa’s house, Denji indulges in many household chores. After cleaning, Hayakawa and Denji head towards a scene with a Fiend located in the East Nerima residence. The police notify Denji and Hayakawa about the location where the Fiend is hiding and tell them to let them know. Hayakawa clarifies the definition of Fiends to Denji. He says they are devils, who are able to control the human body.

Denji wants to know if he’s a friend however Hayakawa confirms that Fiends are distinctive heads. Hayakawa informs Denji that devils control the personality of the Fiend and commands Denji to kill them using the powers of a devil. Denji killed the Fiend using an axe which is a puzzle by Hayakawa. Denji states that he was trying to make the death of the Fiend easy. Hayakawa suggests Denji should not feel any sympathy for Fiends while hunting them.

He confirms that a devil killed the entire family right in front of him, and exposes the sad circumstances to Denji. Denji says to Hayakawa that should he be able to make an acquaintance with the devil, the devil would want to be his friend since he’s the only person in his life. Hayakawa leaves and we discover that the reason Denji is killing the Fiend by ax is to clean the blood off of dirty magazines.

Denji gazes at the sky and reflects on how happy he is since his time in Public Safety. Denji feels that something is missing, and ponders everyone’s different objectives. He contemplates more about Makima and imagines the idea of wanting to kiss the female’s boobs. Both are under the supervision of Makima who assigns Denji as a partner because Public Safety requires Devil Hunters to be on patrol and to tackle smaller assignments using two-person teams.

Power is seen entering Makima’s office, and making an appearance. Maxima informs Denji she’s a Fiend and has been on Hayakawa’s team for quite a while. She stresses the importance of the two not making mistakes and having them sent away.

Denji and Power guard the area against high-ups as Power’s Fiend traits can cause trouble with pedestrians in the area. Denji is willing to live with Power’s erratic behavior so long as he’s able to achieve his wild purpose. Denji and Power meet two officers, and they present them with Public Safety I.D. cards.

Denji is wondering where the devils live. Power describes how, prior to becoming a Fiend, she was a terrifying demon that nobody would want to hang around. Denji is furious because Hayakawa was the person who created him with Power. Power detects that the sea Cucumber Devi’s presence, and proceeds to destroy it with her Fiend capabilities.

The episode ends with Power screaming in triumph while Denji examines the scene from up above.

The Episode Review

Although this episode of Chainsaw Man didn’t feature as much intensity as the prior one it was a great introduction. The episode introduced two new characters that have distinct traits and huge potential. While it laid the foundation for future episodes, this episode did not go as planned.

In particular, it was a missed chance to show Hayakawa’s potential as a fighter. Although the show does showcase an ounce of his strength as he fights Denji in the alleyway, it doesn’t provide a convincing argument for explaining why he’s an effective Devil Hunter. If Hayakawa had demonstrated to Denji his skills, it could have been interesting. It would have made it easier for viewers to know how he got his status as a captain.

In that regard, there was a mixed reaction to Denji’s latest goals. Although his raunchy quest is hilarious and a perfect fit for to the persona, it portrays Denji in a more negative light as a criminal rather than a hero. The previous episode touched upon his desire to get to know and marry an attractive woman. Certain viewers might not like his outrageous goals or rash choices, however. However, the exchange between Denji and Hayakawa was hilarious.

In addition to these issues, the episode also contained interesting elements that are worth keeping in your thoughts. Two more powerful Devil Hunters to the team will result in some thrilling battles between the team. It will be interesting to see how the relationship between Denji to Hayakawa, Maxima, and Power develops during this season.

The upcoming episodes should hopefully have better animations of the character of Denji’s Chainsaw Man persona than the prior one. In the event that they don’t, viewers might be able to overlook this show, despite its huge potential.



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