Chainsaw Man – Season 1 Episode 3 “Meowy’s Whereabouts” Recap & Review

Meowy’s Where is she?

Episode 3 from Chainsaw Man begins after Power breaks the seaweed devil into pieces using her blood power. A group of gentlemen clears up the mess, while Power along with Denji discusses things with Maxima.

Maxima warns them against killing a hunter’s devil in the civilian territory as Public Safety would be found in the case of obstruction to their business. Maxima exposes Power’s cult roots to Denji and she thinks about whether Power isn’t the right person for this kind of job. Astonished, Power blames Denji for the problem and the two get into an argument. Maxima tells them she wishes they could get along.

Denji and Power visit several drink machines. Denji believes it’s better to end his obsession with female chests and remark about his resentment for working with a lying liar. Power says she is only averse to humans as it is an evil instinct, however, she loves the company of cats. The reason she is averse to devils stems from a devil who held Meowy, her cat’s owner.

Power talks about how she was entangled in Makima’s trap when she was trying to save Meowy. She’s willing to adhere to any human rule in the event that it gives her the chance to save her beloved pet. Power is willing to make a deal with Denji. She’ll allow him to kiss her in exchange for helping her to get Meowy back. Denji agrees and will kill the evil who is responsible for holding Meowy captive.

at Public Safety HQ, Power is granted permission to leave together with Denji. Power informs Denji of the location of the devil and tells him that he’s the only person who can stop it. They talk about pets. Denji talks about Pochita Power, however, Power mentions that he’s gone. Denji fears that he’ll never have a good relationship with Power. While he’s at it, Makima is meeting some well-dressed gentlemen who don’t like that other nations aren’t happy with Japan.

They are asked by Makima what her new recruits are doing and she provides them with an unspecific answer. They advise her not to get too attached to them and then send her off. Hayakawa Makima and Hayakawa Makima are discussing Denji and Makima’s hopes for Denji’s future. Mama discusses names and possible devils. Hayakawa isn’t happy because he isn’t a fan of Denji’s ideas and position on friendship with devils.

Power is pointing Denji towards Meowy’s home, where his captor lives The two of them leisurely walk towards the house. Denji isn’t looking to become Chainsaw Man because he doesn’t wish to lose blood. Power is puzzled, but believes that Denji is playing the game of having supernatural abilities.

While they are nearing the house of devils, Denji stops because he is suspicious of the scene. He is able to discern Power’s lies and tries to confront her but Power takes him down. Power is elated by Denji for his quick-wittedness and then drags his body into the home.

In the home there, they encounter Meowy’s bat devil captor. The bat devil teases Power for being late, as she complains that it took some time as she needed help to gain freedom. She also reveals that she had said she would provide the bat devil with the human she wanted in exchange to let Meowy go. The bat devil tells Denji that he was wounded by a devil hunter that forced him to hide.

The devil is in need of human blood in order to heal himself. He infuses the blood Denji, but it tastes unpleasant despite revitalizing his body parts. The bat devil is planning to purify his taste buds using the blood of children from the streets. Denji recalls Hayakawa’s confusion about Denji wanting to befriend devils. Power tells Bat devil let loose Meowy but the bat devil doesn’t agree because he doesn’t like Denji’s blood.

Power remembers her days with the cat while the bat devil devours the cat. One night, Power and Meowy lay on a roof, and the bat devil is wounded and bloody. This is the time that Power and Meowy signed Meowy’s freedom contract. Power can come to terms with the way Denji is feeling about losing Pochita while the bat devil devours her. The bat devil is headed for the city to search for an infant and a virgin, an athletic man, and a pregnant woman.

It was a miracle that Denji managed to get hold of the bat’s foot. In the midst of their fight, Denji recalls his times with Pochita as a young child and then relates it to Power’s love for Meowy. Denji transforms into Chainsaw Man as he and the bat devil ram into a structure in the city. Denji along with the bat devil goes on to battle out into the streets. Denji is aware of pedestrians and urges the pedestrians to get away.

Denji finds out that his chainsaws retract during the fight. Following blasting Denji with a sonic blast, The bat devil is convinced that he’s winning. But, Denji appears from the rubble, stomping at the bat. The episode ends with Denji striking the ultimate blow to the bat while performing a heroic pose.

Episode Review Episode Review

It was a fun sequel to the last episode. Viewers were able to learn more about the past motivations of Power of joining his Public Safety group. We also witnessed Denji transform into Chainsaw Man, and the fight in this version is better than the one we witnessed in the premiere episode. This chapter was somewhat predictable.

As the story was building toward Power being betrayed by Denji Some fans might be expecting her to have some ulterior motives and even use the cat as a way to swindle him. The story is still just as you’d expect which could be disappointing to certain. It leaves you wondering what the reason is for Power did not attack the bat devil the first time they came into contact.

Even though her powers would not affect her bat-devil counterpart, she could have quickly found a way to end its life and save Meowy. She might be a lying fool, but she’s not an easy target. Certain scenes from this episode didn’t seem necessary or were re-treading the same lines. Maxima’s conversation with her supposed supervisors covered numerous interesting details about the Japanese government’s worries about dealing with foreign nations and other devils.

However, the sequence also provides insight into Makima’s obsession with Denji and the reason why she should not become attached to her staff. This was a fantastic sequence however it made the entire scene with Hayakawa feel a bit pointless. Another thing that was memorable was the fight between Denji and The Bat Devil. His Chainsaw Man model looks slightly better than the one in the first episode and the animation seems as if it has received an identical enhancement.

It’s a shame that it’s not maintaining solid visuals and smooth animation. Sometimes, Denji’s character is stiff or the way his movements on screen feel strange and unsettling. These instances can make viewers feel disconnected from the moment. In all other respects, it was a thrilling fight that had enough bloodshed and extravagant footwork to please fans of the action.

In the end, Chainsaw Man continues delivering entertaining fight scenes, captivating images, and hilarious ones. The movie gave fans more to consider about the world and the characters. With Denji winning against Batman, it’s certain to gain the trust of Power. It’s unclear whether Power will keep lying after this encounter. If the show continues to run we hope that the animation and the story will be improved.


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