Chainsaw Man – Season 1 Episode 4 “Rescue” Recap & Review


Episode 4 from Chainsaw Man begins with a brief introduction to Power’s background story which involves Meowy along with Bat Devil. Bat Devil. Following her adventure is shown, she’s seen running down an alleyway. Power wonders why she’s spending her time trying to shield cats. She is determined to be able to help save Meowy because she is enthralled by the way the blood of her cat feels.

At that moment, Power wakes up to Denji holding her, as well as Meowy. Denji tells her through their hands that he saved her to touch her chest. Power informs Denji that he’s able to rub her chest, however, before Denji is able to do so move, the arm of one is destroyed and sucked up in Leech Devil. Leech Devil. Denji is asked by Power whether she’s able to move, and she replies barely an inch. Denji is trying to change to Chainsaw Man but can’t because she’s run out of blood.

Denji confronts the Leech Devil and she is furious because Denji killed her lover who was the Bat Devil. It is believed that the Leech Devil will allow her off the hook when he becomes her boyfriend however, she isn’t planning for her to allow Power and Meowy to remain. Denji is unable to accept and gets into a fight with the worm. The Worm devil is mocked by Denji. She says that she as well as Bat Devil shared a dream of the desire to kill and eat the whole human race. Denji affirms that he’ll never quit fighting.

They fight on. After a few blows, the Leech Devil strikes Denji in the chest using her tongue. Before she could devour her, Hayakawa stepped in and summoned a demon fox. He tries to liberate the fox Denji of the Leech Devil’s grip by making it eat off the Leech Devil’s head. The fox asks Hayakawa whether they are allowed to eat this Leech Devil and Hayakawa permits the fox to eat it.

Hayakawa confirms that the Leech Devil has been killed the Leech Devil along with the three Public Safety operatives. The rookies are given the job of safely evacuating all people away from the scene. Hayakawa is able to grab Denji and is planning to have him and Power informed. He asks for someone to take Meowy to the vet to have a check-up. Denji awakes inside a hospital room, as Hayakawa informs Denji that doctors have reattached his arm.

Denji criticizes Hayakawa for having a relationship with the wolf devil. But Hayakawa reveals to him that Devil Hunters form contracts with devils to take on them. Hayakawa will reveal the blood of his victim in exchange that The Fox Devil offering him its power. Hayakawa confirms they’ve been monitoring Denji as well as Power’s movement via surveillance cameras.

He discovered that Bat Devil’s home contained the blood Denji spilled. Hayakawa is suspicious of Denji as well as Power. But, he remembers the time he spent talking to the people Denji has saved from Bat Devil. Hayakawa assures Denji that If he listens to him, he’ll not be able to smear Power as he did to Makima and the top-ranking officials. Denji agrees to Hayakawa’s suggestion when Hayakawa goes out of his room to release the Power of her handcuffs.

One of Hayakawa’s allies doesn’t feel certain if it’s the right decision to believe in Power However, Hayakawa insists that they give her another chance. Later in the morning, Hayakawa visits Makima and informs her of the events that had taken place in the past between Denji, Power, and the Bat Devil. Maxima acknowledged Hayakawa for his account. Maxima says to Hayakawa it was strange to note that Denji and Power moved further than the route they were assigned.

Hayakawa gives an excuse to excuse the situation, however, Makima claims that leaving the designated zone is against regulations. Hayakawa claims that Makima should not be concerned about the situation since no one was killed, and they even defeated two evil spirits. Before he leaves, Makima notices that Hayakawa’s getting attracted to Denji’s personality however, he denies it and walks away.

The next day, Hayakawa and Denji go through their day. Then, Power breaks Hayakawa’s door and says that his home is a mess. Maxima informs Hayakawa that she’s compelled Power to share a home with Power and Denji. Maxima believes it’s not right to allow Power to stay at the workplace. Power assured her she’d remain on top of her game. However, it was a lie, since Power created Hayakawa along with Denji issues. In the evening, Power enters the bathroom while Denji is cleaning the bathroom. Power is quick to remind Denji of their sexually sexy affair. She offers him three squeeze attempts. While she wasn’t planning to allow Denji to touch her chest area, she also explained the reason. The episode closes with Denji affirming her Power for herself as an angel.

the Episode Review

The story of Chainsaw Man had a nice mix of action and thrills as well as a bit of humor. Watching Denji take on an evil demon without the help of his skills was amazing and impressive. The show also showcases some of Hayakawa’s talents. It’s fascinating to see how Hayakawa’s friendship with his fellow Fox Devil mirrors Denji’s companionship with Pochita. It raises questions about the motivations behind their encounter.

In the meantime, Hayakawa is gradually growing in love with Denji’s company. Although he is still adamant about Denji as a child who has poor goals, Hayakawa admires Denji’s somewhat heroic character. Fans can look forward to seeing how their relationship grows as the story continues. In addition to Hayakawa, Power developed thanks barely due to Denji’s heroic act for her to protect her, and Meowy.

In addition, there were some issues that this episode did not address. While the battle between Denji as well as the Leech Devil was stunning but there were moments when Denji’s movements seemed sluggish, and the scene was jarring. While the show tries to describe the way Hayakawa is tracking Power and Denji however, the scene seems a bit improbable. Mappa would have been wise to cut a few slice-of-life scenes to provide us with more details on Hayakawa’s connection to Denji and Power. Fox Devil.

In the end, this was a fun entry that featured stunning fight scenes and jaw-dropping images. The cliffhanger may make viewers confused due to obvious reasons, it’s fun to see what the Hayakawa family fares against Power there. I hope the next episode will keep delivering stunning fight scenes and more lore.


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