Chiefland – Clarity | Album Review

Track Listing

Your Escape
Pretty Good Run

It’s all about evolution. It’s all about evolving. German band Chiefland definitely show this with their debut EP Clarity. Pop-punk influences are soaring and the rock vibes have been well-infused and blended with the sadness that exposes its heart. The effect doesn’t fade in any way, even though the songs are bathed in sorrow.

The twisted games are discussed as hope gets frayed and the lyrics suggest the sense of imminent death. Yet, even when appears to be shining and hopeful, darkness engulfs it.

Escape from the clutches isn’t easy as the past begins to haunt the band. The EP is filled with melancholy as it is a constant presence, weighing down on each and every soul. It’s a gorgeous record even in the darkest of times. is a part of every inch, and even when the entire world weighs on your shoulders but there’s not a sweet sky.

The music was meticulously made with a thorough understanding. They all have their strengths, and the massive choruses and lyrical depth are what make Clarity a unique EP.

The opener track, “Clarity,” is filled with expertly crafted percussion. the vocals aren’t disjointed or off-kilter at any time. They shine when the chorus is introduced. The lyrics are a striking depiction.

“Superglue” follows the same line with the guitar, and is never ending, and the vocals are perfectly incorporated. Love is broken here.

“Your Escape” is more optimistic than the previous tracks however the lyrics are still loaded with harsh views. The beat is slowed down and the chorus explodes with energy. The song is sad, perfect in the execution.

In the end, Chiefland delivers a somewhat dark and bleak view of the world and people’s lives. Although it’s dark it is still an excellent listen.


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