Cici (2022) Ending Explained – How did the family’s patriarch die?

Cici Plot Synopsis

The Turkish drama that is available on Netflix is primarily focused on a family who leaves their village and moves to the city following an awful loss – the passing of their abusive father. The story is primarily centered around the events leading up to the family’s return to the city after thirty years away, just to come back to the devastating event. The family is soon confronted with a variety of complicated emotions and shocking revelations that ishes them apart or make them more closely knit than they were before.

In the Turkish farm in the 70’s Bekir, a late. Bekir rules his household with total authority during the beginning of the emotional drama. Havva Bekir, his wife, is furious with him for treating his children badly and for being a cheater to her. Kadir, the elder son Kadir is frequently hit by Bekir. In addition, he does not let his children attend school. Saliha his child goes on warm dates with Cemil the boy who is employed in the estate. After scolding Kadir the other day, the patriarch falls sick and dies.

What happened that day prior to when Bekir was diagnosed with a stomach infection?

The night that was tragically tragic years in the past, Bekir had lit a flame that was roaring in the fireplace. He had shut all the windows and then he sat down to watch a show on the TV, just as he does every night. But, someone in the room had cut off the flame and opened the windows in the late evening hours and causing Bekir to be sucked into the cold. He fell ill in the morning and this eventually led to his death within a couple of days.

How does the family cope after Bekir passes away?

If the traditional and sometimes brutal patriarchal leader of the family dies the mother Havva assumes the responsibilities over the chaotic family, and she takes her children from the town with hopes of a brighter future. Kadir is the son who suffered horrific trauma as a child finds his voice through filmmaking and makes use of cinema to express his buried emotions. This is the principal storyline of Berkun’s film.

Saliha The oldest daughter, Saliha did not have the ability to talk to Cemil or Cemil. Yusuf who was the youngest was totally unaware of the truly terrible tragedy. Because their mother doesn’t share the shocking truth about the death of their father There is a sense of secrecy about the tragic event.

How does the family fare once the children turn adults?

Kadir is putting together a documentary that chronicles his struggles and experiences when he was a child even after the death of Bekir. When Kadir creates the film it is likely that all his characters come from real which is a part of his life. In addition, he decides to utilize their former home as the backdrop and also asks Cemil for a rendition of the same tune.

Family members are again living under the same roof as a result of Covid. Because of the disease, Havva, who is now an aging woman suffering from dementia, was removed from her nursing facility. She lives in her home with her divorced daughter as well as granddaughter Naz. Her youngest son Yusuf was recently married and is expecting a baby however, he seems unhappy with his lifestyle.

What builds the tension in the movie, and what happens thereafter?

Havva began to show the first indicators of declines in cognition as Kadir started filming his film in the old house. The niece of Kadir Naz was given the task of capturing scene footage as Kadir’s film was being made at his home. Naz was trying to film herself, her mother, and her grandmother. Naz, an elderly person, however, is astonished on camera, while spending precious time with her granddaughter and daughter which Naz has apparently left out.

Their emotions of Kadir’s are overwhelming him and he’s incapable of finishing the film in time. After watching the BTS videos made by the niece Naz the trauma of his childhood is brought back to mind, which causes the final product to be delayed two more years.

What caused Bekir to die?

Naz seeks out the old tape and plays it in an effort to find out what her grandmother was saying when she returned to her country home. Kadir, Yusuf, and Saliha are also with her. The children watch the footage of their mother who was mentally healthy in the past and is affected. However, the information she provides in the video frightens everyone who is puzzled.

The naive Yusuf is agitated and incapable of understanding the story’s origins. Saliha remains after the revelations and Kadir is trying to console Yusuf. Havva returns to her delusional mindset and murmurs for a couple of sentences after everyone has gone out of the room.

After a long time, We finally get the meaning behind these phrases. Havva confesses in the film it was she who put out the flames and opened the windows during that cold night. Furthermore, she’s present for a significant amount of time before the film screen turns black. In order to allow time for the pain and guilt to take hold.

Cici’s conclusion Cici is that Havva added some pills to sleep into Bekir’s drink the night before. Bekir was sick after he had disciplined Kadir by spraying his garden watering hose. She was determined to make her husband sick, which is why she opened the doors and put out the fire. When she was a baby, Kadir formed a close relationship with Havva as he consistently been there for her when their strict father became angry.

Havva was deeply wounded by the suffering of her son from the wrath of his father. While she could not predict his death but she had the plan to allow him to stay the whole night out in the cold, and then get sick. Yusuf as well as Saliha were irritated after learning the truth. But, Kadir is not shocked since he had spent years securing the truth from his brothers because he’d previously seen the video.

Does Havva regret killing her husband?

Havva seems to have opened the door in the name of punishment to retaliate against Bekir’s treatment of his child. Havva’s regret over having unintentionally murdered her spouse remained and increased as time passed. She adored Bekir more in her last days because she was awash with guilt. She couldn’t bear the guilt and pain of being Kadir’s wife. Additionally, she did not wish her son to be disrespectful of his father in his film.

Although it was believed to be a sign of her mental illness at the moment, Havva would always spit at and critique her reflection in the mirror all through her later years. This behavior was driven by her own guilt and also. At the end of the film, as well, the elderly woman appears on the tape with a pause of her admitting guilt to Naz as well as Havva is then able to make fun of her photo and weeps over her own self.

The revelation of Havva also provides an explanation for the moment when she cried by her husband’s side as his body was dying. It was a feeling of guilt, not tears of sorrow. Do widowed women regret the death of their husbands? The three children will most likely not receive an easy answer due to her dementia.


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