Collateral (2004) Ending Explained – What does the ending really mean?

Collateral Plot Analysis

A taxi driver Max (Jamie Foxx) finds his life turned upside down when he finds out that the driver of his taxi Vincent (Tom Cruise) is a vicious hitman who is on a murder spree. Captured at gunpoint, Max takes Vincent from one location to the next – before deciding to put his life to help Vincent’s final target.

What time does Max’s evening shift start?

Max’s final meal before Vincent was appointed a federal prosecutor Annie Farrell (Jada Pinkett Smith) is in the process of getting ready for a crucial case. On the way, they develop an unspoken connection and Annie offers the business card she has to Max.

Vincent comes in the next time and is next and offers Max $600 to transport Max to various locations. Although initially reluctant, Max accepts the offer. It’s not too long before Max begins to smell the rats.

What is Vincent’s evening shift? start?

After Max takes Vincent on his first trip, Max sat outside the building waiting for Vincent to return. In the nick of time, an unidentified body is thrown into the taxi, partially damaging the windshield.

Afterward, Vincent reveals himself to be a hitman in Los Angeles to put five victims to death in a single night. Vincent is able to force Max to conceal the body that he killed his initial victim inside his trunk vehicle. In a state of shock, Max begs Vincent to allow him to go, however, Vincent has secured Max as his chauffeur for his mission. In addition, Vincent makes it clear that he’ll hit him in the event that he is attempting to slip out or do anything to deceive him.

Who will Vincent take on in the near future?

After killing the first one, Vincent has four more people left to find. At the next stop, he secures Max with the car before killing his next victim. Max is able to get two young people to help him. Instead of helping they mug Vincent and take his briefcase. Vincent arrives on the scene and shoots both of them without delay.

Vincent will then instruct Max to take him to a jazz club where he has a meeting with the owner of the club, Daniel who he announces as his next victim. Despite Max’s plea to allow Daniel to go on the air, Vincent unexpectedly executes a headshot at Daniel following brief gameplay.

Vincent and Max take a trip to the hospital to meet Max’s mother who is ill. While there, Vincent buys a bouquet for Max’s mom. The elderly lady is friendly to Vincent and informs him she is extremely pleased with her son. Not content with his mother being with someone with severe suicidal tendencies, Max leaves and runs with Vincent’s briefcase.

Vincent follows him to a bridge where Max is able to throw the briefcase over the freeway, destroying it instantly. The briefcase is destroyed and the information regarding the previous two victims is also lost.

Furious Vincent commands Max to pretend to be his character to obtain the details of the two victims from Felix Reyes-Torrent, the drug lord. Max is able to do what he tells him.

After that, Vincent along with Max take off to a nightclub in order to track the fourth murderer down. After discovering that the previous three murders are related, LAPD undercover detective Ray Fanning (Mark Ruffalo) is also present on the hunt for the killer.

In spite of the fact that there are police, Vincent is able to shoot down the guy whom he’s after with bodyguards. After a rumble is finished in the nightclub Vincent once more forces Max to take off in the car to continue driving. What’s bothering Vincent about LA concerns the five-person to be targeted.

What happens in the final part of Vincent’s mission?

After the incident at the nightclub, Vincent and Max have returned to the road, but the situation has become more stressful than it was. The duo, who aren’t expecting it, gets involved in a verbal battle which leads to Max after a fit of anger, intentionally crashing the vehicle. Vincent is able to escape before a police officer arrives and attempts to apprehend Max when he discovers the dead body inside the trunk.

Max who has cooperated with the police and Vincent, discovers on Vincent’s laptop that his next objective isn’t anyone else but the woman that booked the taxi prior to Vincent. Being aware that she is a pleasant woman working in a crowded area, Max is determined to protect her life, regardless of the consequences. He slays the cop who arrested him and slams into Annie’s house.

Vincent is inside Annie’s house ready to conclude his chapter. Los Angeles chapter. But, before he is able to harm Annie, Max interrupts him and follows Anne to the metro station, where they take an express train. Vincent is also on the same train but in a stylish manner. In a bid to locate the couple on the train Vincent is able to follow them from compartment to compartment before finally being taken by Max.


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