High: Confessions of an Ibiza Drug Mule Season 1 Review – How not to spend your holiday in Ibiz

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High: Confessions Of An Ibiza Drug Mule, is an entertaining but not very deep account of what happened one-half to the notorious “Peru Two.” It focuses on Michaella McCollum from Ireland, who attempted to smuggle PS1.5million worth of cocaine out of Lima (Peru).

The series is split into five episodes and tells Michaella’s story from her perspective. It also includes details about her partygoing personality, carefree attitude, and dumbest decisions. We all make mistakes, but the decision to smuggle massive amounts of drugs out of South America for just PS5000 – and not knowing where Lima is – may be the most egregious.

However, this decision turns into a nightmare and eventually becomes a lengthy episode of Banged Up Abroad. This will be very similar to the documentary series. However, the final chapters do a good job of fleshing out the story and showing the perspectives of the Peruvian officials. Juan Mendoza was the judge who sent Michaella to prison.

There are some eyebrow-raising segments, however. One of them is a comically evil “Drug Cartel Lawyer”, who occasionally chirps to add his two cents to the proceedings.

This documentary is lacking in depth. That’s the biggest problem. The story is quite straightforward and you can easily find the information in a Wikipedia article or newspaper article. These golden nuggets of information are worth exploring further, but they are never explored.

Michaella confessed that she had gone to Ibiza in order to escape her Irish life and wasn’t ready to return home. Why? Where is she hiding? What is it about Ireland that’s so terrible?

These niggling issues are present throughout the series. It’s a shame because we have the opportunity to explore Michaella’s family and learn more about her motivations for drinking and losing control in Ibiza. We don’t get to hear from Melissa, the woman Michaella was arrested with, which is disappointing. Seeing her perspective might have helped flesh out this.

Despite all of that, you can’t help but be amazed at her incredulous actions. This is a great example of why school should be attended to. It’s great to watch Michaella turn her life around and emerge stronger. However, it’s also a warning against the lure of money and naivety. Although money may seem to be the best way to achieve happiness, it can also lead you to jail.


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