Criminal Minds: Evolution Season 1 Release Date – Here’s Everything We Know:

Criminal Minds: Evolution

Criminal Minds is a crime-drama TV show that is based on the life of a group of top FBI profilers within the BAU (Behavioral Analysis Unit.) They use their expertise in profiling to identify and resolve crimes committed by various culprits. The show also examines their personal struggles as well as the close bond that has been formed over time.

Criminal Minds has always been loved by viewers and the fans were sad when the show ended in February of 2020. Due to the high demand, Paramount+ took over the show after CBS as well as announced the relaunch of the show.

The Plot For Criminal Minds: Evolution

The show will be a relaunch of the show Criminal Minds, it will be based on the same episodic format and will continue to tell the tales of every person. The plot of the show could be different from the original.

it’s unclear the possibility of an upcoming time jump, and how we’ll meet the various characters from the show. At the conclusion of the first season episode, we saw Garcia quit the BAU team, and Reid was able to meet an alleged new lover. It’ll be interesting to find out how the BAU characters are doing since the last time we were able to see them.

Criminal Minds: The Evolution Cast. Who’s Coming Back to The Show?

As per Paramount+ most of the actors will reprise their roles with the exception of Matthew Gray Gubler who played the character of special agent Spencer Reid and Daniel Henney who played Matt Simmons. They were not able to reprise their roles due to scheduling conflicts, however, the show’s runner insists that there is a chance for their return should an opportunity come up.

However, it is very unlikely that Matthew will be able to make a full return since he plans to explore different opportunities. It would still be great to see him return to his role, even as a guest.

Criminal Minds: Evolution Release Date

The series will comprise 10 episodes. The initial two episodes will premiere on November 24 and the remainder of the episodes air on Thursdays. The mid-season finale is scheduled to air on the 15th of December. It will take a break over Christmas and then return on the 12th of January.

Where Can I Watch Criminal Minds: Evolution?

The premiere season of Criminal Minds: Evolution will premiere on November 24th at 9 pm on Paramount +. You can also watch the premiere season on CBS at 10 pm E.T

Criminal Minds: Evolution Trailer

The trailer has been released, and we can look forward to an intriguing story when the team investigates the fate of serial killers in the event of the course of a pandemic. It is a question Rossi is likely to ask when they realize that the predators of humans have changed. They have formed a community to aid them in dealing with the consequences of the pandemic that is sweeping through their world.


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