Dance Gavin Dance – Jackpot Juicer | Album Review

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The 2Cream is Untitled Of The Crop
Holy Ghost Spirit
For The Jeers
Pop Off!
One Man’s Cry
Feels Bad Man
Die Another Day
Two Secret Weapons
Polka Dot Dobbins
Long nights in Jail
Return On Deck
Current Situation
Ask God for your Mother.
Swallowed By Eternity
Wishing you A Great Day

It’s difficult to define Dance Gavin Dance. The band is striving to be unique with their songs being a blend of heavy metal and hardcore with a range of bases. The band doesn’t operate on the fly and their most recent Album Jackpot Juicer distinctively keeps their core beliefs in place, while each moment is a whirlwind.

Jackpot Juicer isn’t tinned down at all and it features shouts, as well as well-crafted music, which proves that the band isn’t losing faith. Although, some songs sound too dramatic and tense.

It’s not an artistic masterpiece in any sense of the imagination, and it does not leave an impression either. However, Jackpot Juicer doesn’t lack passion. It’s got enough verve, and determination to stand against the snobs.

This unique sound could only be a plus. It’s also a good thing that Dance Gavin Dance has become the go-to for mixing genres such as balanced cocktails. Through this album, they’ve not yet made waves, but their sound shines.

“Cream of the Crop” begins the record beautifully. It’s fast and frantic with growls and screams abundantly. The fast-paced guitar sounds provide energy and dynamism.

“Ember” starts off with a bang. The band describes their place of residence and lack of direction. The clear vocals show an inordinate amount of sexiness and it’s certainly one of the highlights of the album.

“Two Secret Weapons” however is a collection of poetry wrapped in blood. The lyrics are vivid and the band lets their worries go away. The beat is hypnotic and the emotion is deep.

“Have A Great Life’ shoulders the burden of. The band showcases its emotional aspect here and calls for change, courage, and a way to get out. The booming guitar tone increases the volume.

The band Gavin Dance tries to excel in its blend of styles. The music isn’t without its highlights but then the monotony gets in. Jackpot Juicer isn’t exactly the most impressive album from the group but it’s got the tracks to add to their music collection


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