Disenchanted (2022) Ending Explained – Does Morgan get Giselle to remember?

Summary of the Disenchanted Plot

Led by Pip the chipmunk’s nifty narration, Disenchanted begins several years after the original film’s happily ever following. Giselle along with Robert have a daughter and are enduring the stress of being parents for the first time. Their house is smaller than it did before, but Morgan is now an adolescent. Her moodiness ruins the relationship she has with Giselle. In the hope that a change of place could benefit them The family relocates to the town of Monroeville.

However, their troubles persist. as Morgan and Robert do not seem to be happy, Giselle uses a magical Andalasian wand to wish them the perfect fairytale lifestyle. At first, it appears that her dream has been fulfilled. Monroeville changes into Monrolasia, Morgan is chirpy and sings alongside Giselle as Robert is ready to fight ogres and dragons.

However, Giselle soon realizes that things have been wrong as she begins to transform into a sinister stepmother. In addition, the wand appears to have been taken. The magical scroll that came with the wand warns her to reverse the wishes prior to the final second of midnight.

Disenchanted (2022) Ending

Does Giselle reverse her desire?

As time passes, Giselle becomes more and more like the evil stepmother and stepmother — cruel, vain, and determined. Giselle realizes she won’t be able to get things back to normal as she is. It’s the responsibility of Morgan to make a change. As she battles her devilish sidekick, Giselle pushes Morgan into the well and then plunges her into Andalasia.

Then, Giselle completely turns into the evil stepmother and decides to be crowned the queen. She’s had Pip -who’s transformed into a vicious Catto steal her wand from the henchwomen of Malvina. Armed with the wand she sets off to the ballroom to take on Malvina and assume the title of queen.

Disenchanted (2022) Ending

Does Morgan aid Giselle keep track of the person she really is?

Morgan is in Andalasia to discover a huge gap in the sky that is robbing it of its magic because of Giselle’s magic. As she explains the whole thing with Nancy Edward and Edward, Nancy reminds Morgan about the power of memories and how they could help bring the real Giselle back. They go to Giselle’s memory tree, only to find it dying. If Morgan’s touch is touched but the memories and the leaves appear to be reviving. In the end, she’s part of them as well. Nancy helps her and Morgan brings the past to life. The magic envelops them when they return to Mongolia.

Morgan discovers that the magic of memories is reflected in the sketch of a memory tree she created when she was a child. She sprints to the ball, where Giselle and Malvina fight each other. As she runs toward Giselle she falls and the drawing flew toward Giselle. In a state of trance, the “wicked” Giselle tears the paper and then burns the paper pieces. However, they swirl around her with fragments of memories becoming heard Giselle is able to remember who she is.

Can the two worlds last?

As Giselle discovers her true Self back to her, Monrolasia keeps taking away Andalasia’s magic, and the two worlds fall into one another. Malvina utilizes her powers to keep Morgan captive and make Giselle drop her wand. She then walks onto it, tearing it into two pieces. Giselle is weaker as the power of Andalasia is diminished. Robert runs to interrupt the clock’s process of reaching midnight, giving them more time until the magic takes effect.

Because magic isn’t broken, Giselle tells Morgan to use a part of the wand and create a wish. Morgan claims she isn’t able to since she’s not a true girl from Andalasia. In a touching address, Giselle tells her she is truly a daughter of Andalasia because Giselle was her maternal grandmother and she loves her so much. In a state of desperation, Giselle falls to the floor, appearing to die. Morgan uses her spell to wish that she was with her mother.

The wish is granted and Morgan awakes on her mattress. Giselle is fine but everything’s back to the way it was before.

Disenchanted (2022) Ending

Was happens to Malvina Monroe?

In addition to Giselle and Morgan Everyone feels as if it was all a fantasy even Robert. Giselle is introduced to Malvina and apologizes for going too far in her work at school, saying that she did it to help Morgan. Malvina acknowledges that she too often goes too far often. She also offers Giselle an opportunity to be in one school’s committees.

What happens when Disenchanted comes to an end?

Disenchanted comes to an end with the three children of the family happily living in Monroeville. Robert starts a small-scale practice in the town so that he doesn’t have to drive back and forth to New York every day. Morgan becomes comfortable at school and bonds with Tyson Malvina’s son. Giselle states that not all people get that perfect happiness ever after. They’ll have their bad days and good days but they’ll never ever take one of them for granted ever again.


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