Do Revenge (2022) Ending Explained – Who comes out on top in this twisty game of revenge?

Do Revenge Plot Synopsis

Do Revenge on Netflix quickly gained attention a few days after it began streaming. The uplifting tone and the variety of popular youth characters that are in the cast do promise commercial success. The teenage comedy about revenge is currently trending at the top of the list and will likely stay there for at least an additional week before the next releases are released on the platform.

Camilla Mendez and Maya Hawke make for impressive leading ladies, sharing powerful energy in their criminal gang. There’s certainly an interesting twist towards the middle of the second act which makes the third act an exciting possibility. Although it doesn’t live up to its promise at the end of the day, viewing Do Revenge turned out to be an enjoyable distracting experience.

Below, we break down the major plot elements for you. We also provide our opinion on the conclusion of the film and the next chapter. Have fun reading!

What happens when Drea Eleanor and Eleanor meet?

Drea, as well as Eleanor, meet at a tennis summer camp during their adolescent days. They previously had a meeting at the day camp when they were 13, but Drea is unaware of this until the film’s conclusion. Through flashbacks, it’s discovered that it wasn’t the result of a chance meeting. Eleanor was trying to get out of bed when she noticed posts concerning Drea via social networks, as well as that she was at the same camp. The meeting was planned by Eleanor in the context of her bigger revenge plan. In the midst of it, Eleanor overheard Erica (Sophie Turner) and her friend talking about Drea’s film that in actual fact, Erica had shown to the other girls.

Eleanor did not like her and snubbed Drea and then got her revenge by having Erica Erica sent away to rehab after she had injected cocaine into her bedroom. This is the reason Drea became aware of Eleanor and, later on, was friends with her when Drea’s car was damaged and Eleanor offered her a ride. It’s only during the story that it’s that it is revealed Eleanor removed Drea’s spark plug as the only option for Drea when she searched for assistance.

What is the plan Eleanor and Drea come up with for how they can “do revenge” for each one?

The first step of Drea’s strategy was to aid Eleanor to get into Max’s circle and become the person who knows her. If they succeed in doing this, the plan is fully realized when they find out what’s inside Carissa’s greenhouse. Drea claims that once she puts the mushrooms in the food and the whole class is chaotic, Eleanor should take advantage of the situation to steal Max’s phone. Because she’s a tech-savvy person she is able to access Max’s phone to download texts and chats that Max has sent out to girls at the school. Keep in mind that Drea only discovered this after Eleanor revealed to her they believed that Max did not respect Tara Drea’s former best friend, by using Allegra who was a Social media “witch”.

The reason was to obtain a copy of the texts along with Allegra and the other names Drea believed to be involved with. When the authorities came to find out about the students’ circumstances they would head out and inspect the meal to see if there was any notice. The plan works when the Headmistress checks the food and spots mushrooms. She then breaks into Carissa’s greenhouse along with the police and incriminates Carissa and thus gaining Eleanor’s revenge.

What secrets does Carissa conceal in her exclusive greenhouse located on her farm?

This could also answer to the query “What is mixed in the senior class ring dinner?” At the beginning of the movie, it was clear that we know that Eleanor was determined to take her revenge against Carissa. Drea was assigned to do that, and she made use of a relaxing day on the beach with her farm buddies to steal Carissa’s keys from an exclusive greenhouse.

In the meantime the house, she and Eleanor find out that Carissa cultivates exotic things there, including mushrooms and cannabis. Drea chose to take the former out and throw them into the meal to send the senior citizens into a trance of anxiety and sickness.

What is the reason Drea is not being embraced by her classmates at college?

As Drea clarifies to Eleanor that her clique of friends was actually Max’s, not hers. They were only friends because they were Max’s friends, not because they loved her. Perhaps, with the only exception of Tara, All the other girls were averse to Drea after she publicly hit Max for sharing her private footage on the internet. This is confusing as it suggests Drea did indeed have “friends” of her own.

In the end, in addition to the other group members, Drea did not have any other family members and Eleanor seemed like a kind of guardian angel to her at the perfect (read “wrong”) time. Max’s family, naturally didn’t want to believe Drea who claimed that Max released the video because his twin sister Gabbi was aware that the man had to exact revenge on Drea.

Why and how does Eleanor plan an act of revenge against Drea?

In a shocking revelation, Eleanor throws the truth bomb on Drea’s past and her true character. There is a continuous theme of narcissists-like characters throughout the film. Drea as well as Eleanor themselves refer to Max as one of them and explain the way they think about these characters. In reality, the girl who exposed Eleanor and made her be considered a threat to other children was not other than Drea. They had been friends for the time of camp, and it was Drea who Eleanor was in love with. Eleanor walked into Drea and felt comfortable and secure with her. However, she knew that the reality of her identity wouldn’t be safe for her since Drea was determined to ruin Eleanor’s childhood. That’s her personality in the past.

She even dubbed the nickname her “Nosy Nora” which led to Eleanor getting an eye lift. If Eleanor did get to see the photo of Drea during the camp for tennis, she devised this hilarious revenge plan in order to reveal to Drea the reflection of her real self. From every aspect, like taking an ignition plug in her vehicle, and giving it to Russ, Eleanor planned it flawlessly.

Are the reasons for Revenge’s end explained?

In this game that was zero-sum, Eleanor and Drea realized that neither would end up winning. After Tara’s hyped-up speech to Drea on their respective spots prior to the gala’s final night, it seemed like Drea was the “bad bitch” who would walk across Eleanor. The night certainly began in this manner by revealing her story to the group about herself and why she chose to be close to them initially. However, when Eleanor was crying out, Drea realized that she was just like the clique and that she was a different person. Drea sprints to Eleanor to apologize, showing the changes she’s made as an individual.

The camera is then thrown by Eleanor which is attached to her dress on the ground and then threw it on the camera. At that moment they are able to see the actual different versions of themselves two people who were sick enough of hurting one another. Drea admits that Eleanor was the only person who truly made her feel smile and is likely to be one of the “only real” friends she has ever had. Then, Max comes into the scene. He scolds Drea and the phone is thrown on the ground, claiming that he knows everything they did.

And then, Max finally confesses that Max is a hater of Drea. Max relates that when Drea first came into his life, Drea was a “nobody”. She was a “transplant scholarship girl” who was not a part of Rosehill and Max accepted her into the group. Max claims Drea was using him to meet her own ends, and that his involvement in the Teen Vogue video was his turning point (the one that they celebrated in the opening of the film). Then, Max finally says what we’ve been waiting for and he leaked the video. However, Eleanor had a camera in her every step – “double assurances”. Then, she projects it onto the event where everyone is aware of the footage and Max’s image is entirely wiped out.

In the closing moments of the movie, we watch Eleanor and Drea come back as friends and accept forgiveness for each other. Drea realizes that this moment in her life is not going to return and she will put off “figuring out” anxiety to the next moment in the future. Eleanor and Eleanor later go on an excursion together, but they miss the graduation celebration. Russ and Drea reconnect as well. Max is finally accepted into the club of narcissists suffering from ego issues.

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